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  1. Nintendo Switch

    I've got one! I use it from time to time and whilst it can be a bit fiddly at times (only works with certain USB chargers, sometimes the Switch won't wake from sleep with it connected), it's been pretty good. It's been handy when travelling for work, as it means I can connect my Switch to the hotel room telly without having to bring my official dock and charger with me.
  2. Elite Dangerous

    I pretty much exclusively play in Solo. I occasionally dip into Mobius if I miss seeing human players about, but I don't tend to get involved in any multiplayer shenanigans and I sodding love the game. ...although, just like with all the previous Elite games, my love for it comes in waves. Right now I haven't played it in months again, but I know I'll be back in before long.
  3. Nintendo Switch

    It'll charge from any standard USB charger, although a standard 1A phone charger means you'll probably need it to be switched off to charge.
  4. Nintendo Switch

    Yes, unfortunately. As @Orko said, it's mostly noticeable transitioning between some rooms and there's one room in particular that seems to hammer the frame rate. That said, it's not exactly Doom - it's a relatively sedate game and the performance issues are more a minor irritant than anything in any way game breaking.
  5. Nintendo Switch

    I got The Sexy Brutale with my Christmas Switch credit and, I have to say, I'm fucking loving it. Probably not much replay value once it's done, but it seems well worth the price of admission to me. I'm just over half way through now and it's just a glorious bit of mystery adventury puzzle stuff.
  6. Nintendo Switch

    I've never played Binding Of Issac before, but it looks good from the little videos I've seen. So... should I get that or Enter The Gungeon next?
  7. Nintendo Switch

    Anyone got The Sexy Brutale yet? It looks pretty decent from what I've seen, but my Pile Of Shame is getting chronic and I'm not sure if adding to it is completely wise. I've not even booted up Rocket League yet.
  8. Nintendo Switch

    I'd also be well up for a Souls game on Switch. I disagree with this whole idea that Switch games have to be things you can only play in short bursts, but even disregarding that I genuinely used to play Bloodborne in relatively short bursts anyway. It totally would be perfect for the Switch.
  9. Nintendo Switch

    That's totally the magic of the Switch over something like the Vita, or even the 3DS really - it's not 100% a handheld. It's a full home console that can also be used as a portable device, with the exact same controls available. Sure, you can have short handheld experiences on it, but in combination with it's Sleep Mode function, it's great that you can be playing a "full" console game on your telly, then take it with you to do a little extra on the train to work, or take it with you on holiday and stuff. I think the Switch is genuinely amazing. I have a Core i7, GTX 1080 equipped gaming PC at home and yet my Switch is the only thing I ever play on anymore. I'm actually further into both Doom and Skyrim on the Switch than I ever got on my PC.
  10. Elite Dangerous

    Just been offered the perfect mission for @Captain LeChuck
  11. Elite Dangerous

    Heh, I’ve been doing the Quince scan missions on Mobius for a fair amount of the day - could have even been me that did that for you! You’re welcome.
  12. Elite Dangerous

    Brilliantly, the 2.4 beta has crashed so badly for me I can’t even launch the main game past the Frontier Dev splash screen anymore. That’ll be a fun reinstall on my slow as shit “broadband”. @DonRumsfeld it should be, yeah. All updates come out simultaneously to each platform.
  13. Elite Dangerous

    I watched an ObsidianAnt YouTube video about the route plotting changes in 2.4 today. It really is lightning quick compared to what we have now - it seemed to take less time to plot a 20kly journey for him that it does to plot a 1kly journey for me right now. And the jet cone plotting, whilst obviously taking much longer, looks essential for long-distance travel.
  14. Will any headphones do or does one require crazy expensive surround sound ones for best effect? Definitely planning on getting this on PC once I'm home from work tonight.

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