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  1. Cheyenne

    NIOH 2

    Yeah, that was the case in the first Nioh too. Putting everything into Shurikens and similar attacks made you unstoppable... until enemies closed the distance. Bosses especially would wreck me early on as their HP was enough that I couldn't whittle them down enough before they were in my face.
  2. Totally sold. As an aside, anyone here play River City Girls? Really dug the look of it but I never get that much time to buy many new games.
  3. I can't believe just how much the OG soundtrack reveal has set my hype stratospherically high. Have got SoR2 playing right now, what an absolute banger of a soundtrack.
  4. Ah sorry man, unable to now. Need to drag myself away from it for a bit.
  5. More importantly, good on the collective for not pinching from the pile of tributes.
  6. I'm interested still, though I have *finally* had one appear in a balloon to me, so hopefully tomorrow yields fruit.
  7. I think there's a distinction between buying an item and crafting it. You can order something from the catalogue if it was a purchase, but I don't believe you can if it was something you crafted or were gifted.
  8. You are a delightful ray of sunshine, but I have no qualms with going to the back of the queue again if it's the best way to make sure everyone gets in.
  9. Yeah, I fully agree with going to the back of the line if you wish to make multiple trips, by the way. Seems perfectly fair as it's a mega payday, be grateful for what you get (hope I'm in the queue!).
  10. Is it possible to do multiple trips, @Larsen B? I reckon I have about two/three inventory loads worth.
  11. Hey! Sorry I got disconnected whilst in the kitchen, my bad. Back on now with dodo 267WR

  12. @skittles Got kicked off before I could drop the Iron Shelf recipe or Cherry Blossoms. Swapped some fossils before then.
  13. On my way. Grabbed a medley of fossils.
  14. I do! I'll check my Fossil stocks and wing you a PM, as I can bring the ones you'll need and not waste stock. I can also bring my burgeoning Apple supply with me to offlad, unless it's your native?
  15. That's cool man, I can do my busywork for the day and see if any cross the sky. I've had a bunch of Bamboo recipes but no Cherry Blossoms aside from the one Isabelle gave me. And yes, I have crafted it.
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