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  1. Zio

    Doctor Who

    No way. That was much more like it!
  2. I think in-game hooks were disabled in recent firmware because it doesn't work correctly anymore with the SuperFX emulation, or something like that. You might have to manually enable them in the settings on the SD2SNES main menu.
  3. I wasn't keen on Chapter 5 either. Those of you slogging your way through have my sympathies. It does get much, much better though. The story on this one is lengthy, but I don't feel like it overstays it's welcome at all - Chapter 5 is just a bit of a blip, and I guess the idea was to break things up a little. Seriously, I think this has one of the best stories I've seen in a game. I don't really understand what people are saying about it not making sense. And it leads perfectly into RDR 1 so far as I can see.
  4. I think with the whole thing about content in this game... it's not really like the Fallout and Elder Scrolls games where there's side quests all over the shop. The meaty stuff is all in the story missions, where the more you go through the story, the more side stuff opens up. The random encounters as you explore the place are more little side distractions and garnish for the world, although I've already seen a few fairly cool little Easter Egg-style things dotted about. And whilst the systems are clearly not quite as robust as they are in Breath Of The Wild, there's a lot of adventure you can make up all yourself - plenty of shops, banks, stagecoaches and trains to rob entirely off your own back, lots to see hidden around the world, animals to hunt and stuff. It's an amazingly realised world.
  5. I was exploring in some of the woodland areas in the north of the map last night when I walked into Some minor control issues aside, I think this may actually be the greatest game I've ever played. Obviously it's not going to be for everyone, but I think it's utterly fucking wonderful! Just started Chapter 5 too.
  6. The Eurogamer review highlights my one major concern going into this: RDR1 is possibly my favourite ever game, it's certainly way up the list, but a lot of it was I genuinely loved John Marston and his story by the end of it. The little I've seen of this in videos and trailers hasn't warmed me to Arthur Morgan at all, and the Eurogamer review pretty much confirms his story doesn't compare to Marston's. I am still hugely up for the world though. Even without the story, I fucking loved the Wild West world of the last game.
  7. How are Argos for deliveries? I had £65 sitting in my Coinbase account, so I figured "fuck it" and did that thing where you can change you balance for gift vouchers - thus I bought myself the Special Edition version for PS4 from Argos. I don't think I'm realistically going to have a chance to play it until Sunday night anyhow, but I want that shiny disc now all the same!
  8. Zio

    Doctor Who

    My black housemate told me it needed "more aliens". Seriously though, that was a tremendous episode - I absolutely loved it! And I think he did too, the faux-emotionless git.
  9. I've got a Mega Everdrive X7, which includes the FM sound support for Master System games in the actual cart. I'm hoping that'll work - I guess there's no reason why not.
  10. Well, I've preordered. JPN version, naturally. I've got to have me one of those - especially after selling my CRT!
  11. The OSSC arrived yesterday and it's definitely not as good as just plugging my Megadrive and SNES into the CRT... but I still think I need to sell the thing. It was a bit more fiddly to setup the OSSC than I'd thought too... my Super Famicom absolutely will not play ball with my computer monitor (but works beautifully with my HDTV) and I'm having occasional picture dropouts with the Megadrive (it's a PAL-modded one though, and I understand they can't output a true 60Hz signal - this is apparently where the issues come from).
  12. Ah, that's fair enough. Feels a bit weird hawking my stuff in my signature, but it'll do for a week I guess!
  13. So, with much reluctance, I've decided to take a chance on an OSSC and sell my 21-inch JVC PVM. It's just way too big for my tiny flat, and it's ludicrous weight was causing the chest of drawers I had it sat on to bow! Maybe one day I'll look into a smaller, more manageable CRT to replace it with. What's the score here with linking to our own eBay auctions? Is that okay to do? I'm sure people here would potentially be interested in it, but I don't want to break forum etiquette.
  14. Wasn't a lot of difficulty in making it so the logic board can be fitted into an original ZX Spectrum? In other words, so that the board is compatible both with the new keyboard and the original? I never had a Spectrum as a kid (Dad bought a BBC Micro), so I don't have the nostalgic love for it that many here do, but at this stage, even I'm wishing I'd backed this.

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