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  1. Play Mankind Divided now, it's even better.
  2. Having never played Galaxy before, I picked this up at the weekend off the back of all the praise for how well it runs. It really does look stunning for a Wii game! If I knew nothing of the game and you told me it was a Wii U port I'd believe it. 15 stars in so far and having a great time. I'm even enjoying the gyro controls for the special stages and picking up star bits. I replayed SM64 very recently on an N64 so I have less of an inclination to revisit that. I can't imagine it controlling so perfectly without the N64 controller or the visuals working quite as well without that u
  3. A 20" Sony PVM for everything up to and including Gamecube, which is what I spend most of my gaming time on. Then a 6 year old 32" 1080p Sony Bravia for the modern shite. With the size and layout of my living room I sit pretty close to it so the size isn't an issue - in fact anything above a 40" would probably look ridiculous. 4k is probably only going to be a marginal benefit at that size so I won't upgrade it until it dies.
  4. My SF arrived! Fortunately the RGB cable I got for my modded N64 works just fine. I got a stack of games in a bundle but no contest on what to boot up first...
  5. What kind of RGB cable do I need for a Super Famicom? My go-to place for cables is Retro Gaming Cables, but the only variant of the NTSC SNES cable they have available has CSYNC Pass-through which doesn't sound like is going to be compatible with a vanilla SF: "for use on consoles which have been RGB modified and use pin 3 to output the CSYNC signal however the signal has already been attenuated inside the console, therefore, the SCART cable does not require the resistor inside". Anyone got any alternative recommendations?
  6. There's a certain irony here in Liverpool fans believing the police version of events.
  7. They were plain clothed officers speaking a language he didn't understand, it's easy to see how he had doubts if they were police given the situation leading up to it.
  8. Yep going off eBay prices, the Japanese games are a lot cheaper than the US games. The SNES Jr does look cool I'll give you that. But yeah a bit too much of a premium for something I'd then need to get RGB modded anyway. SFC it is. That certainly would help! Let me know how much you'd be looking for for it.
  9. Any recommendations on whether I should go for a US SNES or a Japanese Super Famicom to start an NTSC collection? Motivating factor is playing on original hardware 60Hz on a CRT. Obvious things they each have going in their favour: the Japanese hardware looks better, the US is all English language games. Other factors would be the average price and availability of games over here.
  10. Resident Evil 2 on Gamecube. First time playing it. I didn't have a Playstation, so my introduction to the series was with REmake, then I played Zero, 4 and Revelations after that. The 2, 3 and CV GC releases passed me by - probably at the time I was put off by them being straight ports of the PS1 games rather than remakes. Ironically it's precisely because they're not remakes that I've turned to them now - I didn't want to dive straight into the recent RE2 remake without having played the original. It's rather good isn't it? Finished Leon's campaign, on to Claire's.
  11. Can someone recommend some good games to play online with a friend on another continent? So basically nothing where latency issues is going to spoil the experience too much. We've played a lot of Mario Kart and Rocket League. Tried Smash but the lag was too bad.
  12. Nah, the West Ham home game showed the difference when Shaw isn't in the team. He's more assured than any of our other fullbacks at breaking out of the press and actually taking the ball forward and progressing the play. West Ham were content for Williams and AWB to have the ball knowing they possess little threat, which allowed them to stay more compact in the middle of the pitch and nullify Fernandes. Shaw is much more of a threat - the opposition can't just sit off him so he opens up space for all our other attackers.
  13. https://streamja.com/B4vgP
  14. I like it in Stardew Valley, but it's entirely in keeping with the theme and laid back pace of that game. Hate it in anything else.
  15. I mean yeah with that level of ignorance of the N64's library I'm not surprised you didn't like it. When comparing consoles and the games that appeared on them, it's exclusives (within the generation itself) that count for the most. On that front, I can't see how XBone has much to offer compared to either the N64 or GameCube. If we then look at influence on the medium, I can't think of any XBone exclusive that you could say was particularly groundbreaking, whereas the influence of certain N64 games on game design is still felt to this day.
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