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  1. Ahh, right, cheers. So I can sell my incomplete sets without any penalty then? I've been holding on to all these for no reason. Doh.
  2. Got to the lake and am exploring as much as possible before progressing the storyline. Loving it so far, I'm beginning to get to grips with the combat. I can't yet deal with level 5 or 6 enemies, but anything below that I can defeat. I've unlocked a fair few abilities, but I keep forgetting to use them. I just seem to concentrate on basic combos and dodging. I never use the shield except to parry, so I never use rune abilities either. I suppose I will as the game goes on. Quick question: if you find a full set of artifacts, like the masks or ship figureheads, can you sell them for more than for selling them individually?
  3. I've played the tutorial area and I'm not blown away yet, but can see it definitely has the potential to do so. On a sliding scale between the button-mash-to-win* style of the original GoW games and the slow, deliberate combat style of the Souls series, this is way closer to the Souls end, though not all the way there. Quick differences between Souls combat and this, for those who want to know: The combat feels good. I'm still at the beginning, so am pretty much flailing around like a newborn deer, but I can see that once I'm used to the controls it's going to flow really well. Graphics look lovely on a standard PS4, and I haven't noticed any frame dips, but then I'm not especially bothered about that kind of thing. Kratos is rather more brooding than brash in this one, and is emotionally distant from Atreyus, but I'm looking forward to seeing where that goes. Voice acting is good. Kratos' old personality isn't entirely gone. I love the way he Question for those who are further than me: *My phone wanted to autocorrect this to Burton-upon-Trent
  4. Oh god. I'd purged Horsefuck Valley from my memory, but you've brought it all back.
  5. Count me as another who has pre-ordered after seeing the review scores, despite having no interest previously. Quite excited now.
  6. Bloodborne

    Which is the last boss in the defiled dungeon? Ebreitas? One of the hardest fights in the game for me, that. You essentially have to no-hit it. Pain in the ass to learn, but when you finally pull it off, sooooo satisfying.
  7. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    If I was a betting man I'd put everything on an injury time Palace equaliser. Edit: good thing I'm not a betting man!
  8. Just started playing this yesterday, and am really quite into it. It's very compelling, isn't it? I kept telling myself ok, this is the last go, but ended up playing till 2 last night. I'm levelled up enough now that I can usually clear out the castle, and I've killed the boss (I didn't expect the boss to stay dead between goes), but the other areas seem a bit beyond me at the moment. Well, maybe I could do the forest. Anyone have any tips for beginners? What are the best things to upgrade in the early game? I've been spreading the upgrades pretty evenly so far, HP probably the most, which is on level 5, I think. The breakthrough for me, where I went from getting a few hundred gold per run to surviving long enough to get a few thousand, was unlocking the ninja, which can one-hit all enemies in the castle, and getting the vampire rune. Also, is there a list somewhere of what items do? Every time I pray for help at that statue thing, it gives me an item but I have no idea what it does. And many of the traits are a mystery to me. Never mind, I just found a wiki. Anyway, great game. I'm going to be sinking hours into this.
  9. Football Thread 2017/18

    Ok, might actually watch the Italy match then!
  10. Football Thread 2017/18

    Just turned on the Holland England match at the end, and the commentators are saying things like "lots of encouraging signs," and "Gareth Southgate will be very happy with that performance." Is this true, or usual ITV overhyping?
  11. To be fair, they look like they could release a pretty decent goth synth pop album.
  12. I didn't know about this, so I was also excited! But then I looked it up and it's not being written by gaiman, so excitement tempered somewhat. Still, I'll be getting the first issues of each one. Hopefully they will be up to scratch.
  13. I'll be getting this. The last mega drive collection I got was the PS2 one, and this version features loads more games than that. The ones I'm mainly looking forward to are the Shining games, Phantasy Star, Story of Thor and Landstalker.
  14. 2000AD & The Meg

    Well, that's the thing: I do by and large like his strips despite his (to me) deficiencies as a writer. There's enough good stuff in them for me to be able to overlook the faults. Apart from the zombie one; I can't seem to get into that at all. I respect the man enormously though. It was his sheer force of will which got 2000AD off the ground and running in the first place, after all. And interviews with him are always entertaining. I've ordered a copy of his memoir, and can't wait for it to arrive.
  15. Female-fronted alt/indie rock

    This lot are a local band who I'm a big fan of. They deserve to be bigger:

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