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  1. I agree with most of that @feltmonkey, but Burns seems like a decent opener to me. No credit for him at all?
  2. Badly. I doubt there will be an overworld at all, I can't see how it would fit in with the episodic nature of the release.
  3. What a bizarre way to open a post. Watch the race then comment, especially if you're going to state that a driver is driving dirty.
  4. As someone who absolutely loved the original and imported the US version for full screen and the beautiful artwork, I have to say that it looks shit and that it's going to be shit.
  5. it really does, I played it for quite a while on Saturday and it's transformed the game for me. I kind of bounced off it when I first tried it but it's so much more fun using the proper damage model, the game should use this as the default setting.
  6. SharkyOB


    I missed them when they toured the best album (which is obviously Lateralus) but did see them on the 10,000 Days tour and also at Download this year.
  7. SharkyOB


    Wow, I'm not sure I can imagine a better first gig than that
  8. Looks well dodgy in the morning but improving as the day goes on:
  9. Hate the fidgety, constant glove changing twat, but he is amazing
  10. I'm going tomorrow. I'm expecting some rain and lots of cold.
  11. As Thor says, you can still see the pixels, but you have to look harder than you did on the CV1. Also, I find you don't notice them at all in game, only on menus.
  12. SharkyOB


    No it's great, some of the best songs in the Tool catalogue. Jambi is probably my favourite but I love the whole album. Learning to play this stuff just makes you appreciate it more.
  13. SharkyOB


    It's not really. Repeating it over and over again is mildly irritating though.
  14. SharkyOB


    Nails nothing. Must've been a relief to find an opinion which matched yours though (even though he likes 10,000 Days, which is probably uncomfortable). You've made your point.
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