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  1. wev


    This lot do know there's 38 games in a Premier League season don't they?
  2. So, could this be the "true" PS4 version? With perhaps the original release being compromised due to the PS3 version?
  3. @PeteBrantis now Robert Kubica and will still be faster than me!
  4. I've not watched the video but from what I understand some non-first party GBA games were shrink wrapped rather than Nintendo seal wrapped, or so a post on one or the Facebook retro groups suggests
  5. @gossi the dog confirmed for having every copy of FIFA since FIFA 07 boxed up and sealed "just in case"
  6. wev

    Formula One - 2019 Season

    Is anybody interested in those novelty Haynes manuals? The Works are selling one for the FW14B and another for the Brabham BT52 for £6 each
  7. wev

    Sony PSP Appreciation Thread

    Had a bit of time to myself today now all three kids are back at school (eldest went back today, middle one today and youngest was at nursery this morning) so went for a stroll around the charity shops, only found this
  8. Yep, that's the one, although after a bit of a chat the term "borrow" was loosely applied
  9. I spent a long time trying to get my head around it with somebody who now runs (or is at th very least a moderator) a site called SealedGameHeaven and gave up in the end. There's even sites that'll grade them and seal them in a plastic case for you like the comic book and action figure collectors do now
  10. I picked mine up for a fiver at a car boot sale in 97 with Tetris, Gremlins 2 and Castlevania, I then bought Wave Race and then later Pokémon Red. I think I still have it somewhere but it doesn't power on anymore.
  11. wev

    In honour of Star Wars (1983)

    Sounds like going on Twitter after leaving a screening of a Star Wars movie
  12. wev

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Did he crash shortly after taking that photo?

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