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  1. Same here. I'm not going to argue they're masterpieces but they're both decent Sci-fi films with some great effects work. Elysium is worth watching for Sharlto Copley's performance alone
  2. I find the film really charming. Love the creature designs, the atmosphere and having Cronenberg as the villain. It's not for everyone but I do have a lot of affection for these kind of strange, failed projects. Much more interesting than other big budget, blandfests.
  3. I'm pretty sure the only official way to get this was on Clive Barker's website: http://www.realclivebarker.com/product/nightbreed-the-cabal-cut/ It was released in a limited run so it's all sold out unfortunately. The closet you can probably get to it is Arrow's latest BluRay release (I picked this one up myself): https://arrowfilms.com/product-detail/nightbreed-standard-edition-blu-ray/FCD2027 This contains the 120 minute Director's Cut. Not what you were looking for but better than the original release.
  4. Great to see so many people getting their consoles and of course, bonus pet pics
  5. It finally came!! First thing the delivery driver said was "Enjoy" Said he got his this morning too and can't wait to check it out after work. So happy right now
  6. UPS tracking information just updated, out for delivery. No time given but I'll be taking a seat by the window
  7. My UPS tracker still saying end of day Wednesday (wish they had sent them a day earlier for Northern Ireland) Hope everyone else enjoys their new hardware
  8. You're right. I'll have to get on to them in a week or so and see what they say.
  9. Mine is the same as your friend, saying ends on 23/09/2021. Bit disappointing
  10. You give all us Northern Ireland buyers hope Fattakin!
  11. Same for me. Northern Ireland, UPS, saying by end of day Wednesday
  12. How are UPS considered for deliveries? Decent?
  13. Finally got an email from MS, it has been dispatched!!
  14. Woops double post. I blame the tension of waiting for the dispatch email.
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