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  1. VANish (2015) Three likely lads kidnap the daughter of a Mexican gangster. Things naturally don't go to plan. Basically all the action takes place in this van, no external shots. Initially this didn't inspire, with some generally irritating banter, the occasion flash of humour, from the three unlikeable chancers. However, there's some great gory nastiness towards the end of this that made it all worthwhile. Doesn't outstay its welcome with its 79-minute running time, the last 7 of which is credits. 3/5
  2. RIVE is excellent but it gets very, very hard. I nearly smashed my PC up at one point. Well worth less than a quid though.
  3. Blatant plug, I have a remix on this compilation - https://touched.bandcamp.com/album/proswell-remixes-by-friends If you liked early Machinedrum then this is basically a lot of the guys who were about back on Merck Records in the 2000s. Bit of quality IDM, basically.
  4. When I see a review with something along the lines of "this is a preview copy and the online portion of the game isn't working yet/has low population/isn't fully fleshed-out" I think well why are you bothering to review it then? More and more games have a non-MP online component these days, so they're technically unreviewable. And yet these sites have to get that review out first and before anyone else, grab those eyeballs at any cost.
  5. I put this in Bargains but anyone who fancies a year sub to Shudder, they're doing one for £33 at the mo - https://try.shudder.com/halloween2020/
  6. Absolutely. I rewatched all of them a couple of years back and yes, they're trash, they have issues, they suffer from that fast-cut all-energy-no-sense editing, they're very silly, but if you're willing to engage with the trash and just enjoy them for that you're in for a good time. Paul W S Anderson is, for me, the king of this sort of high-quality rubbish. Event Horizon is probably the high point, some would argue that's not rubbish at all. Resi though, stupid entertainment.
  7. Having a quick browse through the films, a few picks: Shallow Grave The Long Good Friday Sexy Beast Wilt (adaptation of the Tom Sharpe novel starring Smith and Jones) They make it look like they have about 20 films because in each section the same films are repeated.
  8. They do a year in advance offer, 12 months for the price of 10. Only a one week free trial though which is a bit stingy.
  9. I see they have the original 1970s Survivors on there. First series is worth a watch, goes off the rails a bit after that but YMMV and all that. Essentially there's a massive global event that sees civilisation go down the pan. The show follows people trying to survive. It's pretty good because it makes you wonder how you'd cope in a similar situation. Some decent films on there too. Watched The Acid House the other week. The absolutely essential Secrets & Lies is there.
  10. Carmageddon II (Steam) This is a version of the original game made to run on modern systems. Wow, this game hadn't aged well at all. I played 1 and 2 at uni in the late 90s and they were good fun back then, but now it controls like poo, having to run over pedestrians to add time might have been good when you're 20 but now it just feels pointlessly edgy, it's all really wide and loose and unsatisfying. We've come a long way from then.
  11. So it is. In the search on cdkeys it says Xbox One UK, but when you click on it you get the full cover image that says Windows 10 on it. Phew.
  12. For Xbox One only by the looks - booo!
  13. Compared to computer versions. Obviously the original Gauntlet had 4-players. Unless my memory is really bad and the Amiga one had two players.
  14. Gauntlet IV on the Megadrive is not really a sequel as such, more of a remake of 2 with added features including simultaneous 2-player.
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