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  1. Camel

    This is Hip-Hop.

    PS - I hope none of you are sleeping on the new Ace album.
  2. Camel

    This is Hip-Hop.

    This was really good and a much more personal film than I was expecting. Not much about the radio show/Fondle'em/hip hop in general, but I guess I should watch the Stretch & Bobbito documentary for that. Q&A with Bobbito was also really good and he was happy to meet people after for pictures and whatnot. Annoyingly my phone battery died and my mate blew me out so no pics for me. Stretch turned up too. Available for streaming now and I highly recommend it.
  3. Camel

    Pinball Games - Pinball FX, Pinball Arcade, etc

    Could be a third party replacement part I guess.
  4. Camel

    Pinball Games - Pinball FX, Pinball Arcade, etc

    @ZOK - just played the real thing again. My memory was only partially faulty; you can't see the rollovers very well but it's because the plastic around the ramp isn't very transparent. Not because of the dragon. Moving around doesn't help either.
  5. Camel

    Pinball Games - Pinball FX, Pinball Arcade, etc

    Another 3 Williams tables coming to PFX3 on Dec 4: Attack From Mars, Party Zone, Black Rose.
  6. Camel

    Sleaziest film ever made

    So what's the appeal?
  7. Camel

    Sleaziest film ever made

    What did you guys expect to get from Salo? I'm kind of curious about it but don't think I could bring myself to watch it.
  8. Camel

    Currently playing...

    Figured this out. None of the cars will go above 180kmh unless you fit a fuel cut defender :/ Of course, it's all in Japanese which makes it even harder to figure out. Anyway I'm now able to actually progress whoop whoop.
  9. ^ the daddy of boxing games. Hold the levers and throw punches, swivel the top part of the cabinet to weave. Used to play this on my annual visits to Margate as a kid. Another shout for Frank Bruno; think I always preferred the Spectrum version over the C64 one. Barry McGuigan's Boxing on the C64 had a really decent career mode. Hajime No Ippo on the GBA is worth a shot, but maybe try to find a translated rom. It's by Treasure. I never really got into it playing my Jp cart. Probably worth another go. There are PS2 games in the series too (Victorious Boxing over here) but no idea what those are like.
  10. Camel

    Console start up sounds

    GameCube is best.
  11. Camel

    Playstation Vita

    Great way to play (some*) PSP games too. * yes I know you can hack it to play them all
  12. Camel


    A Darius collection is amazing news! Is it really only for Switch though?
  13. Camel

    Currently playing...

    Shutokou Battle R - Playstation - Following a conversation with nakamura in another thread, decided to give this another shot as I wasn't really feeling it previously. I've yet to win a race, so not going massively well but I'll stick with it. The racing is nice with some decent drifting despite the digital-only controls.

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