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  1. It's an obvious thing to say, but Daniel Day Lewis really is phenomenal in this. So many of today's lauded actors, like Hiddleston and Cumberbatch, are fine actors, but you can really see them acting. All you see when watching Day Lewis is the character. For me he embodies the role like no other. A true master of his craft. Would love to see him come out of retirement in ten years time and do one last film with PTA.
  2. Gomorrah (TV series)

    That scene was really tough going. superbly done.
  3. Gomorrah (TV series)

    All 12 episodes watched now. Absolutely epic TV making. Think this is my favourite season so far. Gonna be a long wait for season 4 now.
  4. Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood predators

    Definitely comes across as creepy, but I think this was most likely just a very misjudged attempt at humour.
  5. The more I think about it, the more I love it. I agree, definitely has a Kubric vibe. I didn't think I'd see a film that tops Three Billboards, or Shape Of Water this year, but this does. Best film I've seen in a long time.
  6. The criticism of GOT s7 was way over the top in my opinion. I've just finished re watching seasons 1-7 in the space of about a month, and watching them all together didn't feel a dip in quality at all. S7 definitely has a different pace to it, but so it should considering the stakes are vastly raised. My wife who watched it with me for her first time, and was completely unaware of the Internet Ho hah, loved season 7. Very happy to have Star Wars in their hands (and Rian Johnson's).
  7. So, what is the best Video Game movie

    Warcraft for me. Far from perfect, but I always really enjoy watching it.
  8. Inside No.9

    Loved all the 80's jokes. Particularly the mousetrap one.
  9. No one been to see this yet? I loved it. Up there with There Will Be Blood as my favourite PTA film now. It's stunning to look at, and beautifully acted by the three main actors. It's also much funnier and more playful than I thought it would be after seeing the trailer.
  10. Gomorrah (TV series)

    First episode watched. As brilliant as ever. I'd forgotten how amazing the cinematography and music are in this. Just head and shoulders above most other shows.
  11. Monster Hunter: World

    Does the game scale the difficulty up when you set a mission up as being able to have 4 players, or is the difficulty scaled when players join in via SOS? I like to solo with the option of calling for help if needed but don't want to make things hard on myself. Apologies if asked a hundred times before.
  12. Inside No.9

    Great episode I thought. The "she reminds me of grandma" line had me proper laughing.
  13. Monster Hunter: World

    Is there any advantage (other than looking cool) to having a complete armour set, or is it better to mix up what's available?
  14. Gomorrah (TV series)

    And all 12 episodes will be available straight away on Sky boxsets. That's next weekend sorted.
  15. That was truly brilliant. This and The Shape Of Water should win all the awards.

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