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  1. dug

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Aaargh! My laptop crashed, so I've dug out the old one which is taking a fucking age to boot up. And now it's doing Windows updates! Tell me it's really dull and I'm not missing anything...
  2. dug

    Brand loyalty

    I don't have any particular loyalty to any console manufacturer; this gen I have a PS4 but no Xbox, last gen I had a 360 but no PS3. I did buy every Nintendo handheld since the GBA though (and a switch) so I guess I'm "loyal" to Nintendo in that regard? As for game series, as soon as any Souls*, Dragon Quest or Zelda game is announced, I will preorder, no questions asked. *Or Souls-ish, y'know, Bloodborne, Sekiro, or anything similar that From may develop in the future.
  3. That looks aaaaaaaace. Definitely getting it for the switch.
  4. dug

    Nintendo Switch

    Good idea, the boss you fight after you've taken the macguffins to the place they go should serve as a gentle reintroduction to the battle mechanics of the game.
  5. dug

    Nintendo Switch

    The only thing I can think of that you "collect" in every area is scanning enemies and objects. But that's not necessary for progress, it's just lore.
  6. dug

    2000AD & The Meg

    I also enjoyed the Small House. Rob Williams is definitely my favourite Dredd writer now (apart from John Wagner).
  7. dug


    I'll give that a go, seems like it could work for me.
  8. dug


    Had a quick go on this the other day, and it seems like the kind of thing I'll like, but I just cannot get to grips with the controls. They seem so unintuitive, somehow. No matter how I remap jump, dash and grip, I still end up frequently pressing the wrong button. Did anyone else have issues with this? I guess I'll just have to pick one button layout and stick with it until my brain catches on.
  9. dug

    Dark Souls Remastered

    I hadn't any intention of getting this on the Switch but I have a 12 hour flight coming up, sooo... Never done a pyro build before, might see if I can do one and finish it under 12 hrs.
  10. dug

    Dark Souls Remastered

    At the point of the game you're at, it's possible to have your weapon up to +10 The item you need to give to Andre to enable levelling weapons past +5 is in And large titanite shards can be dropped by a certain enemy in I'd always favour upgrading my weapon over levelling up as you get a more noticeable increase in your damage output. Straight up spoilers on where to find the items you need for +10 weapons:
  11. dug

    Dark Souls Remastered

    Yep, you can backstab with any weapon I believe. Certainly you can with axes. The key is to not be moving or holding your shield up when you hit R1 (or whatever the switch equivalent is called). I found when I was learning that it helped to kind of exaggeratedly let go of all the other controls before hitting attack. Also, the exact place you have to stand can sometimes be a bit funny if the enemy is in an attack animation. Keep plugging away, you'll get the hang of it!
  12. dug

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Wild Arms is great, you heathen! Anyway, no Net Yaroze Bouncer 2, no deal.
  13. dug

    Dark Souls Remastered

    Protip: don't worry about purple moss, the poison in blighttown is so slow-acting it's barely worth bothering about. Once you've found the bonfire down there, that is. Also, never level up resistance; it's a complete waste of souls.
  14. dug

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Ah, that must be it, cheers. Weird because I don't normally bother adding PSVR games, but I guess I must have done in this case.
  15. dug

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    The other night I started watching a let's play of Here They Lie, a horror game which was PSVR only, but has now been patched to include normal play. I thought it looked intriguing so had a look on the PS store and it was in sale. £6.49, bargain. So I went onto the page for the game and instead of the add to cart button, there was a download button. So I clicked it and sure enough the game started downloading. And I didn't have to pay. Am I missing something, or did the PSN store just decide to give me a free game?

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