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  1. Fitzcarraldo

    Films with one set.

    Not quite one location, but Oleanna takes place predominantly in an office with two characters talking to each other: https://letterboxd.com/film/oleanna/ And, in light of #metoo, probably more relevant now than it was in 1994. Edit: Actually, my memory is failing me. It might be set entirely in one room/office.
  2. Fitzcarraldo

    Bohemian Rhapsody - Rami Malek is Freddie Mercury

    This was the only one of the Best Picture nominees I hadn't seen so thought I'd give it a shot in spite of the fact that I'm not a huge Queen fan and even less of a fan of pedophile rapists. It still managed to be worse than I've heard. An atrocious film that fails in almost every aspect I can think of when it comes to what makes up a good movie. A music biopic about one of the industry's most charismatic frontmen (whatever your opinions are of the band's music, that much is undeniable) that, for the most part, could be about any band, ever. Disapproving parents, drug-fueled orgies, strained relationships because of the transient rock and roll lifestyle, formally dull montages of the band on tour (I can't believe this is nominated for Best Editing) and a mandatory band break-up. The best bit is the Live Aid concert at the end and even that's been overblown. Crap lip-syncing and effects that will age badly in a few years because it already looks ropey in 2019. Just go watch the actual performance by the actual band instead. Nothing of worth to see here. Rami Malek is the one bright spot. Ultimately, the film's problem is that it's boring. Really fucking boring.
  3. This is a compelling 90-minute argument for aliens to destroy the planet. Like Wayne's World with a bad ending, a relentless schadenfreude machine where you just have to laugh at the idiots organising this and the even bigger idiots who bought tickets, until the scale of exploitation of the locals (and the unpaid labour) is made clear and suddenly it stops being funny. Ja Rule seems like an aggressive, bullying dickhead.
  4. I'm just surprised the Best Actress category wasn't filled with male nominees. Edit: And don't get me started on the snubbing of Ethan Hawke.
  5. Fitzcarraldo

    EFL Championship 2018/19 - All aboard the rollercoaster

    The notes coming out of this are absolutely incredible: https://twitter.com/PhilHayYEP
  6. Fitzcarraldo

    Your favourite film of 2018?

    First Reformed. Ethan Hawke gives a career best performance and while it borrows its crisis of faith narrative from Bergman and Bresson, Schrader uses global warming to give it a fresh take. It's an apocalypse that's truly terrifying because it's real and is going to happen in the next couple of decades. It's sometimes a little on the nose with its call to action to save our planet but, well, we're pretty much past the point of being subtle about it. It needs to be screamed in our faces over and over again. It's also a very beautiful film and makes fantastic use of the Academy ratio.
  7. Maybe he can also tell people to not have their picture settings set to sport or something absurdly bright.
  8. Fitzcarraldo

    The Thing

  9. Fitzcarraldo

    The Thing

    I don’t believe so, but the Arrow release is so good it doesn’t matter. Unless you’re 4K UHD or nothing?
  10. Fitzcarraldo

    The Thing

    Looking at that top 100 list, if it's ever done again, hopefully we can get more female directed films on there. I'm sure I didn't help at the time.
  11. Fitzcarraldo

    The Thing

    The Blu-Ray from Arrow is faultless. Looks identical to the 35mm prints I’ve seen.
  12. Fitzcarraldo

    Favourite acting performance of all time

    David Thewlis in Naked.
  13. I hope they put Renegade Raider on the store as well. The tears will fill Loot Lake a million times over.
  14. Fitzcarraldo

    Perfect Films

    I find it hard to think of any film I'd call perfect - maybe I'm too picky because even my favourite films have qualities that I could see not going down well with other people. I adore McCabe & Mrs Miller more than anything, but the sound mixing isn't great and I can see why some might find the ambling plot off-putting. I think Sherlock Jr. is about as close to perfect as it's possible to be. 40 minutes and I don't know what else you could do to make that film better. It's funny, heartwarming, fast-paced, beautifully shot, incredible stunts, surreal, innovative.

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