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  1. Does it have an audio language option? It looks like great fun but I think I was spoiled by watching the Japanese trailer before the English one. The translated version seems to be lacking in the OTT voices so would love to play it with the Japanese audio:
  2. Any of the good seats anywhere else are taken (unsurprisingly) but I'll probably just watch it in the new year anyway as I'm away for Christmas. Just cant see anyone mentioning it anywhere else which surprised me.
  3. Anyone else book tickets with Picturehouse Central for the 19th? I booked on the day they went on sale but yesterday they emailed to say the showing had to be moved to other screens for “operational reasons”. Basically moved from Screen 1 to Screen 5, which is significantly smaller. Fuck that. Went for the refund they offered. Annoying but oh well.
  4. The casting continues to impress* — John Turturro has been cast as Carmine Falcone. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/batman-casts-john-turturro-as-crime-boss-carmine-falcone-1257437 *other than Serkis. Never been a fan of his non-motion capture performances.
  5. It's just their usual vox pop really. Hardly presenting him as an insider. They literally say they met him while buying comics. Going back to the timing of Gadot's and Affleck's tweets, I agree that this has an air of orchestration about it. Will be interesting to see if Cavill does the same. I always got the impression that he prefers Whedon's approach to Superman.
  6. A lot of the Martin moments do that for me, particularly the Christmas episode where Fraiser is keen on getting Fredrick educational gifts but finds out he actually wants a Outlaw Laser RoboGeek. Marty Crane, possibly the best screen dad ever.
  7. That's the rumour but nothing official yet. Would certainly seem so considering the relatively young Bruce (Year One-era?) and the number of villains.
  8. I think Arthur was giving his medication, or at least some of it, to his mother. He appears to grind a few pills down and scoop them into her food.
  9. A few years back, someone pointed out the X-Men theme was like a sped up version of the Perry Mason theme:
  10. I really want to give this a another watch, and it may have actually been more overt than I think but in regard to his mother,
  11. I know, right?! Bloody loved that scene. I loved Joaquin's whole take on Joker's dandy side. Visually, I think it's the closest we've seen to Neal Adams' Joker. There's a real grace to him. I also liked how he often seemed to walk or run as though he were wearing the clown shoes, even when he wasn't, and his more cocksure stride came later. It's a brilliant physical performance.
  12. I preferred the models / costume designs in Origins, and liked the crime scene investigation, despite how basic they were. But yes, the timing on the combat took some getting used to. I can't remember, did it differ for any particular reason? Arkham Asylum is my favourite of them all though, just felt so complete as an environment.
  13. I had no idea about this but ruddy love stuff like that. This game
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