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  1. And if anyone hassles you before you open the stall, twat them.
  2. The Alan Partridge Thread

    "Guess which one of you ladies I'm about to make love to."
  3. If someone could overlook the moral aspect of it, someone could clean up making replica cases/boxes. And if they were good enough they'd bring the price of actual boxed games down significantly. I'm talking really high-quality ones, let's say you pay £40 for a box (yes, I know), and £20 for the game there. That's still less than half the price. Fools will be all "but's it's not the genuine article", but there will be enough people who just want it on the shelf. Eventually these "fakes" would get back into circulation, and they'd be so good no-one would know.
  4. There was a shop in Gloucester that did the same. It was depressing to see the guy turn to his PC and check eBay, any pretence of retro bargain-hunting evaporated. He had a glass case near the door with yer Secret Of Mana and whatnot for silly prices. Needless to say he wasn't there for long, at least not in a shop. Wouldn't be surprised if he was running an eBay shop along side it then just retreated to that. He was better for DVDs though, although this was at a time when you couldn't give the things away. I'm not saying DVDs are mega-collectable or anything but there seems to be a growing market in them.
  5. Gaming Magazines

    I do miss going to WH Smiths and buying Crash, Zzap!64, Amtix, The One, CU Amiga et al - the list goes on. Sadly those days are gone. Smiths is a sorry sight these days, thinning mags in plastic bags for a fiver a go. However, I'm tempted to restart my Readly subscription as there are plenty of games-related mags on there, including Retro Gamer. £8 a month soon becomes good value if you read a few mags, or even just flick through them. I stopped my digital subscription to Retro Gamer so I could put that money into Readly instead, better value, frankly.
  6. Maybe Suzanne rang him at 3am again, this time begging him to return to the fold?
  7. Yeah, it's not rocket science is it?
  8. Nintendo Switch eShop

    I just picked up Samurai Aces and do love the fact it's basic arcade fun, perfect for a system like the Switch. Might be a bit too basic for some but I assume most people here are a bit older and, like me, enjoy that simple thrill of 80s and 90s arcade games. Glad to see a number of these turning up, but will resist the temptation to just pick them all up without giving them a proper play. And it's good to see you can rotate the screen, prop that up and it looks great.
  9. A movie watchers blog

    Criminal Activities (2015) Following the funeral of a friend, four high-school friends get in hot water when they make a bad investment that gets them in debt with a crime boss (John Travolta) who gets them to kidnap the nephew of a rival. Nothing is quite what it seems in this lightly-comic crime caper, and I certainly didn't see the outcome which was very satisfying. It's a shame that the pacing was poorly handled; a heavily dialogue-driven film, it got a bit gassy, maybe not to Tarantino levels. Stick with it through the slack moments and you'll be rewarded with a tightly-plotted film with strong performances from a cast of mostly unknowns. Travolta doesn't have much to do but be the charming/menacing crime boss.
  10. A movie watchers blog

    The Foreigner (2017) When a Chinese takeaway owner (Jackie Chan) loses his daughter in an IRA splinter group bombing in London, he vows to find whoever was responsible. Northern Ireland Deputy First Minister (Pierce Brosnan), a Gerry Adams-style terrorist-turned-politician, vastly underestimates Chan's vengeful father. A satisfying thriller that weaves the revenge plot with a complex intrigue involving politics and terrorism. Chan may be 64 but he still manages some decent fights, as well as a couple of stunts; it certainly looked like him. Strong performance from Brosnan. Without giving any of the plot away there was a definite nod to First Blood in one section. Good combination of intrigue and action. Worth the bother.
  11. A movie watchers blog

    JIgsaw (2017) Is it a reboot? I'm not sure, but I do know it looks like an attempt to try and get back to what they were doing with Saw 1 and 2, and whilst it delivers fiendish traps and a twisty plot, it lacks the emphasis of plot over traps from the first two original films. It does get bogged down in its own lore towards the end, and some of the twists are of the handily-convenient variety. In a way I wish they'd had a clean break from the original series and just rebooted it entirely. The gore was good, and the plot twists that worked hit home, it was just a bit of a mess, frankly.
  12. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It starts off lean and slow, lots of lingering shots, the film takes its time. It is very long for such a simple film. If you'd told me even 10 years ago Vince Vaughn would do something like this I'd have been very surprised. Definitely not for everyone but if you like it grim, slow and brutal it's going to deliver.
  13. Monster Hunter: World

    I don't understand all the sessions and whatnot, I just want to load up and go.
  14. If RCL put as much effort into providing evidence of the Vega+ coming, or even just delivering the thing, as they do detailing the wrangling, the thing would have been there ages ago.

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