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  1. I think Broker may have been bitten by a radioactive three year old.
  2. Thanks both. Sale is here if anyone is interested: https://www.powerhousefilms.co.uk/collections/sale I ordered the Five Tall Tales box set as I've been interested in that for a while.
  3. When you say it's turned up on Amazon, do you mean a UK version? I can't see it. Would still likely be cheaper in a 50% sale from the US though, no? Any Indicator recommendations? I think the only thing I have of theirs is the lovely Night of the Demon set.
  4. Think it's MD only although the Jp version is quite dramatically different. I think Psycho Fox for the Master System is related in some way.
  5. PSP Sega Rally is better than the big boy versions.
  6. Totally forgot about the need to work in an original case.
  7. Yes, I don't get why they had to design a new 'type' of keyboard. Not sure a generic keyboard would fit the bill though given the Spectrum's unusual key set.
  8. Becomes a lot more hobbyist then though, like the C64 Ultimate with people taking their own approaches to creating a full machine out of new/butchered cases etc. I backed the Next as I want a complete machine, ready to go, simply because I wouldn't really have the time to hack about with it in that way. It feels like they're so close, but this last stretch seems to be dragging on endlessly.
  9. No, I like racing games. I just don't understand the benefit of narrowing by genre. And if we narrow by genre each month when do I get to nominate Batalyx, Alter Ego, Reactor or Tau Ceti? I know we're never going to play Batalyx, Alter Ego, Reactor or Tau Ceti and you could probably force each of those into a genre, but I think that by narrowing it in such a way nobody is going to think of those games. A better example: Marble Madness. Which I suppose is a platform game. But if we decided on platform game as genre one month, I'd be surprised if Marble Madness popped into anyone's head. Also, I like the idea that anything can be suggested as I think it will throw up more interesting options. All that said, these are great threads so a) thanks b) carry on as you see fit My nomination: Turmoil - ZX Spectrum
  10. There's a boss you get to by going up right at the start of the bridge. It's not obvious at all you can even go that way.
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