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  1. Cheers for this - I've got books 2 and 3 so I'll read them ASAP. I can see me binging the TV series in a matter of days if it's half as good as LW!
  2. I was going to post something pretty much identical to this! Though my copy wasn't set in Wales...
  3. Yeah - spot on. During games I've not been to so I've followed on TV, I've had friends who are there text me asking what's happening!
  4. This weekend has yet again shown just how fucking awful the PL are with VAR - the consistency is simply not there and its infuriating. Take the Burnley v Bournemouth incident, when Bournemouth's goal was chalked off as the game was pulled back for a Burnley penalty. The main thing that fucked me off here wasn't the penalty call per se, but how long it was between that and the ball hitting the net at the other end of the pitch. Now, at Anfield in December, Liverpool scored against us (Wolves) despite Van Dijk handling it before he played a long ball into the box, from which Mane scored. The officials said they couldn't penalise Van Dijk because the incident was too far back in the build up. Erm... how is that in any way consistent? Is it now only relevant if it happens in the penalty area? Is it dependent on the teams involved? It's fucking bizarre and perplexing just how many holes appear in their reasoning every single week. Also - due to VAR, our first 2 goals yesterday were met with slightly subdued celebrations because the crowd were waiting for VAR to ruin it for us again. This is what is has become - spoiling the key moments of matches for supporters. It's farcical.
  5. Yeah, I totally agree with this and I hate it that I do. After the awesomeness of Fugitive of the Judoon, I've found this season to be really frustrating. It's like they hit the jackpot but kept the winnings in the machine whilst moving on to a far less interesting machine which has no chance of paying out. I think the finale has a lot to do and I don't have enough faith in the show to pull it off. Hope I'm wrong.
  6. Annabelle: Creation (2017) Dumb fucks in horror movie ahoy! "Ooh what's behind this creepy door that the creepy dude who lives here told us never to go into?" FFS, why are you doing that? You deserve death TBQH. Revolting doll and standard jump potential add to the checklist of required content. Good fun, a bit silly, wish they'd throw that fucking creepy doll into a fire. 3/5
  7. Klopp is the 2nd most likeable boss in the league. After Nuno, obvs.
  8. Tempted to abandon my base and start a new one once I find another suitable planet. It's a bit of a mess - I've not yet worked out how to get power 24 hours a day using batteries and solar panels and the wiring is all over the place. Question: i assume I dont have to go through the whole expand the base quest once I've done it once and unlocked everything? It's also now saying that my base computer isn't the base computer and that I have to use the one I made weeks and weeks ago on one of the first worlds I visited if I want to extract the latest data. Bit annoying.
  9. Another fantastic European night at Molineux. A superb performance and Neves' thunderbastard the standout moment. Jota has now scored hat tricks in consecutive Europa league matches, we've had 3 consecutive clean sheets since Boly's return from injury and Neves has been consistently excellent recently. Delighted with how things are going at the moment.
  10. Yeah I had that earlier. Way too far back with my progress to even start focusing on new content though, I've not even unlocked exocrafts.
  11. Plenty of info including Patch Notes here - https://www.nomanssky.com/living-ship-update/
  12. I've finally found the planet I'm going to make my home. So I've just spent the past few hours setting it up. I've (rather geekily) called my base Yavin IV. I've named the planet Scarletto. It's beautiful.
  13. Two Popes (2019) Anthony Hopkins and Johnathan Pryce are superb as Popes Benedict and Francis in a film that delivers far more than expected. Really enjoyed it. 4/5
  14. Wow, I love VAR. Great to have a goal disallowed which clearly showed we had a massively unfair advantage and wasn't at all a ridiculous bastardisation of the rules which makes no sense whatsoever. What a fucking crock of shit. Should have had 6 points off Leicester this season. Thanks to 2 appalling VAR decisions we've got 2.
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