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  1. Pascal Blanche on artstation is worth a look- I've ordered a print of this so that I can frame it and put up.
  2. Just to keep adding to the hate, if you edited this down to 1.5 hours it would possibly be a much better movie - for example - in Aliens, Burke gets offed in an scene that lasts approximately 1 and a half minutes or so - he does the sneaky escape , stuff happens, dead. In this the Burke avatar gets out, Both scenarios serve the same purpose but in Snyder's version there's a gratuitous bit of torture porn that lasts an extra 2-3 minutes , is obviously CGI,carries fuck all weight and achieves the same outcome. We didn't need to see Burke getting tortured unnecessarily to k
  3. I'm rereading Dune after originally reading it about 20 years ago and thinking it was a bit meh and couldn't see what the fuss was, the whole messiah thing just left me cold. Currently about 30% of the way through and despite being initially turned off by the opening exchange for some reason, leftover bias perhaps , I'm loving it , there's so much depth to the world, politics and lore of this universe. Younger me is an idiot and deserves to be walloped in the back of the head with the hardback version.
  4. I've given you a POS because not only do I agree with you but you've also provided some education too with the copy and paste tutorial.
  5. Army of the Dead I thought this looked fantastic from the trailers ,pity about the rest of the movie. Overlong, boring, mean- I mentioned a few items in the dedicated thread. It's like someone described Aliens to Zack Snyder and he decided he could make it better except with Zombies and more "wacky "characters. 2/5 Love and Monsters Post apocalyptic giant monster road trip type movie that's been described as fine, but bland. And it is. Does very little original except have giant bugs of which some of the designs are nice and there's not much to either get e
  6. If that's his frame of reference then he needs to watch more, better movies, specifically Aliens in the 1st instance. This is just a longer, boring version of that movie that's quite mean spirited and has little of the charm of Aliens. One of the few redeeming features of this are the safecracker and the other dude having some chemistry. Bautista has his head in his hands at more than one occasion and I'm not entirely sure it's because it's called for in the plot.
  7. I just finished off Rebels having previously watched all of the Clone Wars previously. There are a lot of excellent moments throughout the series and some of the visuals in the final run in were fantastic, the "formalisation" of the Rebellion before Rogue one /Ep 4 is a pretty interesting time too. Still think the Clone wars is a better series overall - as mentioned there's excellent moments in Rebels, there's excellent episodes in Clone wars, including the final few episodes which is some of the best Star Wars committed to media.
  8. Special Kind of Morning reminded me of "the Forever War" by Joe Haldeman for some reason, the juxtaposition of savagery and humanity is wonderfully realised, it's actually one of the more uplifting stories. I read Chains of the Sea pretty much after you mentioned it in a previous post- given your love of 100 years of Solitude I could absolutely see why it appealed to you, for me there's an ethereal quality to it as well as an ambiguity (as with a lot of the stories), liked it but it wasn't my favourite of the book. A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows was a cracking final
  9. Finally finished When The Great Days Come, by Gardner Dozois as I have been struggling to find time to read. I've probably banged on a bit in this thread about other books but this is absolutely worth picking up , there's some unique and mind blowing stories in here as well a few twists on established or more familiar stories /themes, I've been genuinely surprised on more than one occasion while working my way through it. There's a beautiful melancholy in some of the stories , aided by quite fantastic writing , and often a distorted sense of humour. Well worth a read , it's pr
  10. I wasn't initially impressed by Solo but upon consideration it is pretty solid apart from the Kessel run being utterly underwhelming and dragging down the middle portion of the movie and the sex robot being irritating.
  11. I saw Steve Dangle describe himself as "leaf man go boom" on youtube which is pretty accurate but there's only so much of his rants that I can take before I have to switch off while worrying about the guy's mental health. I saw analysis of the game mention the Danault line basically stepped onto the ice every time Matthews and Marner did to shut them down and Keefe didn't adapt his lines to get them some freedom. Regardless , whoever wins between the Jets and the Habs are going to run face first into the Avs or Vegas , don't think they'll survive that.
  12. Leafs lose against the Habs after being 3-1 up in the series , some super tense games where the Habs threw away 3 nil and 2 nil leads but still won in OT in the previous two games- looked like the last game broke the Leafs , today's result looked almost inevitable.
  13. The proposed scene where the baddie tortures Bond in a warehouse by getting him to pick orders for 16 hours without a toilet break were obviously deleted.
  14. That sounds like a reason to give it a go. I was looking forward to this, thought his previous zombie effort was decent but the general consensus seems to be pretty negative.
  15. I never understood that reorder the same thing feature on Amazon either.
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