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  1. The Switch OLED is near blinding, isn't it? Our big new fancy LG doesn't compare in the slightest - even when showing HDR content. When I turn the Switch on in handheld mode and the colour hits my face it feels like some mild psychedelic has started to kick in. It's almost too much.
  2. How's the Switch version compare? I bet it'll look great on that OLED.
  3. I would have been on board for snaking as some of the staff ghosts are guilty of it, but not with the toll it takes on shoulder triggers. I wasted two controllers with that BS.
  4. GBA F-Zero is one of my all-time favourite time trials. That got rinsed for years on the bus. F-Zero GX takes the crown, however.
  5. Yeah, I was expecting that too! Like cinema tactics or something. If I wanted to spend a whole day and night in there I could probably keep myself satisfied with about £30. That's lunch, dinner, supper, and soft drinks; only briefly ejecting myself from the premises for the occasional narcotics break.
  6. It absolutely hasn't. For any Mario Kart. Harder difficulties rubber-band and are given bias when it comes to item rolls, but it's never that game-breaking. If you know a track well enough no amount of red or blue shells can stop you. Lightning bolts are actually my biggest fear these days, they close the gap more than anything. Lightning bolt into triple reds is the absolute worst, but that's a very isolated occurrence, and is rarely irrecoverable.
  7. I focus primarily on mastering the time trials. Once I return to GP the AI is a complete non-issue, that goes for every single entry in the series.
  8. They need to remove the constant button reminder text and the user icon from the top left of the screen, more than anything. That dotted border, too. Not even RetroArch can give the N64 even half-respectable CRT filters, as the console never really gave out a pristine 240p image in the first place. So I think upscaling is the best option for the time being. M2-level remasters would be the best, but that’s never going to happen.
  9. I don’t think they’re safe at all outside of the name ‘Zelda’, the general theme, and the production company being Nintendo.* Each and every one has felt like a roll of the dice when it comes to the overlaying main structure/gimmickry, and there’s always a bunch of people not quite happy with the changes each and every time. The big gamble they took with BotW was to completely get rid of the traditional dungeons - that’s not a safe move, and something that’s always brought up when people try to criticise it. See also the rampant breaking of weapons that force you to instead use up everything and have more fun, instead of being a digital hoarder who cashes in at every village stop. That’s what’s fascinating - everyone has a different favourite for different reasons, and it’s also utterly impossible to compare LttP with BotW as they are entirely different, almost genre-spanning games. It’ll be the same when the next big one isn’t open world anymore. *But would BOTW still be considered a masterpiece if it didn’t have ‘Zelda’ in the title, Link as the player avatar, and Nintendo on the credits? Of course it bloody well would.
  10. Halo CE is a funny one for me. Me and my friends were heavy Perfect Dark purists when it launched, and being young IT pros we were fortunate enough to be already accustomed to local LAN UT/Q3A multiplayer for years by that point. At least for us all it did was make local LAN play somewhat more accessible for a wider audience. Instead of 2-4 player PC LAN at my office or in my bedroom for an afternoon with some sweeties and pop it was now 8 players plus in someone’s temporarily converted living room to accommodate four TVs; doing all-nighters with weed, pizza and hip-hop. Those are my favourite memories. Matt’s place was the best because he also had an MVS 4-slot Rinsed the single-player and thought it was a bit boring, although just like PD it did vastly improve the skills for multiplayer. I just wanted to get back to local big team multi all the time. Not to discredit my real-life friends, but purely from a gameplay perspective I have fonder memories of playing Halo 2 online with the NTSC-UK crowd on a nightly basis, spear-headed by @Yoshimax and @EvilBoris. As a game things felt slightly tighter and there was obviously a ton of resources dedicated to refining and expanding the multi-player side.
  11. The food, at Bury at least, is great for the value. I'm afraid to speak too positively about it incase they see this and double the prices.
  12. I remember spending days on end traversing LttP's Hyrule, actually back when it was a new game. Most of the magazines were featuring guides but I did my best to avoid all of that. There was no rush at all back then, with not really anywhere near as many games getting in the way offering distraction - you actually had the time to fully appreciate exploration and discovery in a video game. I only had something like four games in my entire collection and I'd already played the other three to death, so LttP kept me going for quite some time - easily longer than any modern JRPG epic could.
  13. The third temple boss... !?(!) It's like a big caterpillar, with a big flashing sensitive spot at the end of the tail.
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