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  1. wev


    Also it's nice to hear that Wenger is enjoying life away (well, mostly) from football at the moment https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/aug/20/arsene-wenger-horizon-hours-arsenal
  2. wev


    https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/aug/18/tony-adams-arsenal-fish-and-chips-football-drinking-culture A coupl of funny annecdotes from Adams, particularly from when he gave up drinking.
  3. I think the Chinese restaurant was in all the games.
  4. We used to do a team death match on the original TimeSplitters on the Chinese level against the maximum number of AI bots using proximity mines
  5. wev

    Sport Documentaries

    Grand Prix: The Killer Years was indeed a difficult watch, the same people did one on Group B rallying iirc. I think it was this one
  6. That was top of my Christmas list, I got the bike but no ginger mullet kid
  7. wev

    Is "Game" finished?

    I used to really like the Piggyback Final Fantasy guides (well the one for VIII, VII was by BradyGames) until I got the one for IX, the art and presentation levels were still top notch but most of the games secrets were put up on a separate website instead meaning a key section of previous guides weren't included but they were charging the same price.
  8. wev


    Iwobi scored? Emery must be doing something right!
  9. wev


    Hmm, it's that back line again that's the problem and not happy that Guendouzi only has Xhaka for support again but glad the young lad has made the starting line up again.
  10. wev


    Dave's gone to Napoli
  11. wev


    The defence being shit and Cech being first choice go hand in hand imo, the defence doesn't feel fully confident with Cech behind them and likewise he lacks confidence with them in front of them.
  12. wev

    The BTCC Thread

    With tanks?
  13. Didn't know you could do that. But the tools on offer a more cumbersome than what I used on the XBox 360 Forzas, like unless I'm missing something you can't group decals and you can only adjust the a decals in the aspect ratio it's already been assigned? So a square will always be a square etc
  14. Wow the livery editor in this is shit

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