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  1. It was the same system, so will have been destroyed.
  2. There’s a few suggestions that we may actually get a Pike/Spock series. That’s the best bet for an official retro Trek.
  3. Because it makes more of a difference to picture quality than 4K and it’s something that should be there on a flagship tv show.
  4. Yes, you should watch it first cause it’s excellent and does cause a great “oh....” moment.
  5. The lack of HDR is more annoying, but the rest of it was so damn good I’ll shut up.
  6. Legitimately? I can only see the trailer on Prime. Any idea if it will be in 4k?
  7. I must have missed it being renewed. Anyway, I’m hugely hyped for this. Trek in the TNG and DS9 era was a huge deal for me, and while I’ve enjoyed what we’ve had since then it’s never felt as special. Please don’t be a disappointment.
  8. The latest Short Trek, Children Of Mars, is a prequel to Picard. It’s also absolutely superb. Proper edge of the seat stuff.
  9. I’ve not been paying attention to Apple Arcade, but can you only play these games by subscribing? No option to buy them on their own?
  10. Has anyone been to this? Similar setup to Arcade Club with everything on free play but it’s on a smaller scale and fixed time slots. https://www.fatsoma.com/future-artists-bristol
  11. It’s worth it if you include all the special ops online coop stuff.
  12. It’s still well worth watching though, and ep4 is back on form.
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