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  1. With the exception of sega rally criterion made the only racing games I’ve ever actually enjoyed. It’s never been a genre I’ve enjoyed but someone put burnout 2 on once at a gaming meet and it blew me away. So so thanks for that. You guys made wonderful games and I look forward to seeing the new game.
  2. I think that’s me done for the current season as well. Bored of the WD and doesn’t seem worth levelling something else this close to season end. Not or sure what I’ll try next season. Depends on what the reward set is for the characters I suppose.
  3. Faded

    Devil May Cry 5

    It’s not a brilliant demo content wise but it looks and feels quite lovely. It’s Nero with the very basic move set and no exceed level 3. You do get to try two different devil bringers on him though. Those are going to be interesting. My timing for instant revving after attacks is completely gone and I managed to die on my first attempt at the boss because I’m a an embarrassment to my name and family because he’s super easy and they chuck green orbs at you. I was was always going to buy this anyways and this demo has just made me more impatient.
  4. Faded

    Devil May Cry 5

    That’s a lovely surprise. (I have no idea where my Xbox one controllers are )
  5. Faded


    Each to their own! I like the idea and always enjoy seeing new enemy types but traversing the actual areas and material gathering...
  6. Faded


    I have gone back to this to get that last trophy. Defiled amygdala took a lot of attempts, but I always felt like it was doable, just no room for error. Pthumerian descendent on on the other hand I really hated. Feel like I just got lucky in the end. Two layers to go now. I do wish the chalice dungeons were more fun.
  7. You only need to level a gem of ease which is trivial. Socketed in a weapon it removes level cap or you can cube it with anything and it removes level cap but is destroyed in the process. Takes no time to level another one though really. Great for alts but obviously, even if you make a complete set of level 1 legendary gear you won’t have access to it in the new season.
  8. This is a decent place to stop if you aren’t fussed about getting bigger numbers and getting into the higher rifts. To some extent it is just more of the same from here on in. In case case you do decide to keep going some items to look out for, for your build. Short mans finger - ring that gives you three mini gargantuan that hit way harder than your big one. This is probably the most important item for a helktooth build right now. Mask of jeraam voodoo mask and tasker and Theo gloves. Straight up pet damage boosts. Wear the better one and cube the other. Do act 1 bounties until you get a rrog from the cache and cube it so you can wear 5 pieces of a set and keep the bonus. Level up the enforcer, bane of the trapped and either bane of the stricken or powerful gems. Thats all all the game really is from this point on. Tracking down those specific pieces of gear that refine your build and watch the numbers get sillier. Then you’ll try and replace all of them with ancient versions which is where I tap out personally.
  9. Have you equipped the 4 pieces you already have of your set? Which one is it?
  10. Yeah but it’s way less painful to just get to 70 and power farm bounties with a character set up for it. My personal choice is an angry chicken witch doctor for blistering speed and sheer hilarity. You’ll get more mats in the same time, stock up on deaths breath and have a chance at getting some of the act reward legendary items. I really hate bounties though so take all this with a pinch of salt.
  11. You’ll get the set on whoever you open the seasonal reward cache on iirc. Once youre up up and running t6 and above. It’s not super hard to brute force class sets with a little bit of grinding. I was was a little short on time earlier so I’m regards to levelling an alt. At 70 finishing a nephelim rift will drop a keystone that allows you to run a greater rift. Finishing a greater rift will always drop a legendary gem until you have all of them. Successfully finishing greater rifts let’s you level these gems up. One of of them is gem of ease. It gives bonus xp per kill and at level 25 removes the level requirement on whatever weapon you put it in. For some reason I always seem to end up with an ancient legendary black guard 2H sword I have no use for every season I play so I stick it in that. If I can be bothered I’ll also craft the green set that boosts xp and stick that in the alt making the first 90% of levelling trivial. I just do rifts though. Too much running around not killing stuff in bounties.
  12. Just get to 70 first without worrying about anything else. You’ll have a million new things to look at from there. Its worth noting that the seasonal journey is once per account per season so if you want sets for alts you’ll have to get them the old fashioned way.
  13. Do greater rifts until you get a gem of ease and level it to 25+. Put it in some random 70 ancient legendary and you’ll rocket through levels so fast that initially the ui will struggle to keep up with reporting the right level increase.
  14. I had forgotten how irritating it is trying to farm one specific legendary
  15. Faded


    I never bothered with the parry. I nearly always end up running around with a two handed weapon. The axe is easy mode early on as the charged attack knocks pretty much anything around you down. I realky need need to go back and grab the platinum on this at some point. Just 2 chalice dungeons left to go or something but they’re so boring.

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