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  1. Yep, that's the £1 per month. Ilja's developments on AC are amazing, but the rain all feels a bit surface detail at the moment. I'm not sure how much it really affects the cars handling, even if there's lots of water on the surface. It does look incredible though!
  2. Bloody cheat The 'shortcut' I took over The Chase in race 2 will probably show up like that too!
  3. Yeah, I'm thinking I might try something different. Maybe the Alpine. Really enjoyed last night, but I kept making silly mistakes which meant I couldn't keep up with @texlex45. I think I had the pace when I was on it, but I defo didn't deserve that win in race 2. Love driving these cars though, so much more pliable than the super stiff aero-dependant GT3s. I really enjoy driving both classes, but the novelty of these cars is great.
  4. And you can also change the distance and scale of the hud too. Shift + arrow keys is distance and shift + ctrl + arrows is scale.
  5. No probs mate, thanks for giving it a good home!! I'm sure we can get better performance from your PC as it is, I was using the same setup (although with a slightly better processor) and frame rate wise it was pretty good. You'll probably find once you have the tray tool installed you can force frame smoothing and bump up certain settings in game; having temporal AA on high or epic makes a huge difference to the image in VR and doesn't seem to affect the frame rate that much. Off topic, but If you do decide to upgrade this the best processor you can get for your mother
  6. Blimey, zero rear wing/no rear tow sounds like it would make it a handful over the mountain!!
  7. I'm not sure any of us were in the main discord channel though, @BalhamBadger and I weren't anyway as we were chatting about the game/house renovations etc and didn't want to annoy everyone else!!
  8. Are you running the default aggressive setup? If so, I was doing pretty much the same last night and the car didn't feel particularly understeery. I did raise the rear ride height so it was the same as the front, but that's the only change I made other than standard pressures/pads. If you're still understeering later, you could try upping the rear ride height first and if that doesn't help, also try softening the front, or stiffening the rear, anti-roll bars. I suspect it would be very easy to tip the balance of the car over to nasty corner exit oversteer though, so b
  9. It definitely should do, both the stands I've owned came with bolts for attaching the wheel. The Box listing for the seat mentions they are included and reading online people say they are as well: https://www.box.co.uk/Playseat-Challenge-Easy-Foldable-Racin_1826752.html It's weird that the manual doesn't seem to have a list of the contents you should get in the box though!
  10. Oh bugger! I'm sure you haven't lost anything though; mounting bolts always come with the stand rather than the wheel.
  11. Frustrating; should've been a lot quicker on my final run but made too many mistakes: 12'18"600
  12. Is it one of the super specials where you have to do donuts?
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