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  1. Fallows

    An X-Wing for your living room!

    I bet that's absolutely breathtaking to have a go on. I wonder if he could rig it up for BallisticNG, or any other game?
  2. My barber throughout my childhood and teenage years was called Nat. He was an old Sicilian guy who was really nice, and his shop had a proper old antiquated spinny pole thing on the outside that still worked. Whenever I have to mess around with NAT I'm reminded of him.
  3. Absolutely every single word of this applies to Bayonetta, also. It's a scrolling fighter with shmup scoring systems disguised as a character action game. It's also perfect for short bursts and 10min score attacks, but I guess you'd need to overly familiarise yourself first which takes time.
  4. My mum would sometimes get me budget games out of WH Smiths as a big surprise, because she didn't have much money for anything else. One of these games was Gynoug. She knew I loved shooters. I didn't really appreciate it at all at the time which makes me feel like a massive bellend now whenever I think back. "My mates all have Area 88 and Super R-Type and I'm stuck here with Gynoug...". What a knob. However another one of these games was Castlevania, which is quite easily the best game I've been surprised with. This was just before I started reading magazines, so I had no idea what was cool or not. Another one which came later was Raiden Project for the PSX. She kind of had a knack for selecting stone-cold classics other than the time she got me the Super Scope 6 SNES pack for Christmas instead of the SMW one... I did put a brave face on when unwrapping it, which was very grown up of me I thought.
  5. Fallows

    Devil May Cry 5

    I've just started SoS, but then I'm away for work for a whole month on Friday. I'll have my laptop for some BallisticNG at least.
  6. Fallows

    Bayonetta - PC version out now!

    I have to drop my monitor down to 60hz or else it stutters like fuck.
  7. Fallows

    Abandoned Games (2019)

    Then you should know that there's no such thing as a Metroidvania, only games which are inspired by Metroid.
  8. Fallows

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Yeah, 4K 60FPS is mint. I like standing in areas with tons of polys and spinning the camera around. It doesn't even get the fans going.
  9. Fallows

    PS2 Appreciation Thread

    It turns out that the OPL which comes with the Free McBoot is very, very old. I updated to the most recent nightly from February this year and all prior issues are now resolved. I don't seem to require HD Loader anymore so I've deleted that. The problems usually occur when the HDD load is too fast for the game. Setting Mode 1 (authentic read speeds, albeit slower) fixes all of this. I also remembered that Ferrari F355 Challenge got a PS2 port. Another glorious racer.
  10. Fallows

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    On the flip-side I became bored of the fighting as soon as I remembered DMC V was just a few clicks away. I prefer more open and creative systems as opposed to the rigid and very regimented "you can only do things this way!" approach. It's like a lot of the bosses came right out of Punch Out. I suppose that's part of the parcel when it comes to being a disciplined shinobi. I'll return one day, maybe. The rest of the game is beautiful. @Broker You don't need to learn how to parry everything. Even when you can that's only going to slow your game down considerably as you'll have to wait&bait attacks from crap enemies instead of just running through them. You only really need to learn the parry off of the bosses where their red kanji attacks require it. What's better is working out how to almost instantly trigger deathblows so that repeat attempts are speedy, and slightly more enjoyable. I agree that having to peel off tons of adds/mobs/minions from a boss before each attempt can get tiring, but the route/method in doing so should be the same each time. It just takes patience, and lots of time... I think this is another thing that may have swayed me away from the game - the stealth. I usually avoid rogue-likes like the plague because I don't have the time or energy to be sneaking around. That totally killed off TLoU for me as well.
  11. I'm sticking with retro games as I only have one very tired hour for gaming each day, and that's if I force myself. Currently playing OutRun 2 SP and VF4:Evo. The latter feels like a total waste of time with no one to play with, but I'm still enjoying it.
  12. Fallows

    PS2 Appreciation Thread

    I finally have OutRun 2 SP running perfectly (after some sound issues with OPL, which are now resolved) and it's a lot more glorious than what I remember thanks to the additional modes and content. I'm going to be on this one for a while. EDIT: VF4:Evo video problems fixed by using HD Loader instead.
  13. Fallows

    Yoshi's Crafted World - demo out now

    That Dell KB is my favourite all-time KB for gaming.
  14. Fallows

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Start by clearing his cronies out and then reset the threat by running back to the steps. Reapproach through the bushes and wait for him to have his back turned before attempting a sneak attack deathblow to remove one of his symbols. That's half the fight sorted right there. As for his two unblockables they're triggered based off of your range. Stand close and he'll sweep, stand afar and he'll thrust. Sticking with the thrust make sure you have Mikiro Counter unlocked and stand at range. Once the kanji appears spam B/Circle so that you counter it. Follow with two or three slashes before running the hell back out to medium range to repeat the thrust>counter. It takes around five counters for him to finally lose Posture, so be patient - it's working! There's likely a way to counter his close range attack, but I didn't work that out in time. You could try a thrust yourself (charged attack), instead of the two or three slashes. That might do him faster.
  15. Fallows

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    The only negative from me so far are the overhead smash attacks which unfairly pivot with your evasive manouvers. It's unrealistic, and forces you to subscribe to the rock-paper-scissors QTEness. Still, that's just a minor thing. Great game.

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