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    New song Monday. https://nerdassociation.bandcamp.com/track/nerdivores
  2. My love for Bubble Bobble has waned a bit over the years. I play the arcade version sometimes with my daughter. It's still a fun game up to a point, but some of it is just annoying. Anyway, the C64 port is a really good one. Hysteria is a weird one as I bought it on release and still have it, but can't really remember it at all, even after watching a video. Isn't age a wonderful thing? Destructo and Clean-Up Service are two I also bought and remember enjoying both. My C64 is out of action at the moment, following a house move. I'll have to dig some of these out when I'm up and running again. Edit: Actually, I bought (and still have) Frenesis too but didn't get on with it. I think I bought it because it was created by Tony Takoushi who used to write for C&VG.
  3. ‘exploration’ is a big turn-off for me in games, so nah, let me just get to the next colossus please.
  4. Absolute banger I forgot existed.
  5. It was a different format. To read GD-ROMs you need a GD-ROM drive.
  6. Impossible but off the top of my head I can probably narrow it down to: SFIV Bomb Jack Galaga Shaolin’s Road Puyo Puyo On another day I would probably swap some of those with H.E.R.O, Turmoil, Pac-Man, Juno First, Dragon’s Fury or Flicky.
  7. Camel


    Wow, Space Moth is excellent.
  8. I’ve never really followed the jungle scene, but always assumed that ^ Rebel MC tune (and Tribal Base) were recognised as a big part of the foundation of that movement. Are they not then?
  9. Well this is really weird: https://www.hiphoplately.com/pete-rock-says-canibus-new-project-is-super-trash/?fbclid=IwAR0sD08_kwqImVD1oYqhJnLnPTyicAmWOAX247q2XUDnq8nIhA2tE7kOgvA Pete Rock has denied producing the new Canibus album but there are apparently receipts showing that he did
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