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  1. Old Dear's Menu

    Please help my friend identify this film

    Hmm, haven't checked Lloyd. Will give him a Google. Thanks. As for The Money Pit, I only remember the stairs-falling-apart sequence.
  2. Old Dear's Menu

    Please help my friend identify this film

    Or Charlie Chaplin... Still can't find anything like what he described.
  3. Old Dear's Menu

    Please help my friend identify this film

    You'd think so, or Buster Keating etc, but we can't find the gag. Every so often (as in every year or so) he brings it up and we ask around/Google it and find nothing...
  4. "I remember as a kid seeing a B&W movie with a gag in it where a man falls down several floors of a building through holes hidden under rugs." Anyone recognise this sequence? Tried Google, but nothing Thanks Ps, sorry if is this inappropriate. Ask the forum felt somehow wrong.
  5. Old Dear's Menu

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?™

    Crumbs, this thread is TEN YEARS OLD and still going strong. My proudest RLLMUK achievement for sure Anyway, lovin' this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVREnCbcOjk
  6. Old Dear's Menu

    100 films in a year!

    I've been enjoying unlimited cinema since getting a Virgin Megapass in 1999... It was made of actual paper/card back then. Crazy times.
  7. Old Dear's Menu

    I made a movie

    Loving the energy and vibe you've created - congratulations, look forward to watching it
  8. Old Dear's Menu

    Which console had the best/worst launch games?

    I spent a £1200 student loan on a release day PS2 and some games... which were all complete and utter shite. Makes me feel sick just thinking about it.
  9. Old Dear's Menu


    Alan Wake is next on my hitlist... Can't wait to get some free time and dive in.
  10. Old Dear's Menu

    The Man Utd Thread

    Aye, awesome bitch slip.
  11. Old Dear's Menu


    Crumbs, really? I'd be very grateful
  12. Old Dear's Menu


    Oh, I really wanted Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare but it never seems to drop in price... Bit annoyed tbh. It seems like Activision are just rubbish at Steam sales...
  13. Old Dear's Menu


    Pretty lean sale for me... Tomb Raider: Anniversary Assassin's Creed II: Deluxe Edition Sonic Generations Humble Indie Bundle 4 Fallout: New Vegas (inc DLC) Limbo Most stuff was just over my insta-buy budget (£2.00) so I was able to keep a cool head and not buy everything in sight like I did last year (ouch). Now if only I could find time to play the bloody things...
  14. Old Dear's Menu

    Steam Secret Santa

    Oh, man... I got Portal 2! Thanks again to my Secret Santa (glad you liked my gift!) and big thanks to JPR for organizing everything. Merry Christmas everyone!
  15. Old Dear's Menu


    Fuck's sake, I bought Limbo yesterday for £3.50!!!! What a div...

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