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  1. There's also the dinosaurs to think about. "Evolution, Morpheus, evolution, like the dinosaur." Good luck getting anyone to believe in dinosaurs when they have zero perception of time. Or, maybe you only learn about dinosaurs once you reach Zion? idk.
  2. My son (4) plays a game for a few minutes before ROM/ISO surfing over to another. It's like Netflix. I don't think it's doing his attention or capacity for appreciation any favours. I've tried starting a Wind Waker run with him but he loses interest fast. The only time this doesn't happen is when he's playing SNK vs. Capcom on the NGPC - that game captivates him. He only gets a couple of hours of screen time a day, so I think he tries to frantically fit as much stuff into that as possible.
  3. I wasn't fond of mine, but I got one way too late. Christmas 1989. The Bond Action Pack Got so sick of being roped it with The Hit Squad fancy covers and screens, overall. That R-Type port did keep me entertained though, and was one of the best games I'd had at home up to that point.
  4. The OT had that green film filter over all of the Matrix sequences. This seems to have gone all super pop filter, like some kind of Fallout 4 Reshade preset. There's blue everywhere, too. Blue glasses, blue pills (obvs.), blue hair. Did I miss any others? @1:57 there's a projector displaying Neo's extraction scene from the first movie. Weird.
  5. The M30 with the USB dongle (MegaDrive Mini) is 2.4GHz. It's lightning quick and gets my seal of approval. Using the DB9 2.4G variant wirelessly with a Daemonbite adapter or similar yields almost identical results, according to that big Excel doc.
  6. My favourites. I'll be buying more for backup purposes at some point. You don't need anything else. Well, other than joysticks if you want to go that far.
  7. They need to put out a Creation Kit equivalent and let the community get to work for those levels of greatness (like current day Skyrim on a PC). Recent news articles hint they will likely crack down on anything like that and go the GTA Online cashcow route instead.
  8. I can't see that next-gen patch adding much other than semi-skimmed ray-tracing, if I'm honest. I wouldn't wait to play it UNLESS you're waiting for an RTX GPU.
  9. Grego2d (who did Final Fight Anniversary Ed.) is working on 3-player AvP next.
  10. I'd be onto their support, more like. If only because you'll blow your warranty opening it up.
  11. It's only half a game until you attach it to Sonic & Knuckles.
  12. You'll need an Xbox at the very least.
  13. Yeah man, he's looked at the unit and the board schematics. Piece of piss he says.
  14. Its a long story, but I'm basically just familiarising myself with the components so that I'm more comfortable with eventually performing an inevitable recap. The transformer block on my BVM PSU board blew a few years ago, so I'm doing my best to keep this PVM going for as long as possible. When I browse the CRT sub-reddits everyone seems to be an electronics whizz - like it's some prerequisite for BVM/PVM ownership. There are some very minor linearity issues with it which are only noticeable when playing a game that scrolls. Overall I'd give it a 9/10 in terms of PQ, so there's no need to take a soldering iron to it quite yet. I could just transplant the PSU board into the BVM where the PQ is a clear 10 - but I'm holding off from doing that for now. I'm still desperately trying to find a broken BVM-14M4 to act as a potential donor without having to butcher a perfectly fine PVM. My son might want it one day. Luckily, my accountant's husband fixes and maintains X-ray machines for hospitals and is basically a real life Dr. Emmett Brown. If I get stuck I can just throw a bottle of single malt in his direction for some help. I should have passed him the blown PSU board as after looking over the schematics for about two seconds he seemed confident he could've replaced the otherwise proprietary transformer block. F knows what happened to it, I lost it when we moved house. Come to think of it I have the connections to fabricate a new board entirely from scratch. I guess that would cost me a fortune, though.
  15. I love opening up CRTs. Make sure you wedgie the tube with a glasses cloth and some IPA - clear out all that black soot! The next step for me is to finally grow the bollocks for a re-cap. I might even pick up a dead PVM to practice on first.
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