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  1. I've never seen the film, but the book is excellent.
  2. Wow, that's amazing!! First I've heard of this and I'm proper buzzing, love this game so much!
  3. I hope it's more, but isn't this just a couple of skins for existing cars? Obviously that's the case with the Metro, but is that new model of the Imprezza? I'd just like to see the proper Martini livery for the original Focus, but it's obvious that'll never happen.
  4. Yep, I'll be there in Manchester and can't wait! Last time I saw them was at the NEC on the Angel Dust tour
  5. I'm not sure that's the case though really. PC and console games are generally launched in similar states (obviously there will be exceptions) and people only talk about tweaking graphics settings on PC because you can. For me personally, I don't find PC gaming to be any more hassle than console gaming, once you've got your setup sorted it's pretty comparable. The only difference is that PC gaming gives you loads more options if you want to use them (modding, for example), but you can just as easily play the games without worrying about that stuff at all.
  6. SharkyOB

    Outer Wilds

    Reading your posts whining about it is giving me the same vibe.
  7. I'd say most of the reaction is down to posting history rather than that one post tbh.
  8. If you want to listen to some more, Lateralus (album) is a great starting place, but it's all pretty much amazing. Our Bristol show will be closest to you if you're up for it: https://m.facebook.com/events/589017535217723
  9. It's amazing mate, are you a fan of their earlier stuff too? We have one FI song in the set already and another two which will probably make it into the shows we're playing on our Feb/March tour. Where abouts are you in the country?
  10. Come and see my band Jamie https://m.facebook.com/ToolShedUK/ Shameless plug over!
  11. I've just started playing the game again and reached the palace in Vizima. There's a book on the one of the shelves called 'The Last Wish' which is the plot of one of the episodes of the TV series, defo raised a smile. I think watching the series is making me appreciate the game more, I'm certainly taking more time to read books etc. while I'm playing.
  12. 1. Tool - Fear Inoculum 2. Suns of the Tundra - Murmuration 3. Thom Yorke - Anima
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