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  1. I expect the game to have very well realised food and drink.
  2. SharkyOB

    Formula One - 2019 Season

    Wrong championship, it was Prost/Lauda in 1984 that was settled by half a point, in Lauda's favour.
  3. SharkyOB


    Candidate for the interesting reads thread
  4. Yes, indeed. I love the little illustrations in the original books.
  5. Looks fucking awesome, had actual goose bumps watching those teasers. Casting is perfect for me, nothing negative to say and I can't wait.
  6. SharkyOB


    Where hopefully he'll be X-Static.
  7. Yep, proper golden age of rallying that. Every car from that era should be in every rally game as far as I'm concerned, along with the ability to throw your helmet through the back window of the car (not a euphemism).
  8. SharkyOB

    Elite Dangerous - Noobs now welcome....

    The Adder is a lovely little ship, you enjoy yourself
  9. SharkyOB


    Anyone in the Wigan or Sheffield area and fancy seeing a band playing Tool music this weekend? My band, Tool Shed, are playing in Wigan on Friday and Sheffield on Sunday: Wigan - https://www.facebook.com/events/2266017430336058/ Sheffield - https://www.facebook.com/events/2232773576780998/
  10. SharkyOB


    I'll be going along to anything that's reasonably local to me as well.
  11. SharkyOB


    Did you get tickets? Can't wait for this and bonus of Smashing Pumpkins on the Sunday too.
  12. SharkyOB

    The Virtues - Shane Meadows Channel 4

    See how quoting works Sean? See how it's obvious I'm talking to you?
  13. SharkyOB


    New album confirmed for 30th August https://consequenceofsound.net/2019/05/tool-new-album-release-date/?fbclid=IwAR3il2EwmeYd7E_VPh337NWyXezdtby8_sIzmksSpDW86lWbI_G-tmCP3uw Live performances of 2 new tracks also up on YT: My band will have new songs to learn soon
  14. SharkyOB

    Deadwood Film - 1st June Sky Atlantic

    I've been called worse, by better.

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