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  1. Am I being overly sensitive or should that be spoilered?
  2. Good to hear. I went upstairs excitedly to play it and it turns out my Quest needs an update. Grrr. Did you end up getting a new card for this?
  3. Currently sat at a 92 on Metacritic
  4. Finished Voxelgram last night. Takes a bit of getting used to at the start but once the controls click it’s fine. Overall I didn’t find it particularly challenging, but it was a lovely chilled out experience. I especially liked the music. Now onto Murder By Numbers!
  5. It’s just a combination of a lower res image and a slightly different art style.
  6. Back up to £40.99 now, must‘ve been an error.
  7. I think the minimum spec is a GTX 1060
  8. We’ll be playing a new Half Life game this time next week! Woop!
  9. I’d just like to say that even though it’s incredibly repetitive, I absolutely love the music in Voxelgram. It’s so relaxing.
  10. Yep, seems to be screwed at the moment.
  11. Voxelgram has a stepped undo/redo on the shoulder buttons which I’ve found really helpful on a number of occasions.
  12. I do wonder if the reports saying it has solos and duos are just wrongly assuming it’s the case, as opposed to actually checking to see if it’s possible.
  13. There seems to be some confusion over this. I’ve seen some reports saying it’s Trios only, and a bunch of others saying you can do Solos and Duos as well.
  14. It looks like it’s in a league of its own, just like HL2 was when it first came out. Seems a shame that there will likely only be a small percentage of people that will get to play it, certainly for a while anyway.
  15. Yeah, apologies if I made anyone think you could do that! Just bought a compatible 8m USB-A to USB-C cable so I can link it.
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