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  1. Anyone here done a landscape photography trip to Iceland? Looking to go mid September for some awesomeness!
  2. Fuck! https://fstoppers.com/originals/sony-announces-new-alpha-7r-iv-proper-rival-medium-format-390369 Very very tempting... mainly for the 15 stops of dynamic range... I've actually been considering getting a Sony for a while... we had a talk at the camera club from one of their shooters and some of the results they were getting were stunning... The ability to use my canon lenses with it is also a massive bonus.
  3. For portrait you're going to want an 85mm fast prime. 300mm will no use for portrait or product photography really.. you'll have to stand so far back it would be extremely awkward. go with the 5d at that price... a complete steal!
  4. Sorry yeah, thats what I was trying to get at!
  5. That's not quite right, more pixels (photon receptors) on a smaller sensor = fuzzier picture, it's due to electrical interference on each receptor because the receptors are more closely packed. A bigger sensor means the receptors aren't so tightly packed, which is why you tend to get better ISO performance and sharper images with full frame cameras (and even better with medium format!) It's also why it's stupid putting a 20mp camera in a camera phone that has a 6mm sensor Your sensor is like a bucket in the garden when it rains.. the bigger the bucket (Sensor) the more rain (light) it catches. You'd also find that with a slightly shorter reach your shots will be more stable... even with a gimble, something at what is effectively 960mm on a crop is going to be a complete bugger to keep still.. If you're unsure, rent one for a weekend....
  6. Have you checked the focus on the lens to make sure it's not back focusing or anything weird like that? A 5dmk4 will be much better at higher iso as well due to its dual native iso.
  7. Is that a question or a statement? Are you looking for us to provide an opinion that matches your hoped outcome?? (Buy the bloody Camera!)
  8. I fucking love Burn...
  9. Found this on youtube.... nice old skool sounding tune
  10. Looking forward to watching this and seeing if i'm in it!
  11. Enjoyed it but the sfx were incredibly bobbins.... the production values reminded me of some kind of cbbc series or something.... satans child was very annoying...
  12. Is it? can;t seem to find it anywhere...
  13. I just want to fly C-130's down the welsh valleys..... let me do that and 'll be a happy chappy....
  14. Matt has confirmed he's currently writting/thinking about writing series 4!! It has t fit in with his contracted 3 months a year in the US for WWDITS.
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