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  1. this has made me consider a trip down to Liverpool.
  2. Alshie

    Nintendo Switch

    Has there been any word of a stand alone western Strikers 1945 III release? It is on the collection but I already have every other game on it so struggling to justify a purchase even with the extras.
  3. thanks for the heads up on this - picked it up on iTunes for the same price.
  4. Alshie

    Nintendo Switch

    Same here. I’ve been wondering about setting something up. I’ll see if I have time today. Just a basic page with a list would be good initially - the one on retronauts has not been updated since near launch
  5. Alshie

    Nintendo Switch

    I got mine through the Kickstarter which I am fairly sure was Fangamer shipped. I mainly use for shmups eg Gunbird 2, Danmaku Unlimited but I’ve heard people saying they use for pinball stuff which isn’t really my bag. Loads of games support it now but there are still a few that don’t rotate the right way - I’ve never found a complete up to date list.
  6. Alshie

    Nintendo Switch

    It’s wonderful
  7. Thanks - I’ll check that out.
  8. Sigh. My kids joycon is drifting up quite badly - I thought they had changed the design to fix this? What was the forum solution again? Is it WD-40 in the stick slot?
  9. I’d agree with that. I enjoyed both of them but I think the Messenger is a cut above.
  10. Yeah. They email you the code and you redeem to download. Code is usually really quick and I have used loads with no problems. You will still get the gold points.
  11. Back on this with a vengeance. Request sent
  12. What do I need to do to play Metal Gear with the least issues. Do I need to add an ntsc version of Metal Gear separately or does playing the stock one through retro arch work as well? reading conflicting things online.
  13. I tried all the sticks I had lying around with no success. Ordered the one linked in first post and it worked first time. Set up the OTG thing on the back port and use one of the higher capacity sticks in there.
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