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  1. Stuart Gipp's excellent review for Nintnedolife detailed some very peculiar gameplay changes. Still very much looking forward to it from a nostalgia point of view, but not expecting loads from it.
  2. Yeah, wasn't bothered by the Signature Edition, but purchased the Switch standard boxed copy for £21 from Zutu Games. Bargain!
  3. I'm really not expecting anything special with this release, other than that I'll be playing it this week with a massive smile on my face. Fairly certain that Alex Kidd was the first videogame that I ever played, or at least the first one I remember. Of course I had to to be day one.
  4. Techmoan did a video about micro hifi units the other week.
  5. No Tony Green by the sounds of it
  6. https://twitter.com/whatsonthetapes/status/1405537427368726535?s=19
  7. I saw some footage on twitter. It looks bad. Real bad. Going to wait for a price drop for some drunken multiplayer fun.
  8. Rumour is that we're getting a new ROB and Gyromite 2
  9. As an avid dart player/watcher thats getting purchased day one even if its shit
  10. Looks stunning. Loved HLD. Had no idea that Zoe Quinn lends her voice! Day one most def.
  11. New Wednesday tune is a 90s melancholic banger.
  12. Very much appears like a gorgeous looking Playdead joint. I'm down.
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