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  1. The sprint races have largely been a procession after lap 1 turn 1. No one wants to take a risk that would see them start at the back of grid on Sunday, and without pit stops there isn't the interest of race strategies or the drama that can result from under/over cuts and slow stops. Get rid.
  2. Another dull sprint race. Less exciting than the normal qualifying format while also cheapening the actual Grand Prix. Would be a disaster if this becomes the normal weekend format next season.
  3. I suppose rolling with a 4-1-5 formation is one way to solve our midfield problems.
  4. Make sure you utilise the custom settings: It's impossible to get round some of the sharper corners cleanly on later courses with the defaults. I think you want Handling towards the Light end and Grip towards Tight.
  5. Any midfielder was always going to be dependent on Pogba leaving, so that will be next summer. Shame we couldn't have sorted out Trippier at least but I suspect that would have similarly required moving on others in the squad like Lingard to free up funds. If Dalot's staying then he at least provides a better option against low blocks than AWB.
  6. Messi to PSG is so uninspiring. I wanted a Maradona to Napoli type situation. I know that wasn't all romance - Napoli paid him good money for the time - but he was still walking into a club that hadn't won a major trophy. I guess in the modern game it was never going to happen.
  7. I'm sure that's what keeps it going but like many of the oldest Olympic sports it has military origins:
  8. If that goes through then it seems like the club mean business this season. Hopefully next on the agenda is a defensive midfielder comfortable in a 3 and a more attacking minded right back to help us break down those deep lying defences (AWB would still be first choice when we need to nullify a Sterling or Mbappe). Has anyone else been linked with us apart from Caramvinga (who we don't seem to be first choice of anyway) and Trippier?
  9. Exactly. Is Real's financial situation really so dire as to let both Ramos and Varane go in the same summer?
  10. I like the fact that it's plain white at least, far cleaner than Chevrolet was. The downside is it's too wide. If it was just the TeamViewer text without logo it'd be fine. We haven't had an aesthetically pleasing sponsor on the shirt since Sharp though tbh. And don't say AIG, that was awful. Preferably we'd be fan owned and have no shirt sponsor, like Roma managed for 5 years not so long ago.
  11. That actually looks less tacky than the Tag one. The only videogame themed smart watch I could imagine not being a total crime against humanity is a Metal Gear Solid one with a minimal Codec style black and green UI.
  12. Southgate definitely gambled on ceding midfield control in that second half to defend the box. I don't mind that approach, but to relieve pressure it has to be balanced with some level of counter attacking threat, and that's where it fell down. I'm sure Southgate still intended us to counter attack - you don't send a team out there not to attack - but in practice the attack was either starting from too deep or was too isolated from the midfield for that. Southgate will have seen that, like we all did, but he will have also seen that we restricted Italy to few clear cut chances. The total Italian XG was less than 1.0 before the goal. You can see why in that moment he preferred to maintain the shape and keep faith in the players out there (who'd only conceded 1 goal all tournament, 0 from open play) than to tinker. He might have seen things differently had Rashford been in form. Bringing an in form Rashford on and switching to the 4-3-3 we used so devastatingly against Spain in the Nations League would have been a no-brainer with how high Italy's defence was pushing up in the early stages of the second half. Saka is great, but offers a different kind of threat that's arguably better suited against a deeper lying defence, so I can see why Southgate didn't fancy making that change while we were still leading.
  13. I feel like I'm done with football for awhile now. After how this national team inspired us all, dared us to believe we could actually win after decades of disappointment and cynicism, got us to within 3 kicks of a ball of doing just that and ending the "years of hurt"... and now the crushing disappointment of falling short. I'm proud of the team and how close they brought us. There were some absolutely towering performances in there last night. Declan Rice had the game of his life, the centre backs were incredible (culminating in Harry Maguire burying his penalty in the top corner - what a leader), Pickford was fantastic, the wingbacks combining for the goal. Even the players that missed the penalties I can't criticise. They had the bravery to take them, and against a lesser goalkeeper (and a few inches the other side of the post in Rashford's case) they'd have scored. But yeah, the idea of watching a shite overhyped Premier League "Super Sunday" in a few weeks time, wondering which order that top 4 is going be in this year... no thanks.
  14. With the rumoured line up, it's hard to know how defensive a line up it is until we know how high the wing backs are pushing up. Especially Shaw down the left. Hard to imagine it being a flat 5 in possession, otherwise we'll have a really hard time getting a foothold in midfield and playing it into Kane's feet. You'd expect Chiellini and Bonucci to mop up any punts up to Kane.
  15. Teenager in the early 00s, so it was all about Britney and Christina. Honourable mentions to Liberty X in their black latex in the Just A Little video, and of course t.A.T.u!
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