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  1. Alshie

    Nintendo Switch

    I never even saw that when I had to upgrade. I just lost the 9 months I had left on my solo
  2. Congratulations to Tim Langdell!
  3. Thanks. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t going past the point of no return. I’d forgotten about Bitterback Isle - ended up their really early and it seemed like I shouldn’t be!
  4. I’m at a quest called And it seems like this might be the end? I’m only level 43. And there is a fair bit of the map still cloudy but I don’t have any side quests left apart from the idol one. Should i wander to find more or can I keep playing after the quest above. Ie is there an endgame post finish?
  5. Yeah I really liked it, just swapped to level something else for a bit, think I'll be going back later on though.
  6. Must just be bad luck, or maybe I got lucky early on and got some good ones!
  7. Yeah I started as a Strider then max vocation levelled Magick Archer and now I've swapped to Assassin. Not nuts on Assassin so far but literally just started it.
  8. I’m enjoying this but I never seem to find any new gear that’s better than the stuff I have already. I am about 20 hours in and other than when I’ve switched vocation I’ve not really needed to swap out the daggers I bought really early doors. Am I missing something? I’ve upgraded the ones I have to one star but haven’t got the materials yet to go further. Also - am I correct in thinking I should be swapping vocations to boost stats?
  9. Has anyone played the football game that looks like a bit like Sensi?
  10. My favourite bit was when he said he got “publicity” online for scalping SNES Mini’s and linked to a post on a forum where the second poster is calling him a cunt.
  11. I’m also up for this in theory! Would depend on which night etc gets settled on.
  12. So I got an email about the Kickstarter and it has a lot more information. £28 tier gets you six months access. Various other tries give longer terms and/or discounted subscription for life. I am still really curious about this - definitely going to try it out at what looks like £5 a month. The communication has been god awful though.
  13. That’s part of what I thought was weird! Interested to see what the pledges are.
  14. So this is a Kickstarter now? Something about that is troubling after all this time. Im still excited to see if it works but any buzz seems to have disappeared.
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