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  1. Do you, or anyone else, fancy a spot of co-op on River City Ransom at some point? Of course Switch Online is required, but it'd be a lot of fun I think. This is exactly the kind of NES/SNES game I was looking forward to with the added online.
  2. Fallows

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Apparently there's a new N64 RGB amp which gets rid of a lot of that budget anti aliasing. @dvdx2 has one and it looks mint.
  3. Fallows

    Nintendo Switch

    What if you turn off automatic renewal?
  4. I found LAN Halo to be great, mindless fun, but in terms of strictly 4-player on one TV nothing came close to the Combat Simulator in Perfect Dark. Within my group of friends no other local multiplayer game has come anywhere near close. I really miss the marksman/gun nerd aspects of both Goldeneye and Perfect Dark. Specifically in regards to Perfect Dark no other game captures the same sense of precision shooting. Massively ahead of their time, both of them, but Perfect Dark moreso. It's just absolutely surgical. I'm not particularly a big fan of FPS, but PD64/XBLA is my number one game of all time.
  5. Fallows

    Telltale Games closing

    Yet sales are the best they've ever been. Logic should dictate that they can easily find work elsewhere, however we live in an ever increasingly illogical world.
  6. This is the good side of achievements. They can hint players towards features of the game they never even knew existed, or nudge at them to perform things differently than they would normally. Another nice addition could be trial modes where you progress up a ladder of various small challenges. SFIV did this well enough, and gradually introduces players to the more advanced tech in the game. It's all well and dandy someone like myself having the discipline to stick to an extremely basic weapons loadout whilst repeating a prologue for a hundred times before moving on, but for 99.9% of everyone else out there they're openly being invited to run before they can walk with practically zero instruction. Although in saying that the instruction IS there, kind of.. The Alfheim portals ask you to do some very strange things, so you have to sit there and work out how to manipulate the system in order to get the pass. It's kind of like some sadist tutorial system.
  7. Or just appease both camps. Include the insta-skip feature. Which is precisely what they did.
  8. It's certainly a lot more polished on the surface, however more human-like enemies? I remember only horses and bosses, and an annoying cunt called Sloth that doesn't come with any signposts or tells whatsoever, making for hugely frustrating fights. When the human-like enemies do make a return towards the end they seem to have been castrated of what made them so special in the first game (Grace & Glory, especially).
  9. Fallows

    Nintendo Switch

    I played this for hours upon hours on my phone and only got around half-way though. Amazing game.
  10. Come on, it's not really though, is it? If you're playing Bayonetta mainly for the narrative I suggest a different game.
  11. Right, and this detracts from the core game play experience in what way? It doesn't. At all. If anything it bolsters it as you're keeping yourself 'in the zone'.
  12. It's been roughly five years and 600 hours of game time since I last watched a Bayonetta cut-scene. I don't even know what the story is about. You just skip all that fluff with trigger+back/select. Simple. I'm still finding stuff that can be skipped with trigger+back. The Angel Attack mini-game intro animation, the 'blowing a kiss at the barrier' interludes; basically anything that detracts from the combat can be skipped.
  13. Fallows

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - December 2018

    It's fucking sick. I can't wait.
  14. This is honestly one thing I dislike about nearly all stylish action games. They tend to give the player far too many toys all at once, and no one really digs much deeper than getting the levels completed. If I had my way I'd set boundaries and make players earn new weapons only after a certain level of mastery with existing tools (Aztez, which I'm playing right now, kind of leans towards this). It's the exact same as downloading 500 ROMz all at once, or spending £1,500 on a mountain of toys for a two year-old at Christmas. No one's extracting anything rewarding or particularly wholesome out of these practices.
  15. Dig up the thread. Stick to Scarborough Fair (handguns). Don't overwhelm yourself (common/biggest mistake) - stick to three or four combos only. Unlock Hard Mode ASAP and start 'seriously' learning from there. Use Normal mode to unlock everything, I recommend using this guide for that. AMA, I'll try to help out. The more people I can get on to the Bayonetta bum-train the better.

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