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  1. Splinter Cell Crossover season confirmed. Full reveal Aug 16th.
  2. I agree they need to rapidly mix up and expand on the number levels to add variety. Hopefully this is on the cards as they’re following the Fortnite model.
  3. Now we've sampled a few years of Nintendo's consolidated development... anyone else missing the DS form factor? Mid-00's Nintendo was best Nintendo.
  4. Yeah not all the games have strong replayability, is the issue for me - so the obstacle courses are the most enjoyable because the player has total control and it’s a free for all. Block Party and Jump Club are both endlessly replayable imo. Same for Hexagon and Fall Mountain. The see saw mechanic would work better if it wasn’t repeated for the entire stage. I’ve never lost a round of it and when it comes up now I’m bored. The team games can be hilarious but are often impossible to influence as a solo player. They will need to add / replace / rotate courses regularly to keep it fresh.
  5. Spider-man and Siege / Fortnite / Warzone upgrades day one would be nice.
  6. I think the team games would be better in a separate mode because it’s frustrating to lose through no fault of your own - and they are varying degrees of fun. This is a solid basis though. I assume there will be a battle pass model - with season 2 starting early-October. If they keep adding new course designs and novelty mechanics, the game will have long legs with scope to rival Fortnite. The devs must be pinching themselves contemplating the success they’re about to have! Well deserved, they’ve hit on a stellar idea and the execution is near perfectly judged. I was expecting this late 80’s / early 90’s pattern aesthetic to make a comeback and this game has nailed it.
  7. I agree but that makes me wonder if elmo’s suspicion this a secret horror game is true. Those teeth on the main character.... A weird gamble to market it as a pokemon, viva pinata type game if true.
  8. The egg team game is hilarious.
  9. The battery and build quality of the DS4 is not great and I’m amazed they didn’t follow MS’ lead and release a premium pad with better battery, back triggers etc.
  10. The leaker went into more detail about this on Era - talked about the relationship between the Producer and Director roles within the teams at Capcom and I don't think it contradicts your understanding, but that the Producer can make demands against the Directors wishes, and this caused them problems with RE2make - and again with SF6. You'd have more insight than most into the legitimacy of this stuff though and Era rumours should be taken with a pinch of salt.
  11. Anyone with a bit more game time figured out grabbing? I was expecting a "push" mechanic, but there doesn't seem to be a way to move each other in a grab so no shoving people off ramps etc. Grabbing doesn't work half the time. It seems you only impact other players when there's a crowd or you're being jumped on? I love the art style, reminds me of Super Monkey Ball - which would make a great stage idea. A super meat boy variant of this game type would also be fun.
  12. There are hundreds of new customisation options available every 3 months (eg. play as Deadpool, do a conga dance, wear small animal as a backpack). During that 3 month period you can pay a small amount of in-game currency (which can be earnt back) to access specific in-game challenges to unlock those customisation options. There is usually an elite version of the top tier seasonal skin which is skill-gated for high level players to work towards and show off. Each season has a unique theme, map changes and gameplay additions which the battle pass ties into aesthetically. It's a hamster wheel. But if people enjoy playing and are having fun, who are those who don't to judge? Side note - Edge and this forum have a preference for Overwatch and Destiny which I don't understand, and are quite sneery about the likes of Siege and Fortnite, but the latter are more popular for good reason. (edit: toned down the aggressiveness, it's a hot day and I'd rather be playing Fall Guys)
  13. Not to nitpick here, but sprays and loading art were in season 2 or 3, pets are just backpacks, throwable items are emojis (emotes). FN has the widest and most positive implementation of emotes in a game: you can eg. play rock, paper, scissors with them, you can traverse the map using them (on a moped or space hopper), you used them to throw basketballs into hoops around the map, give a downed player a red card - they're humorous interactions beyond killing each other. This isn't an example of strip-mining, they simply expanded the customization options to provide a more diverse battle pass. The COD pass is shit, but the coloured tracers and gun decals are a lot more grounded than jet packs and wall-running.
  14. This game is having regular server problems, huh?
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