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  1. The World is Yours (Amazon Prime UK/Netflix US) Good French reluctant criminal/gangster story, along the similar lines of 'one last deal' before going legit. I watched it after reading this recommendation. I'd also really recommend it to anyone who likes a good crime/underworld film. 4/5
  2. Watched all 4 episodes of this over the weekend. Really enjoyed it. Great concept and really intrigued about where it's heading.
  3. Bacurau An odd and very interesting Brazilian film. I watched it without knowing anything about the plot and felt that I appreciated it more upon reflection and reading a Guardian review of it that explained a bit of the symbolism and have it more meaning. 3.5/5
  4. Despite listening to Dope Lemon for a few years now it was only recently that I became enough of a fanboy to want to read up about them and discovered that it's another Australian band/singer songwriter. I don't know what it is they're eating down there to produce so many bands that I love. Rolling Blackouts remain my favourite though. Track after track, nothing but catchy pop-rock songs.
  5. Captain Fantastic Loved this film. No idea how I missed it and hadn't even heard of it before. A beautiful movie. I don't want to quite call it a feelgood movie as it's actually incredibly moving and one of the few movies to get my tear ducts opening. It made me quite envious of their upbringing in the movie. 4/5
  6. Sapa

    This is Hip-Hop.

    Did anyone else see that Danny Brown had announced his UK tour? I know there's a few fans here. I've got a couple for the London show. Probably still available now.
  7. Sapa

    This is Hip-Hop.

    I have been rinsing the Manga Saint Hilare back catalogue these past few weeks. Probably my favourite rapper at the moment, not just in grime. Criminally underrated. Love this proper grime track he's just released. He released an album before Christmas with Murkage Dave which is more my vibe though. This track is more of an old school hip hop track with a beauty of a beat.
  8. Sapa

    This is Hip-Hop.

    I loved the Little Simz album. Some great beats, ryhmes, and guests. I rate her. She's from the UK.
  9. Addicted to this beauty this past couple of weeks. Manga Saint Hilare & Murkage Dave.
  10. I thought I Lost My Body was brilliant. A real beauty of a film. Maybe even my film of the year.
  11. 01 - Kemba - Gilda 02 - Murkage Dave -& Manga Saint Hilare - We Need to Look After Us 03 - Kano - Hoodies All Summer 04 - Dreamville - Revenge of the Dreamers III 05 - Dope Lemon - Smooth Big Cat ---- Tyler the Creator - Igor DJ Shadow - Hak Baker - Babylon Little Simz - GREY Area ---------- - Mark Ronson - Late Night Feelings - DIIV - Deceiver Will come back to this list.
  12. Sapa

    This is Hip-Hop.

    Remember this dude from Future Islands? He's releasing a "rap" album later this month. I actually really like it. Was shocked to find out it was him. Hemlock Ernst - Down
  13. Sapa

    This is Hip-Hop.

    Really liking the new Ocean Wisdom mixtape. Couple of my highlights..
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