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  1. Vespa Alex


    Now TV is just sky through another means so there’s only really Netflix and Amazon as the big streaming services in the UK. I can see Disney managing to get a foothold through Star Wars and Marvel, but it doesn’t feel like there’s enough room for Apple, especially if it’s all very safe.
  2. Vespa Alex

    Santa Clarita Diet - Netflix

    Woo Hoo. And now I’ve actually got Netflix to watch it legitimately.
  3. Vespa Alex

    Star Trek Discovery

    Sometimes I forget how good DS 9 could be.
  4. Vespa Alex

    Top Gear - Series 24

    And Rory looked really pissed off about it too.
  5. Vespa Alex

    Love Death and Robots

    Sounds interesting. I’m in.
  6. Vespa Alex

    Stunt Car Racer

    It was great fun in two player. I can’t remember if it was me or my friend that did it first, but sneaking at look at the other player’s screen to block them or push them off the track was hilarious. After that we had back to back monitors.
  7. Vespa Alex

    Star Trek Discovery

    I‘M enjoying it as well. S2 is feeling much more Trek-y than the first.
  8. What’s the standard console now? About £180 it seems. I think it would need to be below £150 to make it worth buying, but this isn’t really about One sales. It’s testing the water for the next generation.
  9. Vespa Alex

    Luke Perry RIP

    Yep, that was a quality show that deserved a bigger audience. I’ve enjoyed watching him in Riverdale too.
  10. Vespa Alex

    Critical Role - The new campaign

    Some of those tiers seem really quite expensive for what you get.
  11. Vespa Alex

    Xbox One X just died and MS are utter tripe

    They aren’t obliged to replace it. They can instead arrange a repair, and the reality is that it can sometimes be quicker and easier through the manufacturer direct.
  12. Vespa Alex

    Critical Role - The new campaign

    There’s still half of campaign one that I’ve not seen, so it was quite the jump in abilities from where I last watched. That was awesome fun.
  13. Vespa Alex

    Xbox One X just died and MS are utter tripe

  14. Vespa Alex

    The Orville - hang on, its actually good!

    Five more according to IMDb.

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