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  1. Yeah I bounced off ESWAT, tried the Mega Drive version on my CFW PSP and just could not get into it. Everyone knows what they're getting with GnG though so at least it's something that's easier to discuss.
  2. You could mount the Piquet Jr one on your wall. Race was a typical Vettel win, get those good tyres on, put in some fast laps then keep the car behind at arm's length, that it was his team mate and that he's still #1 at Ferrari despite LeClerc dominating him all season only aided that.
  3. wev


    I'm hoping we see more of Chambers and Holding, Mustafi blew all his chances last season, Sokratis seems to have spent the pre-season rooming with Mustafi and has picked up his habits, Luiz has given away two ridiculous penalties this season so Chambers and Holding couldn't do much worse (and could benefit from a timely return from Bellerin, nothing against AMN but he's been found wanting in his defensive duties a few times too many this season already). Then it's just see how Tierney works out once he's fit again.
  4. wev


  5. Whatever Man Utd can do Arsenal can do better
  6. wev

    NieR: Automata

    I started this during the week after having on my pile of shame since Christmas I think. The fact it's getting a crossover raid with FFXIV pushed me to actually start it and I'm so glad I have. I'm about 8 hours in and am heading to the Forest King (I think), but it's all I can think about gaming wise. It's such a stunning looking game too, the locations have all been amazing, not to mention it makes you question everything you see. That's all without mentioning the soundtrack, which feels like that from Ghost in the Shell. Has this been posted in here? (I've not read through any of the thread as I don't want to spoil anything)
  7. Notts County lost again and it sounds as though the manager is becoming rather frustrated at the state of his defence, though I think maybe he's being a bit harsh as it's hardly like he's having to deal with Mustafi and Luiz
  8. wev

    Best New Music 2019

    This won the Mercury music prize, whom one of the nominees was also IDLES' "Joy as an Act of Resistance" I'm surprised to say I really liked it when I listened to it yesterday (though I'm not sure the words "like" or "enjoyed" are the correct term) "Lesley" is a hard track to listen to but, I think, is very very important, likewise Black
  9. Here you go guys, Part 10. Dagger gets her first eidolon this week https://barharukiya.wordpress.com/2019/09/19/throwbackthursday-final-fantasy-ix-playthrough-part-10/
  10. wev


    Luiz and Mustafi starting, how many penalties will Leno let in?
  11. They've got the wrong Burnout on there (yes we're doing that again)
  12. Nice to see a list placing ICO above Shadow of the Colossus for a change, both are stunning games but I feel ICO often gets overlooked compared to SotC. No representation from the Persona series is kinds of wrong.
  13. Plus can you imagine the state of Twitter if anything other than VII was on there!? Next part will be up this evening, it's not as long as last week's.
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