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  1. Ah, I also have about six quid's worth of gold coins, so I might just do the same as you. In fact, fuck it. I'm going to do it right now!
  2. Oof, I thought I'd be day one for Grandia but at that price... Although, I'm on the beer tonight, so there might be an impulse purchase later.
  3. dug


    The bloodborne comics I've read are alright. Fairly decent, even. Certainly a shitload better than the awful Dark Souls ones.
  4. Yeah, I've watched the first two episodes and I'm not really feeling it. No particular desire to watch the next one. Then again I think I said the same thing about the last series and ended up enjoying it, so maybe it'll turn around.
  5. How have I never heard of this until now? Holy shit, it looks great.
  6. Watched the first two episodes last night, and while I felt more engaged with the first episode than the second, I'm definitely in. I love the pace and look of it. It's almost kind of aggressively slow at times, with five second pauses between lines of dialogue, yet I was totally drawn in. There's this scuzzy atmosphere to it which is horrible but compelling. Every (main) character seems to be a sleazy shitbag, and I'm looking forward to seeing what horrible thing they do next, for some reason. Also I like that before I started the first episode I thought to myself this is a NWR thing, so how long will there be between pressing play and seeing a long, slow pan over a reflective surface under neon lights? It was not long.
  7. I played without grinding, but without skipping fights either (i.e. run towards whatever I'm heading for, and if I happen to run into any enemies on the way, fight them) and found that game to be very easy. There were two bosses I died on, once each. I did not use any handicaps; when I play the switch version, I will do. So I would say grinding is very much not necessary. But you may find yourself underlevelled if you avoid 'normal' battles.
  8. That looks right up my street. Have you played Momodora? That also looks interesting to me, but I haven't played it. I'm waiting to catch it on sale.
  9. I think High Monk is most useful for punishing sweep attacks. Personally I never got into the habit of using it, as it took me long enough just to get used to jumping them instead of trying to deflect. But I believe that's its main application.
  10. @Flub @Mr. Gerbik Thanks chaps, the galaxy tab A looks suitable. Probably won't get one right now, but perhaps my lovely missus might get me one for Christmas.
  11. I'm thinking of switching to digital for all my comics; the amount of space being taken up by my paper comics and trades is getting ridiculous. I don't have a tablet though, so can anyone give me recommendations for a suitable one, please? It needs to have a good screen, obviously, and be big enough to be able to display whole pages without having to zoom in and pan around. Are kindles any good for comics? Or if not, what is a good option?
  12. I, on the other hand, love a 2d retro 8/16bit styled metroidvania. Even the mediocre ones with nothing exciting or original about them. I find the actual mechanical action of playing them enjoyable and satisfying. See that door up there that you can't get to? When you eventually gain the ability to get up to high places then come back to that door. Mmmmm, satisfying.
  13. You know that bee motherfucker? That bee motherfucker can fuck off.
  14. I'm with @Calashnikov The SOR3 soundtrack is full of fucking bangers.
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