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  1. Always happy to crew up and I'm not fussed what to focus on as I need rep for all factions. GT in my sig. I'll next be on tomorrow night.
  2. Boothjan

    Doctor Who

    It's been an odd series for me - I've genuinely enjoyed every episode, but I don't think it's been a very good series. That might sound odd, but you could put most of the episodes of this series on shuffle, and it wouldn't detract from anything whatsoever. I don't think there's been much in the way of progression in any of the characters. Story arcs can be to the detriment of the overall plot when they're not done well but if there's nothing at all holding it together, it feels a bit messy and loose. Jodie Whittaker has done a really good job, I think Graham is a great companion with Bradley Walsh also impressing, I've really enjoyed some of the historical episodes (Rosa being the highlight) but something just isn't quite right with the new formula.
  3. I'm only at 33 with merchants because I tend to ignore them (45-39-33 is my status). But if I was to really grind them, I'd just stick a voyage with golden animals on, and cancel any that are a bit shitty. I've got 395 doubloons to use up which will obviously give me a massive boost once I cash them in (is that a total of 13 levels...?) but I'd want to get to level 40 across the board before I do that. I've not got any Shrouded Spoils commendations yet either, so I should be able to earn more as I grind.
  4. Nor have I - I need the rep for the merchant's alliance!
  5. Boothjan

    Football Thread 2018/19

    A draw would have been fairer but it's so much sweeter to win when it turns Rafa into a frothing, bitter mess. I can't abide the man. Good to see Diogo Jota playing so much better. 2 goals in a week will have done him the world of good, but we need to stop playing Traore up top because he's got worse control than Protocol Penguin on the Brexit thread.
  6. Boothjan

    Football Thread 2018/19

    I had to post this - WHAT a tackle this is by Ryan Bennett.
  7. Had no luck at all yesterday trying to find a decent crew - I must have tried about 10 times but every single time I was crewed with utter fuckwits. One of the times, we couldn't even get 2 of them to vote on a voyage because they decided to jump around the deck before sitting on the plank. At the dock. FFS, just vote for the fucking voyage and help out. What's the point of playing any game if you're not going to actually do anything? So I'd had enough and did some solo merchants missions instead in a sloop. And that's where I had fun. I was about to log out having cashed everything in (5 golden striped pigs gives you a lot of gold!) when another sloop with 2 pirates on it pulled up at the outpost and proceeded to wreck my boat before docking themselves. They knew I was still alive somewhere as the mermaid appeared, but I sneakily 'slept' in the grass in sight of to the Gold Hoarders tent..... The last thing I had left to sell was a gunpowder barrel. Mwahahaha. So I placed the barrel right next to the tent, but out of sight before I 'fell asleep' to stay hidden. Sure enough, about 5 minutes later they arrived with a Chest of Sorrows and a Captain's Chest. They ran up to the tent and just before they could cash the chests in, I shot the barrel. Thanks very much - 2000G is fair compensation for sinking my boat when I was already annoyed with the shitty open crews from earlier.
  8. Boothjan


    Yeah they're good but nothing groundbreaking live. Glastonbury 2005 was a good set but I was really hoping for a new album because everything they've done in the studio has been fantastic.
  9. Boothjan

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Lose to Huddersfield and Cardiff and then beat Chelsea. Football makes Brexit look sensible at times. Chuffed for Diogo Jota - his first Premier League goal.
  10. I actually managed to cash in every single chest and skull - I got the mermaid to my ship which was now anchored miles away, found a rowboat, sailed all the way back to that outpost, put all the loot onto the rowboat, got back on the sloop, sailed to the outpost, but then the meg attacked again, sunk my ship so I rowed the rowboat to the outpost and cashed in all the loot. I have no idea how I managed to keep just one of the chests, let alone the whole lot. I didn't see a soul throughout the whole tedious unloading process! If anyone would have seen me, they'd have had the easiest gold it's possible to make.
  11. Ahhh what a lovely relaxing solo voyage, stocking my sloop with a load of treasure after a very generous gold hoarder voyage. I didn't see any unfriendly pirates - just a couple in a sloop who said hello when they were passing. Very nice of them. After several hours of play, I decided to call it a night and headed to the outpost. So after a completely tranquil evening with not so much as bad weather, I was very nearly there when I noticed a skelly ship appear to my right. Then this happened. Fuck you, Rare. Fuck. You. My ship was shot and bitten to fuck. Look how bloody close to the outpost I was!!
  12. Boothjan

    Football Thread 2018/19

  13. Boothjan

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Yeah, he's actually getting them to play football. The difference between the 2 managers is massive, and I think Smith was pretty much the best appointment you could have made. I like him - it was always good to watch his Brentford sides.
  14. Boothjan

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Cardiff v Wolves last night "Fucks sake. That's fucking amateur. Basics, man. Fuck this, I'm off for a shit"

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