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  1. Pretty sure Kante is fully appreciated now and he's not some secret that only a select few have noticed. Everyone understands his brilliance.
  2. Say what you want about the rest of them, but I simply can't trust anyone who dislikes Retribution, which is a brilliant action film.
  3. R.I.P. Might do a Blue Collar-Across 110th Street double-bill tonight.
  4. Oh look, Liverpool have a proper DM in the midfield and Thiago is having his best game for Liverpool. How interesting.
  5. Eureka's Man of the West Blu-Ray is definitely worth picking up. Edit: Oh, it seems it's OOP and now expensive to get hold of. Nonetheless, I recommend watching it.
  6. Walk Hard (2007, Jake Kasdan) - This has aged well. It should be illegal to make boring, paint-by-numbers musical biopics after Walk Hard all but finished off the genre. As with all sucessful spoofs, this works because Jake Kasadan and Judd Apatow clearly love the subject. It helps that the musical numbers are actually good. 4/5 Malcolm & Marie (2021, Sam Levinson) - Other than the way it's shot and the two leads doing the best they can with what they're given, this is, yeesh, not good. Yearns to be screencapped and captioned on Instagram and Twitter for years to come and I sup
  7. Yep, if David Mackenzie's on a job you know it's going to be all right. For instance, Studio Canal's Mulholland Drive is better than Criterion's.
  8. It took me a second viewing to really vibe with it, I must admit. Enjoyed it enough in the cinema - found it to be a revelation at home once I had a better handle on the winding plot.
  9. To each his own, but I strongly believe Inherent Vice is not just his best film, but the best film of the past 10-years, by anyone. A stone cold masterpiece that I get the urge to rewatch at least once a month.
  10. I love silly non-game breaking bugs in open world games. Give me more people eating chips that float in mid-air.
  11. Agreed. Just finished the game and The Valley of Defilement was my favourite area (Latria prison close behind for atmosphere alone). 5-2 in particular was so great. Perhaps I'd have felt differently without health regenerating items that rendered the poison effects almost non-existent. I loved how much of a miserable shit hole it was. Every step forward without dying felt like a monumental achievement. Finding that shortcut was like finding water in a desert.
  12. 3-2, 4-2 and 5-2 done tonight. I must be sick because I loved 5-2. Oppressive shithole of a level, just the way I like it. After hearing so much about 4-2 I found it all right. The boss was very simple due to a certain ring, so I thankfully slipped the stress of the run back.
  13. My girlfriend picked a great time to accidentally cast a YouTube video to my TV as I was one or two hits from killing Maneater.
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