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  1. Black Cat Supremacist

    Anthem - February 22nd

    They’re awful. Like something from a low budget sci fi tv show. Admittedly I now just skip it all but nonetheless from minute 1 I thought they were rubbish and couldn’t wait for them to shut up.
  2. Black Cat Supremacist

    Anthem - February 22nd

    The PC Gamer review in progress is really spot on actually. 1. The ‘story’ sucks 2. Fort Tarsis is a crap idea (+ the frame rate on console in this area must be about 15 fps) 3. The actual gameplay (combat & flying) is certainly good 4. But, the repetition becomes aparent after only a few hours 5. He’s saying the loading times on PC are bad, I would agree it’s the same on console I’m on the infamous Tombs quest currently. 15 chests required but it only counts if you open it before the rest of your squad. What a terribly thought out requirement and I’m not sure I want to continue. A grind is a grind but that’s just a dumb idea to say the least.
  3. Black Cat Supremacist

    Anthem - February 22nd

    The story and cutscenes in this are woeful. The importance of the actual story is debatable to be fair but it’s a load of crap anyway. Every character is a generic stereotype. At least, for better or worse, Destiny had a bit of charm. The Division also mostly lets you get on with things. Anthem has numerous tedious cutscenes of talking heads spouting nonsense. They’re mostly skippable if you’re not grouped but I have pressed B too relentlessly for the game and it crashed.
  4. Black Cat Supremacist

    Anthem - February 22nd

    My PC has a 1050ti, i5 and 8gb ram and it certainly was more playable during the alpha than the full Xbox One X version. The console version is not unplayable, it’s just a bit weird that it still has the same sub standard frame rate as the beta. I find it a bit off putting.
  5. Black Cat Supremacist

    Anthem - February 22nd

    I played the closed beta on my fairly budget PC and got a fluctuating 40 to 60 fps frame rate. That was absolutely fine and it’s fair to say it wasn’t exactly spectacular looking. On both the beta and full game on the Xbox One X I’d suggest it’s miles away from 30 fps in the hub area and it’s certainly sub 30 fps at times in the open world. Not good. Having played the alpha, beta and full game now I’m not entirely sure if I’ll continue beyond the 10 hours of EA access. I haven’t saw anything to get it’s hooks into me. Reminds me of The Division actually. It certainly had a far more limited lifespan in comparison to my crushing addiction to Destiny. This feels similar. On the alpha it felt new and exciting but I’ve yet to come across anything really different in regard to that opening gameplay loop.
  6. Black Cat Supremacist

    Anthem - February 22nd

    Yeah, the frame rate in the hub on the Xbox One X is still really low. It’s like ploughing through treacle.
  7. Black Cat Supremacist

    Crackdown 3 - February 15th, 2019

    Seems pretty good and very faithful to the original game. The neon everywhere lends itself well to 4K and HDR on the Xbox One X. It’s hard to know what to do to improve the Crackdown formula. Evidently the devs just paid homage to Crackdown 1. That’s cool, I just want to climb about and collect green orbs. I suppose this all just confirms what a legendary game the original was.
  8. Black Cat Supremacist

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Bellator has signed a deal to be shown on Sky.
  9. Black Cat Supremacist

    The Division 2

    This feels remarkably like the first game. Obviously anyone that loved the original is going to enjoy this.
  10. Black Cat Supremacist

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Covington thinks he’s a popular fighter but he’s not really much of a draw. If he never fought again there wouldn’t be many clamouring for his return. There is no disputing his ability but he’s not going to sell any ppv’s. Ultimately Ben Askren has also stole his thunder. Elite wrestler that likes to wind people up, although Ben comes across as really intelligent whereas Colby is just a load of nonsensical sound bites.
  11. Black Cat Supremacist

    Apex Legends - Battle Royale by Respawn Entertainment

    There are some nice ideas in this. The ping system is a bit of a game changer. There are clearly similarities to Blackout but it feels like an evolution of that formula. I can’t say I’ll play it for more than a few nights but I’ll give it a go anyway. I like the PUBG multiple map format rather than Blackout and Fortnites changing of a solitary map. The fact Respawn have clearly given the map in this a name suggests they’ll follow PUBG’s lead.
  12. Black Cat Supremacist

    Epic trying to beat Steam the wrong way?

    There’s so much more to Steam than new releases. So many years of games, with all the user reviews and relevant forums. Their attempt at recommendations and the curators that can be followed. I don’t particularly have a good grasp of their trading card system but I like unlocking them for no real reason. Achievements as well, although it’s been many years since those held any interest to me. The whole thing is absolutely light years of what is on consoles never mind the unbelievably bare bones Epic Store. I suppose this might all reduce Valves % cut with Steam releases as surely they’ll try to go head to head with Epic. Ultimately Steam is the only storefront I actually like. Everything else seems a bit barren and clinical. I suppose to be fair EA, Ubisoft etc are doing something different but Epic have some serious work to do. Will be interesting to see what happens when Fortnite eventually falls out of favour:
  13. Black Cat Supremacist

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Darren Till comes across as being a little mentally challenged. I’m not trying to be funny, he genuinely comes across as being a bit limited.
  14. Black Cat Supremacist

    Fyre - The Greatest Party That Never Happened (Netflix)

    Looks like it. The internet estimates of his wealth fluctuate between $5 to $8 million, so he’s not exactly super rich.
  15. Black Cat Supremacist

    Fyre - The Greatest Party That Never Happened (Netflix)

    He seems to get out of the whole thing completely unscathed. I presume the documentary makers had to portray him that way as he’s a wealthy individual that would have tied them up in litigation for years.

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