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  1. We bought Agricola purely because my girlfriend liked the bucolic theme
  2. Maybe they felt sorry for him after he had to be in films with Ben stiller and Jesse eisenberg?
  3. Manic miner's strike, he said, from 1985
  4. I wouldn't start with Pathfinder as it's gets quite complicated. There is a Dungeons and Dragons starter set that's got all you need to start with.
  5. That is the best non-child friendly children's book about spiders I have ever read and i have read two books
  6. However, for 5th edition http://www.enworld.org/forum/forum.php is also a good forum to look at.
  7. I was recommending resources that are (or I have read are) good resources for learning how to play roleplaying games. Once you've got the basics down then it's much of a muchness about which particular variety of D&D you play (and pathfinder is just a variety of D&D relabelled for copyright reasons).
  8. You could spend $1 on the Pathfinder humble bundle which includes a PDF of their box set which is meant to be good (although the full pathfinder game is far too complex for me). Alternatively, you could pay £3.50 to learn the way we did in the 80s with This
  9. There's an adventure finder on Paizo.com that might be useful - there's a whole load of different "adventure paths" that they've written. On the other hand, if you fancy something a bit more old-school dungeon crawly then I recommend looking at Stoneheart Valley from Frog God Games.
  10. Hmmm so you can buy dark souls 2 scholar of the first sin for £14.99 in the sale yet if you just want the upgrade version because you already own dark souls 2 then it's £15.99
  11. I'm going to say Enslaved: journey to the west even though it's not a good game. Also Nier
  12. I've been playing it for a bit too and it's quite good. It's a sort of sequel to a free-to-play browser game called Fallen London so have a look at that if you're not sure. (Sunless sea is better though because it doesn't have the turn restrictions and you can fight sea monsters)
  13. dullhorse


    I tried playing dark forces 10-15 years ago and i didn't think it had stood the test of time even then. Wouldn't mind giving dark forces 2 and Jedi knight 2 another go
  14. I rather suspect that Valve decided that being seen to green light/release a game in which you go on a murderous rampage a few hours after someone had gone on a murderous rampage in Sydney was probably a mainstream media shitstorm they wanted to avoid
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