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  1. Giant Bomb Fan Club

    I had a medical professional stab me in the ear drum to release pressure once. It really sucked. Second worst things to happen to my ears after ben’s Dota chat this week.
  2. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    He may have offered but I’d bet he asked for an unrealistic financial award making it real easy to say no. Im bored of Conor now.
  3. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Ian McCall is the unluckiest man in the history of mma.
  4. What are you playing?

    Played Spartacus for the first time tonight with the mighty @graemandius and his family. That game is sheer delight.
  5. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    He’s saying that he didn’t intend to end the fight, but when he stepped over to end the round (regardless of what happens afterwards) he ended the fight.
  6. Middle Earth: Shadow of War

    I really wish there was a command to give my captains a little pat on the back.
  7. Secret of Mana Remake

    Wonder if they'll include/how they'll do super magic as you approach 8:99. Always thought it incredible that the best graphical effects in the original game were something the average player probably never saw.
  8. I'm really liking this. I don't really know what I'm doing with the combat as smacking the crap out of everything with some white magic gambits set up seems to have sufficed so far. I presume that other forms of magic become more useful later in the game. I'm always impressed when a jrpg makes it an enjoyable experience to grind though, haven't had this much fun doing nothing in a game since bravely default.
  9. Just switch your brain off!

    I'm genuinely quite stupid so I get to sidestep this problem fairly often, because I just don't notice a lot of these things until someone smarter puts it on IMDb.
  10. What are you playing?

    Finally got Cthulhu Wars to the table (floor) last week. Delighted that the mechanics are on par with the amazing production values.
  11. Diablo III - Switch announcement inbound

    I'll probably get another hundred hours out of the necro so the price didn't really bother me. I played a lot of diablo 2 necro so I was looking forward to this. Seems like they did a pretty good job in getting the spirit of the character into the D3 system. Ive been farming around torment 8 with the pestilence set fairly easily. I want to test out the summoner set build just need another piece or two and then I'll probably give it a rest until the season starts. Will be the first time I've really played in over a year so the dlc's done it's job on me.
  12. Tekken 7

    Playing this at basement level skill is hilarious. Rage arts are basically wake up ultras.
  13. Tekken 7

    It's clearly a jaguar mask. Hoping this has decent legs as I'm going to have to put off buying it until I'm less poor.
  14. Scythe mech for size comparison.
  15. I saw Cthulhu wars in a store when I was on holiday in Canada. No idea how it plays. Could not resist the huge minis. I had to buy a new suitcase to bring it home. I might need help.

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