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  1. The textures and audio files for this game could be accessed and edited using basic MS apps. Me and a mate re-recorded loads of the dialogue to make each other laugh. It didn’t make it any better tbf. At the time this wasn’t a bad fps game, but it’s main hook was the Lock-Stock/Pulp Fiction criminal aspect. Since then GTA has blown it out of the water really. I think Soldier of Fortune did that not long after. And Half-Life. The only other memory I have is of it starting pretty well and then becoming very repetitive later on.
  2. Supposedly Fincher wanted 5 seasons and having looked at the background to BTK, a time skip would probably be needed. Maybe Fincher is confident he could return to this project in a few years when the cast are older. I read speculation the BTK stuff was juxtaposed as a way of undermining what the unit was doing... I didn’t think there was enough presented on the show to draw any conclusions.
  3. Some decent tracks on the album first listen, but could chalk that up to nostalgia. I could imagine a lot of these tracks playing in clubs circa 2002, but the year is now.... *checks* fuuuuuuuuu
  4. Would an extra vote have pushed Bloodstained into the Top 20? We may never know.
  5. No Season 2.
  6. PS. I see the Contra collection and Capcom Belt Collection are still on offer. And Shakedown Hawaii. Dear rllmuk which one of these should I buy? Never played a Contra.
  7. There are online rankings in Hi Score mode.
  8. So... why couldn’t this Direct have waited 12 days for an immediate drop? I guess it might have leaked between now and then but still.
  9. Are they sought after or something?
  10. No more realistically proportioned human characters unless it’s a game I’ve personally played and enjoyed.
  11. That’s basically how we ended up with King “FFS” K. Rool.
  12. Where’s the pre-order link LOL NO. I will pay up when: Hollow Knight Miriam (Bloodstained) Mechanica / Twintelle Octolings SwSh Trainer Jill Valentine/Leon Kennedy are added to the game.
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