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  1. I recently picked up a backlit-modded original GBA and have started getting weirdly into it again. I think I'd forgotten just how much I loved the old thing, especially now I can actually see what's going on with the screen. I've even ordered a replacement shell, screen and buttons so I can make it all looking shiny and new. I'm surprised by how much the games are now on eBay though! I think I'm gonna have to pick up an Everdrive X5 after pay day. Has anyone here tried the Master System, NES and GB/GBC emulation on GBA with the Everdrive? If so... what's it like?
  2. Zio

    Retro mini games hidden in modern games

    Duke Nukem 3D on the Sega Saturn let you play the Worms-esque Death Tank Zwei if you had a save game from either Exhumed or Quake on your Saturn.
  3. Zio

    Mega Drive. Yeah!

    You need a converter cable to allow you to connect the AV output of the Megadrive 1 to the AV input on the 32X. Then you need a Megadrive 2 SCART cable to connect the 32X to the TV... otherwise you'll see none of the graphics being generated by the 32X. And yes, sadly you do need to mod the 32X unit if you want 60Hz gaming - they are region and hardware locked units. A PAL 32X won't like it if you start the Megadrive in 50Hz mode (to boot it up) and then flip to 60Hz. I have a PAL 32X but it has a weird fault whereby it doesn't seem to be able to output audio from it's own AV output. Fortunately I'm also using it with a Megadrive 1, so I just a connect an external speaker to the heaphone socket on that for audio. Having a PAL 32X that's stuck in 50Hz is a pain though. If I'm going to be totally honest, the 32X is such a faff for relatively few games, I normally just emulate 32X stuff now.
  4. Zio

    Nintendo Switch

    To be fair, I’ve never seen that colour joy-con combination referred to as “Blue Mint”. “Neon Blue” certainly, and that’s how it’s displayed on the Game website. So, based on that packing receipt, I could see why you’d think it’d be secondhand.
  5. Zio

    Nintendo Switch

    Echoing what most people have already said, but I didn't pick up a Pro controller until a good 6 months into my Switch ownership. Whilst it is lovely and I'd always choose to use it when playing in docked mode, it's by no means "essential". I was doing just fine with the joy-cons. See how you get on, but keep in mind the knowledge that the Pro controller is a lovely luxury to have if you do find you've got £50 burning a hole in your pocket.
  6. Zio

    WipEout Omega Collection - VR Update out now

    I guess that's me buying a PSVR kit again.
  7. Zio

    Sega Saturn for Beginners

    I only really use mine for it's abilities as an expansion device really, as my Saturn is already region and CD-R modded. I believe an Action Replay can defeat the region coding for non-modded machines though. The only slight negative is the Action Replay menu will always appear before anything else with it plugged in, so you'll always need to get through it's screens before you can get into your game. It's a very minor inconvenience though.
  8. Zio

    Sega Saturn for Beginners

    They do indeed. I have one myself at home.
  9. Zio

    Stellaris - "Make Space Great Again"

    I still use the warp method of FTL for my race whenever I play this, so I'm a bit miffed that that's getting axed - but all the other changes I've seen so far look interesting.
  10. Zio

    Nintendo Switch

    I've got one! I use it from time to time and whilst it can be a bit fiddly at times (only works with certain USB chargers, sometimes the Switch won't wake from sleep with it connected), it's been pretty good. It's been handy when travelling for work, as it means I can connect my Switch to the hotel room telly without having to bring my official dock and charger with me.
  11. Zio

    Elite Dangerous

    I pretty much exclusively play in Solo. I occasionally dip into Mobius if I miss seeing human players about, but I don't tend to get involved in any multiplayer shenanigans and I sodding love the game. ...although, just like with all the previous Elite games, my love for it comes in waves. Right now I haven't played it in months again, but I know I'll be back in before long.
  12. Zio

    Nintendo Switch

    It'll charge from any standard USB charger, although a standard 1A phone charger means you'll probably need it to be switched off to charge.
  13. Zio

    Nintendo Switch

    Yes, unfortunately. As @Orko said, it's mostly noticeable transitioning between some rooms and there's one room in particular that seems to hammer the frame rate. That said, it's not exactly Doom - it's a relatively sedate game and the performance issues are more a minor irritant than anything in any way game breaking.
  14. Zio

    Nintendo Switch

    I got The Sexy Brutale with my Christmas Switch credit and, I have to say, I'm fucking loving it. Probably not much replay value once it's done, but it seems well worth the price of admission to me. I'm just over half way through now and it's just a glorious bit of mystery adventury puzzle stuff.
  15. Zio

    Nintendo Switch

    I've never played Binding Of Issac before, but it looks good from the little videos I've seen. So... should I get that or Enter The Gungeon next?

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