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  1. Totally forgot this was on. Anyone see it? Worth watching?
  2. Camel

    This is Hip-Hop.

    Until today I had absolutely no idea that that above - probably my favourite Ghost track - was produced by Haas G of UMCs.
  3. Camel

    Marvel's Black Widow solo movie

    What antics? Reading about that, it seems she took a role, was criticised for it, so she stepped away from the role and apologised. Is there more to it?
  4. Camel

    Favorite Gig?

    Been to so many gigs over the years, but because I have a totally fucked memory, the gigs of recent years stand out the most. Probably one of these: Parliament/Funkadelic, Edan, Gil Scott-Heron, Public Enemy, NWA, RA the Rugged Man, A Tribe Called Quest, Immortal Technique, Gang Starr, KRS One, Action Bronson (at Barfly), Ocean Wisdom ..
  5. I'm on if anyone wants a game.
  6. Yes! If I'm on tonight though it'll probably be really late. Other than that, I can probably get on for some beatings on Sunday evening at an earlier time.
  7. Camel

    Finally setup a PS2 HDD /FHDB

    IIRC this is because the hard drive is split into sectors of fixed size. So while you may have a bunch of fragmented free disk space, these can't be used as they need to be able to run in series. Something like that.
  8. Camel

    Most impressive use of limited hardware.

    Starstrike before those though; amazing stuff. And Tank Duel before that. Also on the Spectrum - Ant Attack, long before Knight Lore. Knight Lore was incredible though - blew me away. On the C64 - Nebulus, Trailblazer (and sequel) and all the multiplexing sprite stuff like Armalyte. Plus those ridiculous loaders that played music and even mini-games.
  9. Camel

    Fighting Games that are not Street Fighter

    I love fighters, but SFIV is the only one I've put any serious time into. If anyone wants a scrap on a non-SF fighter I'd be game. I don't have many of the newer titles, but have loads of older ones. I'll be useless at basically all of them, mind.
  10. Getting your money's worth from your credit.
  11. Camel

    Filmstruck - UK Launch

    I keep meaning to get back on the Mubi train. I don't have enough time to get through (or enough energy to stay awake during) the films I already have though, so I just look through their films wistfully every now and then.
  12. Camel

    Nintendo DS Appreciation Thread

    I'm using a DS Lite to play Ghost Trick at the moment. It's a wonderful little thing, but I really don't like the d-pad.
  13. Camel

    What is spinning on your turntable?

    This weekend's jazz find. Think this one might be a bit too experimental for me.

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