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  1. Unless you've got kids who are obsessed with it, in which case it'll be on every day for months.
  2. It’s good though. I spotted the Boba reference, but this was made after Empire and the Holiday Special so he was Canon by then.
  3. Prices here, and there's plenty of similar services. https://oidutstudio.co.uk/miniature-painting/ You could do a lot worse than asking in your local Games Workshop if they know anyone who could assist. It's the sort of hobby where you might find someone who'll do it for less.
  4. The Flash Gordon 4K Remaster is back in cinemas from this week. GORDON'S ALIVE?
  5. It’s probably worthy of a separate topic, but I wonder how many of us are expecting to upgrade for the PS5 generation of consoles? There wasn’t really any need when going from PS3 to 4, but with 4K and hdr....
  6. That sounds interesting. Where might I find such a thing?
  7. That’s a lovely space all the way through.
  8. I had a look myself, and CPCs aren't cheap. Especially the 6128 Plus
  9. How do Amstrad prices compare to Commodore or Spectrum stuff now? I'd assume that they have less of a following so are more affordable, but could be wrong.
  10. Which the population voted for. Repeatedly.
  11. I knew the Convoys had a hard time, but this gave a good impression of what it must have been like. It’s well worth 90 minutes of your time, and it’s clear that Tom Hanks continues to have a genuine passion to tell WWW2 stories. The mini series based on the USAF that he’s making will go to Apple TV+ instead of HBO like band of brothers.
  12. When I cut my collection down to size I went system by system. Any games where I expected to get £25 or more went separately, then I just eBayed console and all the rest together. Amusingly I ended up selling the Megadrive collection to someone so close I could drop it off on the way to work, and got a very decent price.
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