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  1. Yeah, Edge has been on a strong run, especially at the start of the generation. I subscribed a few times over the last decade, and usually ended up picking it up when I wasn't. There's been some entertaining controversies over scoring too. Good luck for the future @Nate Dogg III, you were extremely polite given some of the absurd criticism Edge is subjected to, but I suspect Edge are aware it's part of the fun.
  2. Which one has raytracing? I know the biggest jump since 3D is happening in one of those videos...
  3. A PS4 game loading quicker? That’s not what I’d describe as a next-gen showcase. Ray tracing, like teraflops, is something MS want to be a measure of next-gen graphics, but RT is pretty minor in the grand scheme. Lots of games convincingly fake it. The Sony SSD is a much bigger deal potentially, but their marketing strategy doesn’t seem convinced.
  4. From the talk about the SSD you’d think they’d be able to produce, for instance, a racing game with no pop-in, where the distant horizon objects and texture detail is as high quality as close-up, whilst maintaining a high velocity. In real terms that would be a major showreel for the tech, that even brute forcing would struggle to match... but they aren’t, so I assume it isn’t possible.
  5. As someone who bought tiers... sigh. But great for others. Still taking forever to grind the final two tiers. But then I’ll buy MW2R and never use the BP ghost skin anyway. MTX are a racket. I know this.
  6. Yeah, seems like this optimisation would give them a huge advantage if the two machines were equally powered. However, this optimisation strategy has necessitated reducing specs in some areas. I feel if the results were as big as they say, we’d be seeing them. The likelihood is PS5 games run worse than X on framerate and resolution, but will feature some quirks due to the SSD. Faster transitions, periodically denser environmental detail if the devs make use of it. One cool thing is that games on either platform might be more easily differentiated this gen. like how PS2 games all had that image trail effect I don’t know the name of, but was definitely worse than Dreamcast or Gamecube.
  7. If the performance against the Series X is going to be worse they can’t deflect it with jargon, it’s going to impact them and Sony/Cerny fucked up pursuing this SSD bottleneck strategy over raw power. It will affect their market share this gen, but they have strong IP’s, they’ll be fine. If the clever stuff Cerny keeps banging on about has advantages, show don’t tell, and don’t keep dropping this dry hardware talk.
  8. Makes sense. Doubt it’ll arrive before PS5 unless they delay PS5.
  9. Tat, sack & crack edition dispatched by Game today. Between Animal Crossing and Resi 3 it can get in the queue.
  10. My copy arrived. Just hoping the T-Virus is all it brought with it.
  11. Thanks @mikeyl - flying visit as I was taking a quick work break! First time I've visited another island - I left you some pears.
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