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  1. Vimster

    A movie watchers blog

    To be fair this doc was made before those films and concentrates on his game-related stuff. He definitely shifted focus when the tax loophole he used to exploit was closed. It has forced him to become a much more lean director.
  2. Vimster

    A movie watchers blog

    Raging Boll (2010) Documentary that largely focuses on controversial director Uwe Boll's boxing match with critics. This film is pretty much an opportunity for Boll to give his side of the story. He talks about his approach to film, how he feels about the intense internet hate against him, there's footage of him trying to get distributors interested in his biggest film, In The Name Of The King: A Dungeon Siege Tale ($60 million budget, $2.5 million return), and more. Most of the film surrounds the event where he challenged his critics to a boxing match. In some ways it was genius, his justification for it being there were real world consequences to spouting stuff about people, but it is really rather arrogant too. The film makers generally just let him talk and leave it up to the viewer to decide, although they do press him on his hypocrisy, slating bigger film-makers like Michael Bay but not taking criticism himself. It's very much a film that will either strengthen your view of Boll or not. I don't think it would change anyone's mind. It's clear he is a lot more passionate about films than critics would have you believe - in one part he shows the ledgers he kept detailing the 16,000 films he watched over a 12 year period. Personally I never really had a problem with his films. They're actually pretty good crap, just enough personality to set them apart, but trash all the same. I feel it was more his arrogance and outspoken nature rather than his output that inspired the ire against him. Watching this he clearly feels bitter he's not treated in the same way as Bay, Spielberg, etc. He tries to convince us he's this down-and-dirty director making all these films no-one wants to make, whilst pining for Hollywood acceptance. An interesting guy, certainly, but he's still a hack whose arrogance was his greatest flaw.
  3. Vimster

    Synths and Similar - an electronic music gear thread

    Obviously not read by anyone here, of course not.
  4. Vimster

    Aphex Twin

    Enjoying that new EP. It's super manic, almost like Aphex does for modern beats/future bass/etc what he did for jungle in the 90s. Totally deconstructed and made totally Aphex. Another thing: I have been raiding my memory trying to remember this Aphex Twin bootlegs album I had a good decade ago - found it - http://100dbs.com/mixes/aphex/ Some interesting stuff there, particularly like the Snoop Dogg and Kool Keith tracks. Simple but effective.
  5. So if you have a hacked Vita is it wise to not use your normal PSN account?
  6. Vimster

    Juh-rur-per-guh - The JRPG thread.

    I played an interesting NIS JRPG recently on PS3 called The Guided Fate Paradox. The story is some kid wins a prize on a tombola - he becomes a god. But with being a god comes responsibilities, like he has to answer people's prayers. Each 'prayer' is represented by a rogue-like dungeon with a boss at the end. And like Rogue you move step by step and start off at level 1. There is a hub world where you can build you base stats and buy stuff. I didn't finish it but the prayers you have to answer were bonkers. The first one involves Cinderella having her doubts about the whole Prince Charming thing, and you have to put things right. For a JRPG it's a bizarre deconstruction of the classic tale. Definitely a breath of fresh air compared to the usual JRPG tropes, and the roguelike dungeons offer some decent variety. The whole soapy storyline with the various angels was a bit tedious though. Pretty cheap these days too.
  7. This guy does a ton of Vita how-to videos, here's his one telling you how to spoof firmware version:
  8. But then I tend to completely misread most mysteries I watch and end up wildly off the mark. Should be fun to find out.
  9. Vimster

    Abandoned Games (2018 Edition)

    An oldie: Dead To Rights (Xbox) This was a pretty enjoyable game until I got to a part where you had to find and disarm some bombs before an event. The time limit on the third bomb was really short, and if you blew it you had to replay the previous section, clearing out a load of enemies, which was the last straw. If failing the bomb just let me redo that bit maybe I'd have continued. And it uses manual save that doesn't save where you are now, just the previous checkpoint. Life's too short, might play the next one, hopefully that doesn't have any bloody bomb disposal nonsense.
  10. I saw the topic and immediately thought
  11. Plus you can set it to use the right stick for games you'd normally use that for. Really handy.
  12. I loved Sigue Sigue Sputnik at the time. I was 14, the press hated them, grown-ups hated them, but they were so exciting. I was never a punk and at the time my musical knowledge was scant so I didn't really understand all that. But they pissed people off and I loved it. Today I can see they were way ahead of their time, massive geeks at a time when that sort of thing got you beaten up in the playground, or ridiculed, especially by girls. If you were into SF, computer games, weird shit, Japanese culture, you were just plain weird. Today it's a legit life choice (just look at all the people in Zelda tshirts stood in front of shelving units groaning with action figures and games). I didn't even know this thing existed. Would love it, especially as I try and buy C64 disk games, but that's a bit rich for me. Hopefully someone will buy it and get the .d64 up.
  13. As someone who hasn't upgraded their graphics card since 2012 this sounds tempting. The prices of new cards is frankly ridiculous. The fact this lets you use your own Steam library is a really big plus. OnLive was taking the piss expecting people to pony up for a sub and games on top. As has been suggested they need some kind of trial to see if it's viable on your connection, even if it's just some test software that measures speed and latency. Either that or you can get your first month's money back if it doesn't work. I don't know. Part of me is resistant because this is the top of the slippery slope towards hiring games and having publishers take total control. But it's going going to get easier and more convenient. £550 for a new gfx card. That's basically 2 years of this service.
  14. What sort of processing power increase does the Vita have over a stock PSP? I know you could overclock a PSP to get some emulators running a bit smoother at the expense of battery life. I assume the Vita handles all the old 8 and 16 bit systems easily enough, but what about things like GBA?
  15. I was in two minds over getting rid of my Vita which I was holding on to for this purpose, but the likelihood of cheap memory card adapters and the like was slim, so I sold it. Would love this to replace my old PSP as it does everything the PSP did and a lot more. If the hackers can crack the 3.60 limit and make all firmware hackable that's it, boom.

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