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  1. Weren't there rumours of stuff not being good at Nintendo (in Japan and America) when the Activision, Unisoft, Rockstar and CD Projekt Red allegations were coming out?
  2. Brian Brassic?
  3. For some reason I had this down as a f2p arena based multiplayer game
  4. When Andersen planks after the headbutt
  5. wev


    Jesus reminds me of Ian Wright The way he moves, the range of chances he takes, the fact he causes problems on and off the ball.
  6. Wtf is that goal kick routine all about?
  7. Is Maguire the tractor?
  8. Brentford getting the customary first half thrashing in early
  9. Man Utd players can't see each other because of their kits
  10. wev


    I'm actually genuinely surprised by how much he swears!
  11. wev

    Best New Music 2022

    Was listening to NTS.Live last night, on a channel playing Asian post hardcore, post punk, shoegaze and new wave and this came up https://open.spotify.com/track/34eTMZUrP3zru9osOnJfYA?si=hMGjPoI-SYWiAlAruuVAUw&utm_source=copy-link It's in Mandarin so I've no idea what they're singing but it was so chill I had to share
  12. wev


    Rhythm, my ass!
  13. To be fair Sultans of Swing is one of the greatest songs ever recorded
  14. His call sign would have to have been #blessed
  15. Did he get lost? Will he Burnley's Juninho?
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