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  1. Nintendo Switch

    Do the Pro controllers ever drop below £55 anywhere?
  2. Classic cinema - The 70's

    Kudos on the Out of the Past mention. It's peak noir if you ask me.
  3. Nintendo Direct - March 8, 2018

    As another Switch owner that skipped the Wii U, bring on the ports I say! Would love to see Pikmin 3 next.
  4. Blade Runner 2049

    I'm not really seeing what nostalgia has to do with it. The film wasn't critically or commercially successful in its day, it wasn't a pop cultural phenomenon, and it isn't a film that is particularly anchored to its era in the way that so many well loved 80s films are. Few of us here will have even seen it in 1982. It's as well loved as it is now because it's aged so gracefully. To take myself as an example, I didn't see it until 2007. As for Deckard being an amoral arsehole, Im not seeing how that's some fantastic insight. He's an obvious anti-hero who is deliberately made far less sympathetic as a character than Roy Batty.
  5. Football Thread 2017/18

    How imaginative of a rich man to buy a Rolex.

    Some great stuff on there I'd not heard yet. Loving the IDLES record.
  7. The Man Utd Thread

    I genuinely prefer the LVG era. I liked the identity he was building for the team, he developed the younger players, and while his tactics were often frustrated by weaker teams parking the bus, he set the team up to dominate big games rather than unsuccessfully playing reactive football. Yes it was patchy, and he was unfortunate in that second season with the amount of injuries, but balanced against the extra money spent under Mourinho, it's hard to argue that the team is in a considerably better position now.
  8. 1. Slowdive - Slowdive 2. Alvvays - Antisocialites 3. St Vincent - Masseduction 4. Kamasi Washington - Harmony of Difference 5. Charlotte Gainsbourg - Rest 6. Thurston Moore - Rock n Roll Consciousness 7. Tom Rogerson with Brian Eno - Finding Shore 8. Phoenix - Ti Amo 9. Four Tet - New Energy 10. Aphex Twin - Orphans
  9. The Man Utd Thread

    Agreed, except everyone forgets Inter actually came out and attacked in the first leg at home, scoring 3 after going a goal down. Pretty sure they had more chances than Barca. It wasn't anywhere near as negative as yesterday.
  10. The Man Utd Thread

    If we're going to go cautious in the big games, I actually prefer Van Gaal's possession-based cautiousness to Mourinho's reactive football. Depressing to watch us sit back for most of the game when we have so much attacking talent on the pitch.
  11. Twin Peaks

    @Rain Birds What's limited edition about it? I was hoping to wait for it to come down in price a little.
  12. Saw this tonight having never seen so much as a still of The Room. It's a riot, I can't remember the last time I laughed so much at a film. Franco brilliant.
  13. The Man Utd Thread

  14. Dammit, I really wanted to see his dissection of the Tories' election campaign. Can we have old Brooker back? Brooker before he was so bloody successful.
  15. Koji Kondo Appreciation Thread

    I completed this dozens and dozens of times but the credits sequence never got old.

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