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  1. Yeah but he's English and not Raheem Sterling, so it's gamesmanship.
  2. No, the correct term is "clever at drawing fouls". I see alot of the media are still focusing on Grealish, I thought he played well, was exciting when on the ball, but there seems to be a wilfull ignorance surrounding Saka's performance, who was basically everywhere last night, if there'd have been an opportunity for him to put on some gloves and go in goal I'm sure he'd have done an excellent job there too.
  3. I think this referee's whistle is made from the same plastic as Switch cartridges
  4. He's protecting the 1-0
  5. I mean drop Rice, or Phillips, England only need one of them on the pitch as they've looked better when they've been stretching teams. It probably wouldn't work, there's a reason I'm shit at Football Manager.
  6. I'd like to see Saka, Grealish, Foden and Phillips start the next match. I've no idea how Southgate would make that work but fuck it, let's go all out!
  7. England are even trying switch flanks without going back to the the centre backs first! Wtf is going on!?
  8. Sakas making a big difference too, permanently chasing the ball, finding space and dragging players out of position
  9. Looking forward to Saka starting
  10. The Prodigy have remixed Breathe with RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan on vocals
  11. Yeah, it was the opener but everyone forgets the full draw with Switzerland at Euro 96. The result isn't the problem here, it's the nature of the performance
  12. Which considering all the talk is still about "will Maguire start?" Is a huge credit to him
  13. ITV (w)anchor trying to downplay Scotland's performance
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