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  1. I'm not sure about Ocon. He's certainly very good, but I am still unsure if he's got that final 'it' factor that separates the Hamiltons from the Buttons or the Clarks from the Hills. I guess Alonso being his team mate will probably answer that! It'll be really interesting as a whole to see how this current group of young drivers pan out. We've already got a pretty good idea that Leclerc is the real deal, but still a lot to learn about Norris, Russell, Albon and Ocon.
  2. kiroquai

    F1 2020

    Had a bit of a play with this yesterday and have to admit, really struggled. Not in terms of enjoyment really - I am still just plain bad at driving these things nowadays . Remember my old league days where I could just hop in and fire off a 50% race on the highest difficulty and win no problem. Not a chance of that now! Still, had quite a lot of fun getting to grips with my McLaren in my first career mode practice session. Took a few attempts before I honed in on 90% being my current sweet spot for the AI so that I would be fighting it out amongst the upper midfield if I did well, but got that sorted now so should be a good first race getting stuck in amongst the Racing Points and Renaults.
  3. For me it was probably about 6 hours into my release-day stint on Breath of the Wild when it hit home to me that Nintendo's magic can still overcome platform hardware performance arms races. The whole game was a somewhat magical experience.
  4. Sorry I didn't show last night chaps - took a few painkillers for my back and dozed off on the sofa . Back is feeling much better now so should be good for next Monday!
  5. I think Albon thought that he needed to make his new tyre advantage work for him as quickly as possible, which I understand. I feel that if he'd got jammed up behind Lewis for too much longer then he'd have lost the momentum. Plus, yeah - this is only his 22nd start. He'll learn . Having watched it again several times I have revised my opinion to it being a pure racing incident. Lewis' penalty was probably a tad harsh. Was properly gutted when the collision happened, though. Have heard from several people that Albon is one of the nicest drivers to work with on the grid, and he's definitely got a fair turn of pace too.
  6. Not entirely sure I will make it to tonight's Interlagos Group 3 enduro as I've got a bad back, but if I do then here's my ride
  7. One thing I think we can all agree on - thank fuck F1 is back
  8. I agree with Brundle’s re-assessment there. Think the 5-second penalty is justified.
  9. So, the teams who have lost the most compared to 2019 all have one thing in common... Hmm
  10. I believe the amount slower Ferrari are here than they were last year is about the same as Williams’ 2019 car was slower than their 2018 car on average...
  11. P4 on the grid. Not bad for a Twitch streamer!
  12. I say Ferrari are midfield... currently everyone except for Merc looks like they are midfield!
  13. Wow, Merc are fast. Ferrari genuinely a midfield car.
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