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  1. Yes it’s excellent. I found it really hard to get into the rhythm of the game, however. Worth checking out old Saurian videos on YouTube to see how it can be played.
  2. Camel


    Omega Five is excellent as you’d expect from Natsume. I haven’t played it for yeeeears, mind.
  3. I haven’t used an emulator for years but I think CCS64 used to let you map keys to buttons.
  4. Stu Sausages has done a new song with Chris from Family Guy. https://open.spotify.com/track/2vfISVmT27CWZVOrczMcBa?si=knniZTntRx2d_ArjqGBCag&dl_branch=1
  5. I watched the film for the first time this year. So good. Haven’t read the book though. I have a soft spot for 1984 and Fahrenheit 451 (the older one) although neither are anywhere near as good as the books.
  6. Yeah that’s one of the rarer ones. I had two of those at one point and sold one to my brother for a tenner or something along with a console.
  7. I watched it without reading anything before and thought it was amazing.
  8. Absolutely and I think it also holds true for conversions even if you have access to the original, as each is a different experience, even if not arcade perfect.
  9. No, the first time I played it was on a PC Engine probably ten years ago now. I haven’t played it for a long time so can’t remember that much about it tbh, but it has a really great feel to it. The arc of the sword, the extra guys following you around, the ridiculously high jumps. One of those games where you can power up and feel pretty powerful, and the controls make you feel in charge. I’ll have to play it again and see if it holds up.
  10. I really love Ninja Spirit but have never played it in an arcade. I think it’s truly a great game but 100% agree about the last level. It’s so stupid.
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