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  1. I love silly non-game breaking bugs in open world games. Give me more people eating chips that float in mid-air.
  2. Agreed. Just finished the game and The Valley of Defilement was my favourite area (Latria prison close behind for atmosphere alone). 5-2 in particular was so great. Perhaps I'd have felt differently without health regenerating items that rendered the poison effects almost non-existent. I loved how much of a miserable shit hole it was. Every step forward without dying felt like a monumental achievement. Finding that shortcut was like finding water in a desert.
  3. 3-2, 4-2 and 5-2 done tonight. I must be sick because I loved 5-2. Oppressive shithole of a level, just the way I like it. After hearing so much about 4-2 I found it all right. The boss was very simple due to a certain ring, so I thankfully slipped the stress of the run back.
  4. My girlfriend picked a great time to accidentally cast a YouTube video to my TV as I was one or two hits from killing Maneater.
  5. Variety (1983, Bette Gordon) - A fascinating role reversal neo-noir in which a woman stalks a creepy man after she takes a job selling tickets at an adult cinema. Her sexual awakening is kick-started by the sordid and inescapable desire of the male customers she interacts with (or observes). The neon soaked grime of New York is shot beautifully. Grain everywhere. Lovely. 4/5 The Conformist (1970, Bernardo Bertolucci) - Second attempt and much the same response: not much of a response at all. I can see the beauty, you'd have to be blind not to appreciate what's achieved visually, bu
  6. It's not hard to believe that a lot of people find the runs back to the boss rooms maddening, nothing wrong with feeling that way. But personally, they are my time to decompress and clear the red mist. Get rid of the tension. If I had a bonfire right outside the boss room and could repeat a fight over and over again within seconds of dying, I'd probably end up breaking my controller, because I'd be taking the cumulative frustration of previous attemps with me into the next attempt. But that's me, I work better giving myself a bit of time to settle down. In other games, that would mean turning
  7. Jumping between Spider-Man (square to attack) to this is problematic. Accidentally used all of my moon grass inside ten-minutes of the opening bit.
  8. Thanks for this, changing the settings on my C9 to what the person recommended made a huge difference. I had wondered why Astro Bot looked a little blurry and slightly dull. Edit: And now I've just gone back to Spider-Man and holy shit it looks incredible.
  9. The tiny patterns on the controller are ridiculous. I know they're there and I can still barely see them with my face a millimeter away from the controller.
  10. Hope everyone gets theirs soon. Here's my dog Hugo for scale purposes. He's more interested in destroying the box it came in.
  11. Having more than one single player game on the go is serial killer behaviour.
  12. Probably should have cut Souness' mic as soon as he said Lamela's behaviour was "very Latin." The rest of his British exceptionalism rant was even worse.
  13. My brother ordered from Very and decided to call them to confirm his order, which they did. So if you're feeling antsy and want confirmation either way you could do that.
  14. Yeah, I don't know what settings you're running, but many of the best 4K films I've got are old films that have been properly handled. Alien is about as good as it gets outside of seeing it projected on film.
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