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  1. Alshie

    An Essay For Edge And Games Tm

    My favourite bit was when he said he got “publicity” online for scalping SNES Mini’s and linked to a post on a forum where the second poster is calling him a cunt.
  2. I’m also up for this in theory! Would depend on which night etc gets settled on.
  3. Alshie

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    So I got an email about the Kickstarter and it has a lot more information. £28 tier gets you six months access. Various other tries give longer terms and/or discounted subscription for life. I am still really curious about this - definitely going to try it out at what looks like £5 a month. The communication has been god awful though.
  4. Alshie

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    That’s part of what I thought was weird! Interested to see what the pledges are.
  5. Alshie

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    So this is a Kickstarter now? Something about that is troubling after all this time. Im still excited to see if it works but any buzz seems to have disappeared.
  6. I was just coming on to post the same. Just had the text
  7. Mine arrived! Correct colours. Will be getting a Micro Machines 2 session going after work. edit: not sure how to rotate the pics?
  8. Mine landed in London! No idea if they do Sunday deliveries though.
  9. I was forgetting that there isn't the same level of custom chips for MD as there was for the SNES. I may end up doing that initially, I have the original carts for most of the games I really like anyway, just keen to try a few of the harder to get/prohibitively expensive ones.
  10. Good to know, will just do that then and cross my fingers!
  11. Alshie

    The Division 2

    I have a turret (machine gun) and a wee drone that explodes things like petroleum tanks etc ill try try and get some more unlocked and mix it up. Also not yet found a gun I’m super happy with so need more loot to drop
  12. Alshie

    The Division 2

    Finding this much harder in solo play than the first one. Still enjoying it but have died a lot from the melee dudes. Is there a RLLMUK Xbox clan?
  13. Well yeah. But there are other good Megadrive games that I don’t own currently and aren’t super easy to get a hold of. And the point is also to do to have an easy way to play the games on a modern telly without modding console and passing through OSSC etc.
  14. So I went to order a Mega Everdrive X7 and everywhere is out of stock. What’s the deal? is it everyone prepping for the Mega SG or did I miss something? Official site has in stock but id rather get off a reseller to avoid import charges etc. Even looked at at us sellers as I have relatives there coming over in a few weeks.
  15. My understanding is that the Mega SG won’t work with the Bluetooth pad. Ive got a Bluetooth pad here for my switch and a 2.4g one for the Mega SG when it arrives.

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