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  1. Good one this week!
  2. And FFXIV is essentially single player with a smattering of multiplayer quests anyway
  3. wev


    I've not watched the sub of evangelion since my mate got dodgy DVD copies off of eBay back in 2000, rewatches have been via streams that have always been dubbed for whatever reason.
  4. Ah yes, of course. I get so easily side tracked in this. Hell I seem to spend most of my time teleporting around the map to do quests when really I should look what's in the areas surrounding my current location and mop stuff up that way
  5. wev


    Yes. Although he's arguably worse in the original dub.
  6. How do you know what's MSQ and what's not? Not that I'm massively fussed
  7. When do you get a mount? I can't remember when I got Boco. They come with additional storage now which is where I keep my food, bait and Chocobo training items until I need them.
  8. I keep looking at guides for Dragoon and they're impenetrable paragraphs of acronyms.
  9. I'd love to see Akira on a cinema screen but my towns shite at doing anything like that and I don't drive.
  10. Depends what you enjoy from the sport. As for this year, we're a few years into the current regulations, it's always taken a shake up of the rules for the field to level out and Ferrari have been a laughing stock since Schumacher, Today and Brawn all left, they're not going to be a genuine contender until they can sort their management issues out.
  11. Tbh I'm surprised it took this long for Paddy to become Billy Butlins
  12. Another week without seeing the power lap, so no Stig? Chris got his own back on Freddie this week too
  13. That midfield battle with Sainz, Norris, Ricciardo, Raikkonen and Hulkenberg has the potential for some really exciting racing over the remainder of the season. As for those saying Mercedes running away with it is a bit dull, that's just Formula 1. It's nearly always one team being dominant and every one else taking what they can get to keep up
  14. I've still got my VHS of Akira in the loft that I bought from Travelling Man in Nottingham in 2000, it's got two tapes in it, one of which is making of documentary. Never gonna part with it.
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