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  1. I hope they add some depth to the trading system. Not expecting EVE-style trading but something beyond just a way to offload a load of crap for cash would be welcome.
  2. Vimster

    Abandoned Games (2018 Edition)

    POTENTIAL ABANDONMENT: Watch_Dogs Despite all the debate around the release of this I thought I'd give the Complete Edition a go, and to be perfectly honest I have really been enjoying it, especially the side missions which have some nice variety. The world is interesting and looks fantastic. Unfortunately I've come to a mission that involves "stealth driving", avoiding satellite detection to get to someone, then trying to get away undetected. If you get spotted the fiercely-aggressive police teleport to your location and force you to start again, and again, and again. It's a real shame they couldn't implement GTA V's option to skip story missions if you fail so many times as the game is genuinely very enjoyable. It would be sad to let this one go.
  3. Bought it on release, really enjoyed about 25 hours of it, sold it. Bought it again for next to nothing when 1.3 came out. Other things conspired to take my attention away, sadly, but seeing this makes me glad I've still got a copy. I've been in two minds about multiplayer for this game though; the whole alone-in-space feeling was a big part of the appeal, but a bit of low-key interaction done well could be fun. I'd be up for a bit of co-op exploration but maybe wouldn't be able to commit tons of time to co-op base-building. We'll see when things become clearer, but definitely interested.
  4. Vimster


    I'd lost touch with Low until quite recently. Things We Lost In The Fire is the sort of album I like to put on when it's cold and dark, the minimal, spacious simplicity of it. So it was a pleasant surprise the other day when I listened to Ones And Sixes for the first time - what a fantastic album that is. It has the trademark Low spaciousness and immediacy mixed with some subtle electronics. Genuinely beautiful. I listened to it at work and caught myself just sitting there listening, the sign of a good record.
  5. Vimster


    I was thinking about getting that Red Faction Guerrilla on PS4 but have had the original on Steam for donkey's and never played it, as you do. Will have to wait til I've built a new PC though, anything over a 2D puzzle game makes my old beast complain, the fans make this weird chirping noise if they get pushed too hard. And I doo have Titan Quest, although I actually played it! Excellent game. If you have it and enjoyed Diablo III then get and play it. My biggest problem with it was the game is too damn long, I didn't complete it. What I did play was great.
  6. Does what it says on the tin really, a pop-up book showing off classic SEGA arcade cabinets: £35 to you, sir. Probably only of interest to a very small number of people but looks novel enough. The video feels more like a teaser, hopefully more detailed information about the actual pop-up sculptures will be forthcoming because, to be honest, it's not making me want to put my money down. EDIT: should add this is from Darren Wall who did the Bitmap Brothers and Seni Software books, amongst others.
  7. Vimster

    All hail the synth!

    Okay this is a bit out-there but someone on my Facebook just posted this excellent synth demo video - this guy can play
  8. Watching more Micro Live, it's interesting to see them talking about things we take for granted now but back then were really cutting-edge, for instance in episode 4 there's a piece about cellular radio telephones. It's pretty much invisible technology now, it's so much part of our daily lives we barely notice it, but seeing Lesley Judd with her "rather portable" phone - a bit like a small car battery with a handset on it - making a transatlantic call that probably cost about £10 you can only imagine how huge it was in 1985.
  9. I asked him, he basically downloaded the TS files and combined them with ffmpeg - ie beyond me, frankly. er.... I'll just stick to a browser.
  10. My brother said he downloaded them through Chrome to play on his telly.
  11. Vimster

    Gotta catch em' all

    So what's a good one to play if I don't want to do the lot? Are the GB/GBA ones generally okay or is it best to just skip to a modern one?
  12. Vimster

    Gotta catch em' all

    I'm lost. I was playing Fire Red on GBA and despite usually enjoying a bit of a grind I was getting the same stuff over and over and over again and it just wasn't going anywhere for some reason. Plus is there a point where the master guy lets you just go out and hunt/use Pokemon a la free roam, or is there a strict story to them? I like the idea of finding, training and fighting but if its all locked into a rigid progression 'story' that's not quite so good. Sorry for the ignorance.
  13. Vimster

    Audio Club

    In case anyone is interested, Air Hybrid 3 VST is currently on offer again for 99p (£1.11 inc VAT). Normal price is something daft like £130. Looks like it's a way to get people interested in their complete bundle for £67 but you don't need to bother. I wouldn't have paid full whack for this but it's a decent enough VST that suits dance production. The sounds are very trance/hardstyle/Euro, but with a bit of work you could make it your own. Might be worth checking out.
  14. Watched the first couple of Micro Live's, so much gold in those, from Brian Jacks buying an Atari 800XL and moaning because he forgot to buy any software, to Lesley Judd trying to wipe floppies on the underground. A viewer moaning that they don't show computers other than the BBC micro, Mac poo-pooing any talk of games, the idea of buying a printer for £400 in 1984. The only bits that drag it down are the Freth (or however you spell his name) bits that tend to drag out. I do know there's a great section later in the series where they go to Infocom though. And this is only two episodes in!
  15. Vimster

    Finally setup a PS2 HDD /FHDB

    I was led to believe only certain models of drive work properly, or have they managed to get over that?

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