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  1. Very excited to spot Diana paying a visit to UMIST in the final episode Anyone else recognised any of the filming locations?
  2. She's not only on the command training programme, she won the command training programme's half marathon! Which, not to bring that up again, does stretch credulity somewhat. (First few minutes of S2E3 - I had to check I'd got it right!) The difference with Barclay is, even when the crew succeeded in bringing him out of himself and he took up acting or whatever, he didn't turn out to be a sleeper agent master Thespian who moved the entire crew to tears with his every word. Which is what would happen if Tilly were in his place. He was just kinda on the way to overcoming h
  3. That bit was also called out in the "Choice" section of Radio Times.
  4. Where's that come from? They all call her she, including Saru after the reveal-oh.
  5. "We are completely disconnected... but... we are also... together!"
  6. Yeah, this is great. Worth watching the "how we got from this... to this!" intro on each episode if nothing else. I hadn't realised the Coronation Street tram crash was so ridiculous.
  7. That's good, and I'm the same! I ended up actually liking the Enterprise credits by the end, but that might have been Stockholm syndrome.
  8. I remember finding the shaky camerawork really irritating back in the day (one of the reasons I didn't make it very far!), but this time around I haven't even noticed it beyond realising that it used to bother me but it doesn't now. Perhaps that's more an example of it genuinely being a bit of a trendsetter rather than desperately trying to be all modern, though.
  9. Can't believe I even bothered getting up to check, but it is not in SD on BBC2 HD - although the broadcast compression is doing the relatively grainy look no favours. I had no complaints on iPlayer earlier!
  10. That's my favourite dumb thing of all the dumb things to happen in Discovery. Only narrowly beating out the scene in the finale where BURHHAM and Spock, with time being of the essence, spend about half an hour tearily saying goodbye to each other in space suits while a ridiculous space battle rages around them.
  11. I watched Series 1 after Series 2, purely due to availability on Now TV. I'm glad I did it that way round as I'd probably have been put off by the opening scene of the first episode otherwise. It's easier to appreciate the toilet humour when you know that it isn't all the series has to offer, if that makes sense. I was way more receptive to stuff like the Bortas storyline since I already knew where it was going, too. It does look good, but one thing that's a little jarring compared to my TNG rewatch is that while just about everything in TNG seems to be a bespoke prop, The Orville
  12. And moving to BBC1, I see from that article. That's the first time I'd heard that. Wonder if it comes with a bigger budget.
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