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  1. DS was very good, but its main innovation (online play) was somewhat ruined for me by snaking, which was only possible because the mini-boosts were too quick and easy to achieve. You had to do it to compete but it sucked all the fun out of it (not to mention the hand cramps!)
  2. You've not lost at home in the league since April 2017. Steady on.
  3. Seriously? It's Anfield, I'd be delighted if United held on for a draw.
  4. Massive 3 points that. If Martial was finding the net I'd almost believe we could win it - if he comes into form who knows. Bailly staying fit is crucial as well, he was immense tonight. You could actually see him martialling the defence at times, even giving Maguire a ticking off at one point. And Pogba...been a big critic of him this season but he took the game by the scruff of the neck. I wouldn't play him in midfield at Anfield but against the low blocks of the likes of Burnley he's ideal to beat a man, play a cute pass, make that late run or finish spectacularly
  5. More I see of the disallowed goal the worse that decision is. And it was bizarre how VAR instantly checked it. I feel like marginal disallowed goals should be an automatic pitch side monitor review considering their significance. What do they have to lose from being thorough considering play has already stopped.
  6. It's such a grey area that... putting a hand on someone when competing for a header. It used to be the referee would look for a clear push or obstruction and you wouldn't get fouls given otherwise.
  7. It's a foul but even the yellow is marginal. That's also a goal. No way Peters is obstructed there by that hand.
  8. Neville's saying Shaw misses the ball but that looks to me that he plays it against the defender? Am I the only one seeing that?
  9. The only thing that didn't make this list that would have made my top 10 is Jim Noir - A.M Jazz, which I discovered courtesy of the Piccadilly Records end of year list. It's a very relaxing, melodic record with shades of The Beta Band, Air and even Feels era Animal Collective in the case of one song.
  10. I must be one of the few that loves SMK and MK64 in equal measure, and certainly well above the later games in the series. MK64 in particular has come in for a lot of retrospective criticism, but I played through it again recently and the core racing still holds up brilliantly. It's very distinctive amongst the 3D entries, and the biggest part of that is the cart handling - it's tight and weighty, which I find much more satisfying than the floaty handling that Double Dash introduced that has only really been iterated on since. The sense of speed is also better at 150cc in MK64 than other entri
  11. That's what happens when Bruno and Rashford have a bad game. I feel like De Gea would have saved one of those goals as well. Ah well. Hope we see the second team against Watford and then a strong show of intent against Burnley.
  12. Midnight Cowboy (1969) and The Grapes of Wrath (1940) were both utterly beguiling and tragic portraits of poverty and aspiration in America. The Long Goodbye (1973) is great neo-noir - the source material is my favourite of Chandler's novels and I loved how they brought the story into the 70s. Other stand outs were The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948), Bugsy (1991) and surreal Japanese classic Branded to Kill (1967).
  13. Managed to acquire an original N64 controller with a stick that's actually tight! The one I'd been using recently was ok (I've used much much worse), but still a little loose. This one is a revelation, and probably as close to new as I'm likely to get with any used controller. Set me back £30 but worth every penny so far - already beat a few Diddy Kong Racing TT ghosts I was struggling with before. It's going nowhere near Mario Party!
  14. I remember being amazed after I lent the game to my cousin and he returned it with the invisibility cheat unlocked (needed a 1:20 time on Archives IIRC). Had seemed impossible to me as a kid. The Facility and Control ones were even tougher.
  15. Wolves don't deserve that, but for us evens out the own goal on Saturday.
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