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  1. Started playing Hardcore Kill Confirmed. It’s good.
  2. Is the pass likely to come down from £39.99 any time soon?
  3. grindmouse

    Goodbye Games TM (and Gamesmaster)

    CVG was bloody brilliant. Gamesworld was pretty good too. Those were the days, eh? It's a shame there isn't a market for a more humorous, less po-faced Edge with retro stuff too. Gamesmaster was pitched too low, Games TM just lacked something. There's surely a sweet spot for a Digitiser-esque mag... what's that? I'm old and out-of-touch? Edge is still healthy, I hope.
  4. grindmouse

    Goodbye Games TM (and Gamesmaster)

    That’s a shame. Off-topic, but it reminds me of the short-lived Total Control around ‘99. Anyone remember that one? The early Tokyo Games Show issue was full of scoops I remember it being a great read.
  5. grindmouse

    Starlink: Battle for Atlas (No Man’s Starfox)

    That’s not an industry-standard Arwing and I proclaim it non-canon!
  6. grindmouse

    The Haunting of Hill House

    This show has a ton of horrifying tense and jumpy sequences in the first 3 eps.
  7. grindmouse

    Starlink: Battle for Atlas (No Man’s Starfox)

    I know this isn’t a Starfox game, but the list of games featuring Starfox that don’t make good on the first two Starfox games grows ever larger. I wonder if this Starfox Racing game will ever show up...
  8. grindmouse

    The Haunting of Hill House

    Just done ep 4. This is incredibly strong stuff. One of my favourite shows of the last few years. And surprisingly touching. Even if the rest takes a downturn, the acting, direction, misdirection, and scares so far have been top draw. The section with the service lift was pure Stephen King - horrifying.
  9. Loving Kill Confirmed. Anyone tried doing a paint job on their gun and loading it in game? Can’t get mine to show up.
  10. You can play with me on PS4. My strategy is to hand myself to the enemy on a plate and occasionally throw a cluster bomb at my own team.
  11. This is very good. Best COD since MW2. Prefer the MP to Blackout atm.
  12. grindmouse

    Doctor Who

    But it was usually the same in Moffat's run. We've only had two episodes - give it time. Another difference between this and a Davies/Moffat episode was they got themselves out of a sticky situation in a basic but satisfying way using items and knowledge foreshadowed earlier in the episode. It was coherent and didn't involve a deus ex machina or the overeliance on the screwdriver.
  13. I caved. Bloody patch is taking ages though.
  14. grindmouse

    The Haunting of Hill House

    The first ep was excellent. Good stuff.
  15. Chances of finding this for less than £50 on the high street?

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