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  1. Creative Curse challenges: I only started playing properly this weekend and it seems that there are a few challenges I’m not going to be able to complete, namely retribution and mansion of power ones. Is that right or am I missing something? Also, the bots! What’re epic thinking?! Just sort out the matchmaking!
  2. Odd question: I’ve had a few heavy nights out since the release. I’m looking to get the battle pass but can’t see where I’d do that but it’s probable that I’ve got it but don’t remember. Where do you go to buy it/how can I tell if I’ve got it?!
  3. Combination of not having as much time and also not enjoying the season as much, I also wasn't a massive fan of 9 so two in a row....I've really only done the bare minimum this season. I've not really kept up with rumours and such, is there a decent summary of what's confirmed and/or rumoured for the next season?
  4. Rog


    Yeah the photo is from the Rummer. Which one is your friend? They're all nice there! Had some of the Novichok vodka as well
  5. Rog


    Quite tasty...
  6. The 250k exp? Is that one of the skin challenges? They’ll roll into next season as they have before, I assume.
  7. It applied the code as if it had worked ie. showed me the “new” skin & expected vbucks but the only actual change was the additional 500 that come with the pack. Really only tried it as I’d got the Bomber code with a new DS4 and if it had worked it would more or less double up on vbucks for the kid. I’ll try it with the Deep Freeze next time I need some bucks, I’ll have to get a few though as the Bomber pack is the only one I’ve had. There’s apparently a code that you can share with your friends, it should be on the top of the screen when you’re in your created island?
  8. Hah, well I can tell you that it does not!
  9. @Pistol, I don’t suppose you know if the above works with Royale Bomber packs, and if so, what you’d get for the skin?
  10. I’d have to look up the drop rate but anecdotally it feels like the new shotgun is too common; while I see the drumgun is mad, it at least seems a little harder to find. My experience is: get to top 5, the only gun being used is the combat shotgun.
  11. Surprised on the combat shotgun comments. I’d say it’s more “overpowered” than the drumgun - it’s too common, too fast & too hard hitting in my opinion. This is from a player that would always take an smg over a shotgun though. Still, in maybe 20 games since the update, the vast majority of my deaths have been to it. That’s apart from the VRs, of course
  12. Yeah it’s alright, there’s a good game struggling to get out I’d say, but you hit a ceiling of progression quite quickly and without other friends playing it, you’ll struggle to get any deeper into it. If it’s important though, it will easily pay for itself in terms of vbucks within a few weeks.
  13. TVs suggesting this season’s event at 7 tomorrow!
  14. Accidentally bagged a zero kill vr today, was in and out of the room at the same time as making a sandwich & tea, just moving with the storm but managed to stick around for the last 2 mins. Last guy raining down rockets on me & all I could do was build, nipped under a cliff, he came down to finish me but not before I clipped him with a purple shotgun, his last spammed rocket was just a touch too close to his own feet
  15. That’s sorted me thanks, hadn’t crafted!
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