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  1. Vimster

    A movie watchers blog

    Disappointingly, no. No sign of Stu Francis either.
  2. Vimster

    A movie watchers blog

    Crackerjack (1994) When terrorists lay siege to a remote mountain hotel, it's down to one cop to sort things out. Mid-90s straight-to-video action that starts off feeling like a pound shop Lethal Weapon but turns into something akin to Die Hard with a pinch of Cliffhanger. The remote mountain hotel setting is unique for this sort of flick, refreshing. Christopher Plummer hams it up brilliantly as the ex-Stasi baddie who just so happens to have been the guy who killed Jack Wild's (Thomas Ivan Griffith) wife and children - handy. One particular death involving a door and a knife had me laughing, very inventive. And the stakes ramp up to a suitably explosive ending. As with the other 90s lower-budget action films I've reviewed here recently, this is a solid watch for anyone who isn't demanding of top-tier production, writing, acting and direction. Just enjoy it.
  3. Vimster

    I’m writing a C64 version of Picross

    Yes, that's no problem.
  4. Vimster

    I’m writing a C64 version of Picross

    I have my old breadbin C64 set up and can give this a go if you like.
  5. Vimster

    A movie watchers blog

    Must be total coincidence. I do have that one ready to watch, actually.
  6. Vimster

    A movie watchers blog

    The Groundstar Conspiracy (1972) A government investigator tries to find out the truth behind the break-in at a top secret research facility. Decent conspiracy thriller with plenty of twists and turns. Like any decent thriller of this type, just when you think you have a handle on things they throw in a twist. Great use of locations, all very 70s and retro-modern. George Peppard plays the tenacious government agent trying to get to the bottom of things, and generally the acting gets the job done. It has the oppressive, paranoid feel of that fits the times. A worthy watch.
  7. Vimster

    A movie watchers blog

    Jurassic City (2015) Some dinosaurs escape a lab and run about threatening people, really who cares. There are films that are so bad they're bad, and this one falls into that category like it had breeze blocks strapped to it. If I said you got a diverse group of petty criminals, and a child-murdering lifer, trapped in a prison with some dodgy CGI raptors you'd think you were in for some base-level fun at the very least. But they couldn't even get that right. Vernon Wells eventually tells us some bullshit about him wanting to be president so he released a load of dinosaurs but it's too late, I had drifted off ages before that. And to top it all, for no real reason, right near the end you learn the dinos have destroyed LA, you know, like they do. Plenty of other bad films worth a watch out there.
  8. Vimster

    Found this in a cupboard

    42 years on Combat remains a solid two-player game. So much fun in 2k or however big the cart is. And that version of Jungle Hunt is very good too.
  9. Vimster

    A movie watchers blog

    Desert Thunder (1999) Hotshot fighter pilot is persuaded to put together a rag-tag team for a covert air strike on Iraqi superweapon. Least-talked of Badwin brother Daniel steps up and attempts to bring some weight to this straight-to-video actioner. You have to give some credit to the producers of this who clearly had enough budget for limited locations and lots of archive footage of fighter jets. One stand-out segment using most of the crop-duster-vs-choppers chase from Capricorn One, although it has to be said they shoehorned and blended it in pretty well. The film has a short running time of 82 minutes; when I got to the 70 minute mark and they still hadn't gone on the big mission I was thinking my copy was wonky,. Most of the film is the lead-up to what I'll state clearly was a rather underwhelming climax. Despite pumping up the music, the banter and the gung-ho-ness of it all it didn't get me going. Seems Like Old Times (1980) A man on the run after being forced to take part in a bank robbery seeks the aid of his lawyer ex-wife, unknown to her soon-to-be District Attorney husband. I remember seeing about 2 minutes of this many years ago and wondering what it was because even that short segment was funny. It has taken me this long to figure out what what film was. And I'm glad I finally found it. This Neil Simon-penned farce is sharp and funny with some excellent dialogue on the whole. Chevy Chase, Goldie Hawn and Charles Grodin put in decent performances, although I found Chase's pratfalls a bit overdone. It may seems a bit old-hat even for 1980, and some may find the dialogue a bit forced, but I love this sort of writing where every line feels like it has been crafted. Not classic comedy but worth a watch.
  10. Vimster

    The Chase

    I don't watch it every day but will randomly put it on. 8 times out of 10 it's The Governess. Is she on it more than most or should I be playing blackjack for a living?
  11. Vimster

    Weekly Music 2019 - 52 Weeks, 52 Tracks

    That actually reminds me of High Llamas more than straight-up jazz. Not a bad thing, far from it. Really nice chords. Anyway this week I made a short and reflective tune - https://streak.club/p/34597/pm-reflection-by-vim I was using some freeware synth for the piano part but if I played more than 4 notes at once the CPU went over 50% - bonkers. I really like this one though. I might render that bit out and stick it in Ableton Live, finish it there.
  12. Vimster

    Bad games transformed by patches and remasters

    You can add KOTOR2, the PC version of Saints Row 2, Temple Of Elemental Evil and a few others besides to that. If a game is worth keeping alive there are modders out there who will do it.
  13. Vimster

    Early-90s Games Night

    Oh yes, I like the idea of, say, just playing Codemasters budget games on the C64. There are some right stinkers in that collection, but plenty of still-playable ones. I don't know what the appetite would be for a proper meet. I know there are several of us in and around the south-west and some up north, so I'm not sure where best to hold it. There are others who are better at organising this sort of thing - roberthazelby
  14. Vimster

    Bad games transformed by patches and remasters

    Going increasingly off-topic here, but a bad game that is in dire need of a patch and update is Rise Of The Triad 2013. What I played of it I really enjoyed, proper oldschool level design, gets really difficult. But it was a janky mess, freezing, crashes. It lacked polish to the point where it became unplayable. And yet it still, to my knowledge, remains unpatched.
  15. Vimster

    Bad games transformed by patches and remasters

    That's mobile games generally, sadly. Perfectly good games ruined by mandatory updates which, more often than not, ruin the experience.

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