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  1. My 12yo daughter still likes reading books with me at bedtime. I'm sure it won't last much longer, but... I'm looking for recommendations as to what we can read next as we're coming to the end of our current series. We're currently reading the Charmed Life series by Dianne Wynn Jones which we are enjoying greatly. And over the last year or so we've read and enjoyed: - The Earthsea Trilogy by Ursula Le Guin - Barimaeus and Lockwood series by Jonathan Stroud (both immeasurably superior to Harry Potter) - The five books that make up The Dark Is Rising by Sus
  2. It's not really helping me concentrate on my spreadsheets...
  3. Does yours have the insane difficulty curve like mine does. Mine has four levels. Level 1 is stuff like "1*3", level 3 ramps it up a bit - "8*6". Level 4's opening gambit - "34*28".
  4. While we're back in the 1980s, I found this at the back of a wardrobe over the weekend. Popped a battery in it and it works perfectly after 35 years in a cupboard.
  5. 12 Inches of Snow is the best album title.
  6. How could we forget Hardcore Uproar by Together?
  7. Fantastic tune! But didn't Stakker Humanoid become Future Sound of London with exactly the same two guys in the lineup? Does it count as a one-hit wonder if they just change their name?
  8. This is pretty good. It took me over a decade to fully appreciate the glories of Let It Come Down (I'm listening to it right now) and Ladies & Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space and after a couple of plays of this album I reckon it will be a slow burner too. I'll come back and let you know how I'm getting on with it sometime in mid 2025.
  9. Crazy Taxi on Gamecube. My daughters are disappointed that you can't run people over. They did enjoy drowning the monkeys in Super Monkey Ball 'Monkey Target' though.
  10. I've just checked and you can still download and buy it from winzip.com - £31.14p. I'm tempted to download a copy of the latest version and see if my licence key still works.
  11. Not gaming really, but I did find it in my loft over the weekend. It's the first piece of PC software I ever actually paid for rather than just pirating:
  12. On the BBC Micro the tape loader used to count up on screen as it loaded each 'block' of the program. You would know how many blocks there were to fully load each game and therefore how far you were through the loading process at any time. From time to time the computer would fail to load a block (even if you did the usual voodoo routines: precisely customised the volume for that particular game, sat silently in specific chairs in the room, had the tape player in a particular position on the desk etc). I believed for ages that if a block failed you had to basically turn the computer off and
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