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  1. With this and the Joy-Con/Limited Edition Switch discussion from a day or two back, you sure seem to like applying a lot of arbitrary restrictions in order to justify your arguments.
  2. Cheyenne

    Nintendo Switch

    Oh bloody hell I already forgot about that! But I wonder if there would also be something for the regular model, given this whole nonsense NEG has put forward of them not releasing new styles and edition since early 2018.
  3. Hello. I have a question regarding the DLC for this game. How essential to people rate it? I was holding off on buying BOTW until a later date, but with the Season Pass discounted on the eShop I may get it when I return to the UK briefly next week. I know stuff like first-party DLC rarely gets discounted so wanted to know how much it adds to the game, as I have some stuff I can trade in at CEX for credit and could more or less get the game for nothing.
  4. Cheyenne

    Nintendo Switch

    There was also the Smash Bros Ultimate Switch Console too. They generally seem to do them for their biggest franchises, wouldn't be surprised if something is announced for Pokemon Sword & Shield later this year..
  5. I would like a greater sense of connectivity with how the themes of tracks link together, similar to what Loik suggests. If I'm going to work through the GP's and Cups again, I'd like the added incentive of it feeling like a genuine World Tour. First few races take place in the Mushroom Kingdom, then a set on and around Isle Delfino, maybe even throw in some wildcard options like Sarasaland and Dinosaur Land. I realise that the series has many classic tracks and this idea would likely include ditching a bunch of them, but I'd really like some genuine feeling of progression and narrative behind the tracks we race on. Could still include the Kart staple of ending with Rainbow Road, tying it into some Super Mario Galaxy-themed tracks.
  6. Cheyenne

    Nintendo Switch

    I would have no interest in such a model. As I tend to travel a lot my Switch is almost exclusively used in handheld mode, and what that new model appears to suggest is that I wouldn't be able to detach the joy-cons and put the console on its kickstand to rest my arms. It's such a comfortable way to play and I wouldn't want to lose that functionality.
  7. Saw one suggestion that the chainsaw sound at the end of the Shang Tsung trailer could actually be hinting at Doomguy rather than Ash.
  8. Season Pass has some of the outright best levels of the game. For the very valid criticism of repeated enemies and level layout, it addresses that wonderfully. The big siege level. Team Ninja have been great at addressing criticism and suggestions for this game. Gives me a lot of faith for Nioh 2.
  9. In recent years, then ending that has stuck with me the most has been Space Dandy. There are a lot of problems with the show, but I greatly enjoyed it's frivolous throwaway nature where every episodes ends with some form of cataclysmic cliffhanger that is completely disregarded when the next episode starts. Hell, it's not even acknowledged. I thought that was a great little dig at shows with big overarching plotlines... ...and then they fucking dropped that Season 2 finale. Still frivolous, still lighthearted, but goddamn what a pleasant surprise of an ending that put the biggest smile on my face.
  10. I don't have a PSVR, but was something I was considering come Christmas time when all the discounts come in again. Yeah I had heard about the oppressive nature of the game. Sounds rad.
  11. With regards to Thumper, would anyone be able to answer as to whether it's better to experience in VR? It's one that definitely interests me (especially at that price) but always struck me as something better experienced through VR.
  12. Cheyenne

    Nintendo Switch

    I still rate Heist as my favourite. Excellent game and I am tempted to double dip for the Switch version. Was going to get Quest but I'll hold off for the physical release later this year. Would rather get physical if possible.
  13. Magick Archer was my jam. The later powers are absolutely mega and come in real handy on Bitterblack Isle.
  14. You'd need to check online for the specific numbers (or level up once in each class and make note of the number changes) as each class gives different basic stat increases upon levelling. For example, if you go to Assassin as early as possible and only level up in that class, you get some like +6 to your Attack with each level, but it sacrifices almost every other stat, making you a pure glass cannon. Some people tend to build their characters around levelling up a set amount across particular classes, to maximise base stat gains alongside their gear. As an aside, you'll generally want to mix up your classes, as attaining higher ranks unlocks more abilities exclusive to that class but in particular, the Augments you can unlock and purchase are transferable between classes. So you may find some stuff down the Sorcerer's path that will possibly benefit a Magick Archer, for example.
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