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  1. Vespa Alex

    Recommend me 'git gud' games!

    I’d recommend arcade shooters like Nex Machina, Resogun or Geometry Wars. Grinding doesn’t help you progress, and the leaderboards show clear numerical progress. And they are great fun.
  2. Vespa Alex

    Critical Role - The new campaign

    I’ve so nearly caught up. I’m an hour into ep 39.
  3. Vespa Alex

    MAME Arcade Appreciation Thread

    Back when I built mine it was also used as a media centre so I wanted it to be useable at normal pc resolutions. I found the pedestal was exactly the right width for the case, and I cut a slot in the front for a dvd drive so I could play disks as well. I’d like to do a fresh build now, but doubt I’ll find the time.
  4. Vespa Alex

    MAME Arcade Appreciation Thread

    Not the best pic, but you get the idea. I removed the original monitor and replaced it with a 21” PC CRT display. There’s a desktop pc in the pedestal at the base, accessible through the coin door. It’s a ancient machine now with XP and 512mb RAM but it still plays all the games I want.
  5. Vespa Alex

    MAME Arcade Appreciation Thread

    Thats the same design as my cab, just in a different colour scheme.
  6. I think I've still got a copy in the loft.
  7. Only on the first episode, but it’s going well so far. I look forward to the inevitable Riverdale crossover.
  8. Vespa Alex

    The Man in the High Castle

    Yep, I agree with all of that. I thought it was an excellent series from start to finish. The Jahr Null stuff was particularly chilling.
  9. Vespa Alex

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    Yep, Vettel can theoretically score 75 points till the end, and is 70 points behind. If Lewis gets 6 points, he wins. If Vettel doesn’t come first, Lewis wins.
  10. Vespa Alex

    Deutschland 83

    I’m hoping the internet will oblige. Failing that, wait for channel 4 I suppose.
  11. Vespa Alex

    Deutschland 83

    Excellent news.
  12. Vespa Alex

    Mr Tonys Apple IIe Restoring Adventure

    Any use? https://reactivemicro.glopal.com/en-GB/p-485/iie-enhancement-kit.html? https://wiki.reactivemicro.com/Apple_IIe_Enhancement_Kit
  13. Vespa Alex

    Mr Tonys Apple IIe Restoring Adventure

    Some badges here, though I'd hold off buying till you see if the rest of the repair is doable. http://www.applerescueofdenver.com/products-page/case-internal-parts-apple-ii/apple-iie-emblem-or-badge/
  14. Vespa Alex

    Arcade club - Bury

    Yep, it’s great. I think they are opening a third floor aren’t they?

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