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  1. I’d have to look up the drop rate but anecdotally it feels like the new shotgun is too common; while I see the drumgun is mad, it at least seems a little harder to find. My experience is: get to top 5, the only gun being used is the combat shotgun.
  2. Surprised on the combat shotgun comments. I’d say it’s more “overpowered” than the drumgun - it’s too common, too fast & too hard hitting in my opinion. This is from a player that would always take an smg over a shotgun though. Still, in maybe 20 games since the update, the vast majority of my deaths have been to it. That’s apart from the VRs, of course
  3. Yeah it’s alright, there’s a good game struggling to get out I’d say, but you hit a ceiling of progression quite quickly and without other friends playing it, you’ll struggle to get any deeper into it. If it’s important though, it will easily pay for itself in terms of vbucks within a few weeks.
  4. TVs suggesting this season’s event at 7 tomorrow!
  5. Accidentally bagged a zero kill vr today, was in and out of the room at the same time as making a sandwich & tea, just moving with the storm but managed to stick around for the last 2 mins. Last guy raining down rockets on me & all I could do was build, nipped under a cliff, he came down to finish me but not before I clipped him with a purple shotgun, his last spammed rocket was just a touch too close to his own feet
  6. Rog

    Fortnite | Save The World

    That’s sorted me thanks, hadn’t crafted!
  7. Rog

    Fortnite | Save The World

    Thanks I’ll have a check later. I thought I’d crafted some weapons and have certainly upgraded them - can you upgrade schematics before crafting them?
  8. Rog

    Fortnite | Save The World

    Trying this out - how the hell do you change the weapons in the three slots? I've managed to remove the default guns but can't see how to pick replacements!
  9. I enjoyed the redeploy and in the whole think it was better than without, but as above it’s fairly marginal and a simple change is/was good. That’s what makes the game and Epic great. Plus, after splattering myself in the first game after the update without reading the patch notes, I bagged some easy elims and VR’s in the first few hours thanks to people making the same mistake as me PS food fight is rubbish!
  10. Well I’d get in now before they cut this short - it’s the third Halloween set, first stage is land at a location (forgotten where already!) which gives a standard reward, next stages are land at fatal fields then haunted hills, dishing out 150 stars then 200.
  11. I’ve just logged in, 2nd stage of one of today’s Halloween challenges shows as paying 150 battle stars... ...and yep, it’s paid! Final stage is 200 - it’s just visiting areas.
  12. As a quick aside, is there any way of resetting the save the world mode? Various kids have played through any tutorials that might be there and I’ve no idea...!
  13. How do you switch traps on PS4? I always end up having to temporarily drop one to use another; not ideal when you’re desperate for a campfire etc!
  14. Shame the shooting test has finished. I've come to this quite late but reading this thread I've seen a few people say that the shooting is a bit woolly and I'd agree - the shooting test made a big difference to my scores and just felt more precise all round, I'm annoyed I didn't play it more when it was there. Hope they add some of those mechanics in!

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