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  1. Nope. Amiga disks were a higher capacity than PC ones and you can’t read them
  2. I had expressed an interest so can order one now, though I already have a console.
  3. I downloaded it, read the reviews, hit delete.
  4. I’m 20 episodes away from the end of a rewatch of Deep Space 9 and I’ve done Voyager as well. I think it might be time for another run through this.
  5. It’s down to 4.4 on IMDb. Maybe they are hoping it’ll go away.
  6. I think it was a problem with the length of time and possibly an allergic reaction that made them recast her, so it’s not far off the truth.
  7. Bubble Bobble, Rainbow Islands, Parasol Stars.
  8. Started this tonight, and I’d agree. Good fun.
  9. Yep, I don't remember intermittent loading being a problem with the C64. We initially struggled to get a decent working C2N as a lot of them were faulty from the factory when we bought ours, but after that it was nice and reliable. It seemed to be more common amongst my Spectrum owning friends.
  10. Hmmm, I didn't think episode 3 was as good, and some of the omissions or changes from the book are a shame. Still enjoying it though.
  11. I think I'm close to 30 hours in, and am approaching the end of the third God's missions. I'm starting to focus more on the objectives rather than collecting stuff but still enjoying it.
  12. Very nice. I like the idea to reuse a button for up. Could use two more for left and right for stuff like hyper sports.
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