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  1. I've got a Mega Everdrive X7, which includes the FM sound support for Master System games in the actual cart. I'm hoping that'll work - I guess there's no reason why not.
  2. Well, I've preordered. JPN version, naturally. I've got to have me one of those - especially after selling my CRT!
  3. The OSSC arrived yesterday and it's definitely not as good as just plugging my Megadrive and SNES into the CRT... but I still think I need to sell the thing. It was a bit more fiddly to setup the OSSC than I'd thought too... my Super Famicom absolutely will not play ball with my computer monitor (but works beautifully with my HDTV) and I'm having occasional picture dropouts with the Megadrive (it's a PAL-modded one though, and I understand they can't output a true 60Hz signal - this is apparently where the issues come from).
  4. Ah, that's fair enough. Feels a bit weird hawking my stuff in my signature, but it'll do for a week I guess!
  5. So, with much reluctance, I've decided to take a chance on an OSSC and sell my 21-inch JVC PVM. It's just way too big for my tiny flat, and it's ludicrous weight was causing the chest of drawers I had it sat on to bow! Maybe one day I'll look into a smaller, more manageable CRT to replace it with. What's the score here with linking to our own eBay auctions? Is that okay to do? I'm sure people here would potentially be interested in it, but I don't want to break forum etiquette.
  6. Wasn't a lot of difficulty in making it so the logic board can be fitted into an original ZX Spectrum? In other words, so that the board is compatible both with the new keyboard and the original? I never had a Spectrum as a kid (Dad bought a BBC Micro), so I don't have the nostalgic love for it that many here do, but at this stage, even I'm wishing I'd backed this.
  7. But the Saturn port of Sega Rally at least keeps a consistent frame rate, which the Dreamcast port of Sega Rally 2 fails to do - in fact I remember there being a whole load of slowdown. I bought my Dreamcast on launch day with SR2 being one of the games I got with it, and as a massive fan of the original on the Saturn at the time I found it a massive disappointment. Put it this way - I sold it on before too long, whereas I still have my original Saturn copy of the original Sega Rally. I've never played SR2 in 60Hz though, so it could be a shitty PAL port I guess.
  8. It can't run any of the WindowsCE releases, which is a bit of a shame. I don't know why, considering I thought it was a bit shit on release, but I have a real hankering to play Sega Rally 2 again.
  9. Zio

    Gaming things you regret selling...

    I sold a Multimega and a PC Engine. I regret selling both. Also I sold a big pile of boxed Megadrive games to a guy on here and in that lot were boxed Japanese copies of the first 3 Sonic games... of everything I sold, I do regret selling those. The Japanese releases of those games had such lovely packaging! Finally... my Amiga A1200 with 420MB hard drive to a friend at school when we got our first family PC. Partly because I'd love an A1200 now, but also largely because the kid grew up to be some steroid-abusing Nazi cunt, and frankly my beloved Amiga deserved much better.
  10. Zio

    Gaming things you regret buying...

    Sega Touring Car on the Saturn was mine. I loved Sega Rally so much and was expecting this to be a spiritual sequel, not an unplayable dog shit mess of a game. I've still got it actually and fired it up recently to see if it's really as bad as I remember it being. Yes. Yes it is. Fucking atrocious game.
  11. Zio

    No Man's Sky

    Possibly dumb question, but is the PC version significantly better than the PS4 one of this? I've already got it on PS4 and not really touched this since around a month after it originally came out, but all this is making me think I need to give it another go. In the meantime though, I've put together a pretty beefy PC, plus NMS is £20 on Steam this weekend. I'm wondering if it's worth getting again?
  12. It is what it is though, no? I mean, you're talking about fundamental redesigns of the game, which is just never going to happen. At least it got released. At least it's a game you can actually pay a reasonable, standard amount for and play. I have many, many, many problems with it's design, but if it was really that shit, I wouldn't keep going back to it.
  13. Zio

    Currently playing...

    I bought a backlit original Gameboy Advance recently, so am finally cracking on with Metroid Zero Mission at the moment. Once done, the plan is to move on to Super Metroid on the SNES, which... whisper it... I've never played before.
  14. Zio

    Sony PSP Appreciation Thread

    Outrun 2006 needs to be played on a PSP with custom firmware so you can up the CPU to 333Mhz. It runs so well like that that I can't help but wonder if it was programmed for that clock speed.
  15. I recently picked up a backlit-modded original GBA and have started getting weirdly into it again. I think I'd forgotten just how much I loved the old thing, especially now I can actually see what's going on with the screen. I've even ordered a replacement shell, screen and buttons so I can make it all looking shiny and new. I'm surprised by how much the games are now on eBay though! I think I'm gonna have to pick up an Everdrive X5 after pay day. Has anyone here tried the Master System, NES and GB/GBC emulation on GBA with the Everdrive? If so... what's it like?

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