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  1. Bazjam


    I keep seeing lots of people on Twitter venting fury about the reviews this film got. I never understand why people get so angry about films getting a 5 star review, and are so determined to tell you abot their anger. It's almost like we've all got different tastes or something.
  2. Bazjam


    Horror I'd say.
  3. Bazjam


    I think it's more about the vibe it creates rather than the outright scares. Look at something like Dawn Of The Dead, for me probably the greatest horror movie of all time, but not one I would ever describe as scary.
  4. Bazjam

    Good new horror films

    I find that the best horror films are creepy rather than scary. I rarely get scared by films, but that may be because I've seen so many horrors that I've made myself immune. The only films that get to me tend to be Asian horror films. Something to do with the unfamiliar setting just adds to the creepiness. Haven't seen it since it came out, but the original Ringu really creeped me out. The scariest scene though would have to be the diner one in Mulholland Drive. Literally the stuff of nightmares. Lynch's films don't often get categorised as horror, but for me they absolutely are.
  5. Bazjam


    I like Kermode a lot, but I feel he's way of the mark with this one. I completely disagree with his comment about non horror fans enjoying it more. Horror is my favourite genre, and both me and my mate who I went with (a huge horror buff) loved it. His constant comparisons to It Comes At Night and The Babadook were telling, as in my opinion they are both good films but very overrated. For me this is the far better film. For my the final third was fantastic. But that is the part that will divide opinions.
  6. Bazjam


    Kill List was the film I thought of whilst watching as well. I think we've been in a really good period of horror in recent years With films like this, Kill List, Raw, Get Out and The Witch.
  7. Bazjam

    Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood predators

    I don't mind the categories being split as it gives the chance for more performances to be highlighted. As long as one's not given more importance than the other (which it doesn't feel like they are). I think I'm right in saying that the Oscars alternate each year which one is given last.
  8. Bazjam


    I think I'm going to watch it again next week as I think there will be a lot to be picked up on a second viewing. Things like..
  9. Bazjam


    Loved it. The film has a really chilling atmosphere to it which even now a couple of hours later I'm struggling to shake off. I think it's a film that will really devide audiences as it's getting a lot of hype and a big release, yet it's a film that doesn't pander at all to the popcorn crowd. Heard a number of grumbles when I left the cinema. But wow, what a film. Beautifully shot, acted, and paced. One hell of a debut film.
  10. I've skipped the last couple, but I think this setting has me interested again. Looks promising.
  11. Bazjam

    The Leftovers. (HBO show)

    Season 3 was my favourite. Especially the last three episodes.
  12. Bazjam

    Gaming Podcasts

    I think they said it's due to the success of his Rock Reacts YouTube channel. It seems to have really taken off, so I guess he wants to devote more time to that. Shame, as for me his game reviews are the best on this or any podcast. Hope he still makes the odd appearance.
  13. Bazjam

    Is your local cinema terrible?

    I live in West Cornwall and we only have independent cinemas down here. The best by far is The Newlyn Filmhouse. It's two screens with a fantastic bar and restaurant, and really knowledgeable enthusiastic staff. Best of all, they have the Kermode & Mayo code of conduct posted up, and don't allow food in the screens. Beer and wine is of course fine. My favourite place to spend a day off.
  14. I enjoy his games too. Far too busy with Yakuza 6 at the moment, but will definitely pick this up after.
  15. Bazjam

    Watchmen possibly coming to HBO

    I'm glad they're taking it in a different direction. And after The Leftovers I've got a lot of faith in Lindelof. In fact they did a similar thing with The Leftovers, started with an original text and then went their own way with it, and the show really came to life once they had departed (sorry) from the book.

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