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  1. 1: Equalizer (It had guns in it and the best theme tune ever) 2: Tour of Duty (amazing end song) 3: Airwolf 4: Streehawk 5: The Highwayman
  2. It didnt feel very "Star Trek" to me at all...
  3. Yes and yes. Consoles will always be a compromise on hardware. Price up a top of the range pC and compare it to a console. When your tip of the range gfx card costs more than an entire Xbox onex there’s no way you can get the same power or relatively same power on without compromising somewhere. added in the components need to use less power so they generate less heat as you’re typically restricted to a small box under a tv with shit air flow. so whilst they will be great when they launch and good stuff that maximizes the hardware will really shoe due to a fixed spec it’s not long before parts of the design begins to look long in the tooth.
  4. Easy enough to do, just set the start menu to full screen. Job Done.
  5. Why not just split tone in Light room? You can correct the colours of the highlights an shadows seperately.
  6. It's "ok".. the loto is fucked (there isnt any) and its too fast for me.. I love pubg because of its slwoer more tactical pace.. Oh and you cant hear anything int he final circles as all you can hear are air bombardments, sirens and airdops... That said, I did manage to squad wipe ChocoTaco, Hambinooo and Halifax in one game.... almost shit myself when their names popped up on my screen in red!
  7. iso 3200 is fine... if you look at any of the pro photos they will all have noise in.... check out the talk photography forums for tips, there are a few pro's on there and they share settings for various stadiums under various lighting conditions. essentially noise is fine, out of focus/blured photos are not, so do whatever you have to...
  8. I thought it was utterly stunning.... you're not really supposed to get to know the two main characters too much, it's supposed to just be 8 hours in the horror of the war, it could have been 8 hours of any of the people on screen.. Tempted to go see the set as its right next to where I work, which I found a little bit off putting as I see those hills on a daily basis...
  9. I was sat there thinking Van Helsings lab looked familiar when I twigged its a cellar in the local national trust building 2 miles up the road.... Whilst 3 didn't hit the highs of 1 and 2 it was still pretty great and a good way to end it without the usual tropes falling into place.
  10. Well it’s much much better than war of the worlds!
  11. Nice... I've done the same form Old Harry Rocks... did the seagulls pester you much? LIttle fuckers always seem to fly after my drone
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