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  1. Lots I still haven't worked out - I'm getting gems pretty much every time I beat a boss now. Is it just random that you'll get diamonds, blood etc? Gems were fine as I was saving up for full death defiance but I could do with unlocking new work orders and weapon upgrades.
  2. Well I'm around 45-50 runs down and I'm yet to get past Elysium. I'm miles away from completion - but that's fine, I'm in no rush. What a fantastic, clever game - can't think of any other game where I actually look forward to dying so I can see what I've unlocked etc!
  3. GTA V is also out today - just installed it.
  4. '71 Absolutely superb, gripping thriller based in Belfast during the troubles - a British soldier gets lost behind enemy lines. I thought this was gut wrenching, tense and beautifully shot. 4/5 Human Traffic First viewing in well over 10 years - weird seeing Danny Dyer playing an almost likeable and genuinely amusing character! Some tremendous scenes such as spliff politics and the amazing news report on the dance floor. Not sure how much of this was nostalgia, but I really enjoyed seeing it again. 3.5/5 The Killing F
  5. Not played GTAV since it was first released on the 360. Well up for another playthrough on XB1 as I found it an absolute blast - I'm sure there are loads I've forgotten about in the last 7 and a half years.
  6. 7. I, Claudius by Robert Graves I'm a huge fan of the magnificent 1970's BBC adaptation of this book, but I'd never read it before. I've missed a treat TBH - this is clever, beautifully written and hugely interesting, with or without any prior knowledge of the Julio-Claudians or the TV series. I can certainly see why the novel is so highly regarded and would recommend to anyone interested in the history of Ancient Rome. 4/5
  7. 10. Wolfenstein: The New Order (XB1 Game Pass) Thought I'd give this a go following the influx of Bethesda titles onto Game Pass and was very pleasantly surprised. Whereas this ticks a lot of the generic FPS boxes, it also boasts a really impressive story, one of the best I've experienced. The cast of characters is also excellent and it definitely helps the action which is well paced throughout. Gunplay is nothing spectacular but solid enough. Weapons feel meaty with the exception of throwables which never felt quite right to me. Some of the extra perks you
  8. Ah that makes sense. I've got The Old Blood installed once I've finished The New Order so still plenty of Wolfenstein readily available!
  9. Why isn't the sequel on GP yet, out of interest?
  10. I've installed Mass Effect Andromeda. Never played it, but bloody loved the original ME Trilogy when it first came out so thought I'd give it a go. I'm off work all next week so fancy some gaming time. Also having a blast through Wolfenstein: The New Order which is better than I expected. I really really love Game Pass.
  11. I kept seeing people saying they escaped after around 35-40 attempts. No way I'm getting out until I'm in 3 figures!
  12. 9. Journey to the Savage Planet (XB1 Game Pass) Thought I'd give this a go as it's due to be taken off Game Pass at the end of the month. I'm glad I did because there are lots of really good ideas in this, some sections are tremendous fun to play through. However, I did find some aspects a bit unpolished. Sometimes, I don't think it know exactly what kind of game it's trying to be and it definitely falls into the trap of not being as good as other titles in the various genres it emulates. For example, whilst there's nothing essentially wrong wit
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