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  1. Game of Thrones for Dummies

    This has reminded me that I need to watch it all again from the start before the final season. Also to avoid confusion: some semi-major characters have a change of actor between seasons. Which can be off-putting. Luckily they don't spend a great deal of time on screen. The Mountain seems to evolve like a fucking Pokémon.
  2. Netflix Recommendations - See OT for other thread

    So I watched Last Knights. It's basically 47 Ronin where you swap the Japanese cast for a politically correct medley, and remove the good bits. Avoid.
  3. The Official Iain M Banks Thread

    The thought of the culture series being brought to life on telly makes me a little giddy. If this ends up being shit, I'll be very upset. Very upset indeed.
  4. The Official Iain M Banks Thread

    https://www.theguardian.com/books/2018/feb/15/iain-m-bankss-drawings-of-the-culture-universe-to-be-published-in-2019?CMP=share_btn_link Excitement!
  5. Sci Fi recommendations

    Read a review in The Verge for a book called Semiosis by Sue Burke. The premise is fairly interesting, so I think I'm going to give it a try.
  6. Subnautica - Ver 1.0 Out Now

    Bloody knew it, could have sworn it had give down quicker than before. I need to get a shield or something. Where's the best place to get deep mushrooms for hydrochloric acid? I've tried in the blood vine place but can't see any mushrooms.
  7. Subnautica - Ver 1.0 Out Now

    If you turn silent running on, do the nasties attack the Cyclops? I nearly got blowed up after realising my full speed wasn't all that fast.
  8. Subnautica - Ver 1.0 Out Now

    The giant worm fish thing ate my seamoth! What a prick! Luckily I built another. Also have my new awesome tank with 200-odd air in it. Plus my faster swim boots. I'm building myself a bigger boat. Can I get something with torpedoes?
  9. Subnautica - Ver 1.0 Out Now

    Been playing this for about seven hours now. Fuck it's addictive. I've finally gotten my seamoth, and that's flipping awesome whizzing about under the waves. Didn't realize that it's only good to 200 metres though, as I zip past that point and the thing starts slowly imploding... I'm waiting for my final piece of the modification station before I can make my faster flippers and super tank. Why the fuck is lithium so hard to find anyway?
  10. Subnautica - Ver 1.0 Out Now

    I'm loving your enthusiasm, @Alan Stock I'm gonna check my steam and Humble libraries to see if I already have this. It's always appealed but I wanted to wait until it had a bit longer to cook. Now's the time, it seems!
  11. Elite Dangerous

    Yeah you can play it in solo mode where it's you and the AI, but the universe is consistent with everyone else. Or if you have some friends you'd like to play with, just them and the AI. Finally you have the completely open multiplayer.
  12. The Continental - John Wick TV spin-off

    https://www.polygon.com/tv/2018/1/12/16885748/john-wick-tv-series-keanu-reeves Reeves is also producing. This could be good.
  13. Supreme Commander

    You can play supreme commander with just the mouse and shift key...
  14. Supreme Commander

    Funnily enough I've been playing this again, but the forged alliance expansion. You wouldn't believe the number of mods available for this on pc either. It definitely benefits from a beefier machine. You can tell when things are approaching the limit of your hardware when moving groups of units they respond one at a time.
  15. Godless - Netflix Western Series

    Yep, thought it was fantastic. Did we find out what was up with that wandering Indian in the end?

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