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  1. Marlowe

    Nintendo Switch

    You're right. Managed to get one from Play Asia including postage for £27 which seemed more reasonable.
  2. Marlowe

    Nintendo Switch

    Anyone know where I can get one of the Hori blue dpad joycons? Can only find Amazon doing them and £43 seems steep. The themed ones are all £20-25 but not to my taste.
  3. Another issue with Craig era Bond is that the regular supporting characters are all just a bit dull. Think back to Lois Ruth Maxwell as Moneypenny, Desmond Wilkinson Llewelyn as Q, Bernard Lee as M and the chemistry each Bond actor had with them in those scenes. Can you think of a memorable scene with Ben Whishaw or Ralph Fiennes? Nah.
  4. I can't get over GTAV being the first game they showed. A PS3 game. Trying to think what a previous gen equivalent would look like... Nintendo announcing the N64 by showing Super Mario Bros. Expanded Edition? Enforces how little the games have advanced in the space of two generations.
  5. Not so keen on the new art style (too muted) so the retro mode is a nice touch.
  6. Marlowe

    Perfect Albums

    I'm not a fan of it either with recorded or live music. Rick Beato did a good video on it, focused more on software quantizing than click tracks but the same principle holds. Most classic tracks have tempos that jump all over the place and are all the better for it.
  7. Metroid Prime is timeless. Replaying it for the fourth time and got to that brilliant bit after the Sheegoth fight where Phendrana Drifts opens up and you find your way into the Space Pirate research facility. The abandoned, snow covered landscapes give way to dark, oppressive corridors, the music gains a foreboding edge and then suddenly you come face to face with a Space Pirate. Somehow I'd forgotten that it happened in this sequence and where the facility was so I still had that "oh shit" moment when I realised what I was walking into. It's pure atmosphere. It also can't be said enough how great the scanning mechanic is. To this day I'm not sure there's been a better way devised for delivering detailed plot and 'lore' details, with it entirely in the player's control how much of it they want to know. I'm reading pretty much all of the entries this time through.
  8. Marlowe

    Perfect Albums

    Their perfect album is New Adventures in Hi-Fi. I can't partially listen to it, it's start to finish or nothing. I can see people not rating Zither as it's an instrumental but it works within the sequence of the album. You come from the intensity of Binky with that sublime chorus with the shoutalong Mike Mills backing vocal (GO AWAY, GO AWAY!), then Zither settles you right back down and gives you a chance to compose yourself ready for So Fast, So Numb to hit you like a freight train.
  9. Watched the first series of this again and wow I knew it was good but I'd forgotten just how good it is. It's an absolute triumph.
  10. Vinyl on my hi-fi in the front room is the only way I properly focus on music now, and even then it's rarely a completely active listen with no other distractions. I'll manage that maybe once or twice a month at most. I should definitely make the effort more often though. Last thing I did it with was Highway 61 Revisited, which was revelatory - there's really no other way to listen to Bob Dylan. Throughout my teenage years I rarely listened to music any other way. My Discman was a constant companion. It helped that I used to wear those ridiculously baggy jeans so I could fit it in my pocket as well. That limitation of having to pick one album to play when I was going out for the day was actually a positive for giving each album the focus it deserved. Probably for that reason I never quite had the same affinity with the iPod when I moved onto that, and then streaming services have obviously taken that up another notch to the point where choice paralysis is a real problem and listening to an album all the way through is more the exception than the norm.
  11. Planet Coaster has no tutorial. Nothing. If I have to leave your game and watch a 30 minute YouTube video to learn the basic mechanics then you've failed at basic game design.
  12. Great selection. eBay finds?
  13. My RGB modded NTSC N64 arrived. The photo doesn't really do it justice but the colours are so vibrant. It's the N64 as I remembered it. Super Mario 64 still plays brilliantly. Lost 3 solid hours to it and only stopped because the analogue stick started to irritate my thumb.
  14. Not uber rare, but I sold a Famicom 20th anniversary edition Gameboy Micro years ago which I regret. Beautiful piece of kit.
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