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  1. I'm aiming for something similar, just whittle it down to games that mean something even if they're not necessarily valuable financially. The PS2 is a favourite console of mine and I do have a number of games that mean a lot to me, but I did buy up a load of tatty job lots a couple of years back and ended up with a lot of rubbish. Maybe it's how you define a collection. For some it may be floor-to-ceiling shelving full of as complete as possible sets of games, but for us it would be more akin to an art collection where each game means something, maybe has a story attached to it. Thinking about it that's probably what I'd like to go for, even if that story is purely for my benefit.
  2. It has taken me years to come to terms with this, but I'm saying it now: I am not a collector, I never will be a collector, I don't have the time, the space, the money or killer instinct to get what I want, and I don't have the skills or desire to keep a proper collection organised. There, that's better. I have been buying up tat for years, sticking it in big plastic crates and very occasionally going back to see what I have. But it was only recently I actually tried to keep a spreadsheet of what I had on any given system, and it really shocked me how much crap I had, and how little actual worthwhile games there were. And it made me think, have I actually ever enjoyed the thrill of the hunt, the mouth-watering prospect of getting that one game? And I have to confess no, not really. I still love games but find I'm using emulation more and more. Barring things like my Commodore 64 that I love to bits. This isn't a knock against collecting. I know there are plenty of people here with nice collections all shelved up properly and cared for, or enjoy braving car boots and retro events, who play the eBay and Amazon Marketplace game when need be. And I salute you. But this is for the rest of us who have tried to kid ourselves that we have the chops to collect games yet find in our heart of hearts we're not cut out for it, even though we're still passionate about games. So come on, confess, when did it dawn on you? What did you do? Was it liberating? I'm thinking about cutting it down to a few key games, quality over quanity. But it's going to be hard. You know that thing where you go through your collection hoping to be ruthless and end up justifying keeping everything. Help!
  3. ON THE GLEEN! Love this game although I have to have the sound pretty much off because the music gives me a headache after about five minutes. My ex-girlfriend absolutely loved it too. Had some happy afternoons playing that together.
  4. And here is the 2-hour Autechre 90-93 tapes thing - https://autechre.wetransfer.com/downloads/3ced4067d9a7754dbdee72ff25191a9820190624140839/05ebe9
  5. http://uk.thelion.me/nts/ Another link, includes torrent.
  6. 9. Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson Not being a massive Apple fan I was still keen to read this biography especially after being assured it wasn't a total puff piece and was as critical as it was full of praise. And largely that's true although it did fall on the fawning side at times especially towards the end, roughly around the release of the iPod where it felt like he could do no wrong. Yes, Jobs had a significant impact on an area of computers especially if you bought into the whole Apple hub strategy, but reading this didn't make me warm to the guy,.
  7. Encrypt (2003) In the future the ozone layer has gone, survivors fight to survive. An ex-major is promised supplies for his fellow survivors if he helps to recover some art from a highly-fortified mansion, but there's more to the mission that meets the eye. Considering this is a TV movie it has to be said this isn't too bad. Mind you, it becomes abundantly clear the producers had been watching the first Resident Evil film on repeat because this bore more than a passing similarlity: heavily-armed team goes into mansion, is harassed by AI/hologram, fights seriously-overpowered super-being (okay, that was RE: Nemesis, but hey). Of course, with this being a TV movie it is nowhere near as visceral, and although it has an air of half-arsed doom about it, ultimately it is far less nihilist, tries to tug at the heartstrings here and there. You can probably figure out how it'll all turn out and where the plot points hit, narratively it keeps to the main road where it at least acomplishes what it sets out to do, if not spectacularly. Could have been far worse. Incidentally, it's worth reading the IMDB comments under this as there appears to be a story behind this film. The original writer, Richard Taylor states this did not represent his story and another writer was brought in to fix it. The other writer comes back, countering Taylor and giving an insight into what he had to do. Worth a read to get some insight into the problems associated with adapting scripts for low-budget TV films. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0338963/reviews?ref_=tt_urv
  8. The Stud (1978) A handsome young club manager is caught in a world of sex, money and intrigue. This is 70s sleaze at its finest. Based on the novel by Jackie Collins, who adapted the screenplay, and starring her sister Joan Collins, this was, at the time, a hugely sucessful film that has been largely forgotten, but when I was a lad was the epitome of pure sex. I'd not managed to see it until now, and it's not unfair to say the years have not been kind. Granted, Collins, then 45, is really hot, and makes a meal of the meagre role. And there's something about the cheap retro glamour that appeals, even if the disco scenes feel more like padding than mood-setting. Either 20+ years of internet porn or simply becoming an adult have had an effect, or this is now about as sexy as a wet weekend in the country, tackily tasteful sexual intrigue, smelling faintly of Brut 33 and fags. Some ludicrous attention-grabbing scenes with the drugged-up orgy in the spa being the lowlight. It has the same sort of cheap class as a £15 bottle of champers, and a trashily overaught plot to match. I'll definitely be watching The Bitch.
  9. That's the number one question on all of Warp's Facebook posts today. If Warp don't make it officially available I would be very surprised if someone isn't capturing it.
  10. Bit of new hardcore: https://djjedi.bandcamp.com/album/give-a-little-love-nrg
  11. Recoil (1998) A crime boss' son is killed after a bank job gone bad by a group of cops, revenge is exacted, but they tried to kill the wrong cop. This is more like it. After the disappointment of Hologram Man, PM redeem themselves with this full-on, if rather predictable, action flick. Gary Daniels is the wrong cop in question, and it really isn't a spoiler to say he loses it all so he can come back fighting. Yes, it's that predictable, no prizes for originality or a twisty plot, but PM does what it does best, solid action with high production values. It certainly felt like the sort of story where they were more concerned with maximising the "oh shit!" factor rather than delivering a believeable story, and frankly that's fine by me. For instance during a hectic and lengthy car chase near the beginning, all of a sudden the chased bank robber pulls out hand grenades - where did they come from? Who cares? It spiced things up nicely. Add in some really heavy-handed religious bollocks and the usual corrupt police insider and the stage is set for action all the way. Extended fight through a limo sunroof during a car chase? You got it! It's the sort of film that defies criticism almost because it exists in its own universe, it deoesn't appear to canibalise influences from other action films (although all the dual-wielding and gun-fetishism is very John Woo), it just does what it does and does it well. Perfect ending too. If you want something middle-brow exciting, you can't go wrong with this. Oh you like the sound of it?
  12. Knowing how basic the VCS is that is super impressive.
  13. Storm Warning (2007) A couple out boating get lost, run aground, shelter in an abandoned cottage but get more than they bargained for. This started very slow, took ages to set up but warmed up to something special. Aussie horror/thriller that, whilst sticking to the people-caught-in-the-middle-of-nowhere-and-being-tormented-by-psychos script rigidly, right down to the three act structure, ends up delivering the goods. There's some excellent direction that keeps things on a knife edge, that psycho balance where you can feel things are about to kick off. Stick with it because it pays off in the last third with some excellent and creative deaths, and the finale is properly tense. Generally expertly handled pacing and some great performances that aid the unpredictable-nasty vibe. It won't win any plaudits for redefining horror or anything, but I've seen far worse-handled films in a similar vein.
  14. I have a few XTC albums on my MP3 player and this came up at random a while back whilst I was walking to work - it was one of those "oh shit, this is good" moments:
  15. Can't see this here
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