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  1. I'm probably thinking of a replay camera or something then. But yes, such a good game, my mates and I all spent hours in multiplayer on it and all bought our own copies so we could make and share tracks. I still have it's theme tune stuck in my head all these years later
  2. Has anyone else read We3 by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely? I read it the other day and met with my book club to discuss it tonight, Id never heard of it, but then I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to comics. I particularly liked how it used the panels to tell the story and I also liked that there wasn't alot of dialogue with every emotion and thought being better represented by the artwork.
  3. 4. We3 - Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely Really enjoyed this, it does some interesting things that you don't really see so much in Western comics.
  4. ReVolt was another RC game, on most platforms around the Dreamcast area, I think you could use an RC style camera too though I never used it
  5. Maus is an astonishing piece of work that's so very easily overlooked because "it's a comic innit?"
  6. 2. Chernobyl Prayer - Svetlana Alexievich A pretty difficult read for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, the stuff the people within describe is heartbreaking, this is a collection of the stories of the people who's very lives were altered by the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant, and secondly, because the person who collected these stories has been very careful to make sure that shes given them their voices, the tales often go off on tangents or become romanticised and waffly, however, its very much worth reading. 3. That Near Death Thing - Rick Broadbent This is tells the stories of some of the key players at the 2010 and 2011 Isle of Mann TT events, we get to see inside the minds of John McGuinness, Guy Martin, Conor Cummins and Michael Dunlop and how each of them approaches such a challenging and dangerous race different. Like the event itself, the book absolutely rockets by and is possibly one of the best motorcycle racing books I've ever read.
  7. wev


    Just bought Junchi Ito's No Longer Human, I was originally going to get Uzimaki but my comics store don't currently accept National Book Tokens and Waterstones didn't have it in stock, I was torn between this and Smashed.
  8. wev


    Yeah, despite my "stop the rot" comment it's hard to if ore that last could have (and probably would have under Emery) been alot worse, there's definetly a different energy coming from the players, though Lacazette was pretty much invisible again, I like the guy but at the moment I don't think we'd miss him if he was sold.
  9. wev


    Mind you 100% of Arsenal's shots have gone in the goal
  10. wev


    Eurgh the rot just won't stop
  11. wev

    Our Screen

    Find this via a friend sharing it on Facebook as someone is trying to organise a screening of Spirited Away at Bedfords Vue. Basically, you can organise a screening of a film of your choice at your local cinema, the website will then give you a ticket price and the number of bookings needed for the screening to go ahead. I think it's a great idea and enables film lovers to potentially see their favourite films at their local cinema. Has anyone used it before? https://www.ourscreen.com/
  12. Does anyone live near to Bedford and fancies seeing Spirited Away on the big screen? Someones used Our Screen to create a showing at the local Vue on 31st February they need 29 more bookings for the screening to go ahead https://facebook.com/events/s/spirited-away-on-the-big-scree/129782484774011/?ti=as I've booked and am considering trying to organise a showing of Princess Mononoke in the near future.
  13. Like others have said, everyone does that at corners, same with players walking an extra few yards along the touchline at throw ins
  14. Last night I finished the msq line for Heavensward, obviously got all the post Heavensward stuff to get through before I get to Stormblood. I also attended a Ceremony of Eternal Bonding last week https://barharukiya.wordpress.com/2020/01/19/the-ceremony-of-eternal-bonding/
  15. wev


    Where was Lacazette yesterday? I can't remember any of Arsenal's chances where he was in the box. Pepe has really shown alot of promise since Arteta took over and almost everything positive yesterday came through him, but Lacazette needs to step up
  16. https://barharukiya.wordpress.com/2020/01/16/throwbackthursday-final-fantasy-ix-playthrough-part-20/
  17. That conker feature is excellent, though I never got to play it.
  18. Beside Sony love plastic bits that stick out and consoles that don't fit flush with anything else. The PS2 looked like it belonged on a book case if stood upright, the PS3 had curves and the PS4 had a diagonal front and back which means it looks fucking weird. These things are designed to be awkward to look at/use.
  19. Who gives a shit what it looks like? All consoles look like embarrassing bits of fucking plastic, as long as it has Persona 6 and the next FFXIV expansion (it will do, Yoshi P has confirmed FFXIV will be on PS5) then then that's all that matters.
  20. wev


    I see The Metro have linked Arsenal with a move for John Stones, I doubt it'll happen (and Arsenal seem to be being linked to anyone whos out of favour), but Arteta shouldn't be looking to fix an error prone defence with an error prone defender.
  21. I'm really looking forward to this one.
  22. I've always struggled with Tom Hanks, I like Joe versus the Volcano and The Burbs but otherwise he's one of those actors that I don't understand why he's s big draw
  23. @kerraig UK I hadn't forgotten that I promised to post this, it was scheduled for this evening https://wp.me/pWXKT-pZ
  24. Prime seem to have got rid of the "Sort by Included with Prime" option, or they have on the Virgin Media version of the app.
  25. Notts County in the National League
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