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  1. After all this talk, I’ve decided to do a rewatch of Too Old To Die Young. Up to episode 5. That slow car chase to The sounds of Barry Manilow really is one of my favourite things ever. Love this show.
  2. Possessor 4.5/5 New film directed by Brandon Cronenberg, who’s clearly a chip of his old mans block. An absolutely brutal psychological horror.
  3. Brilliant episode. They’re being remarkably faithful to the book (from memory), and it looks like they won’t shy away from the themes of the third book. So happy with this adaptation.
  4. I really enjoyed the new books, especially the second one.
  5. I charge my controller from a plug. Haven’t plugged it into the console since I set it up. I love how they’re using USB C now. Means I can just use the one charger by my chair for the controller, my iPad, and my phone.
  6. Looks like WKW might be working on a follow up to Chunking Express. Really hope this goes ahead. I adore the original. https://www.indiewire.com/2020/09/chungking-express-sequel-written-wong-kar-wai-1234588877/
  7. I’m a massive fan. Am I right in thinking this is just a US release though? Gutted if it is (unless it’s multi region) as I’d love this. And as @Sabremansaid, why the hell are they using the Miramax cut of The Grandmaster. The longer cut is far superior.
  8. Wheatley does seem to bring out the best in Sam Riley. He was superb in Rebecca as well. I’m a big fan of Ben Wheatley, and had many a disagreements with Kerraig on the subject. But fair play to him, he always gave his films a try despite not being a fan.
  9. I’m furloughed, my wife’s staying with her parents as shielding, and my 16 year old son has no interest in leaving his room. So until my PS5 arrives, I have a ridiculous amount of time for watching films. Watched all these today. When Marnie Was There 4.5/5 Seen this many times. One of my favourite Ghibli films, and certainly one of their most underrated. The ending gets me every time. Crimson Peak 3.5/5 First time rewatching this since it came out. Not prime Del Toro, but their is a lot to love here, especially how it looks. Del Toro always desc
  10. Daisy was superb tonight.
  11. Everything about the show is unusual. In the best possible way.
  12. Details have been announced of a micro budget horror that Ben Wheatley wrote and shot during the first lock down. I love how he goes from making Rebecca and planning Tomb Raider 2, to creating something like this in his down time. If it’s anything like his last micro budget horror, A Field In England (this also stars Reece Shearsmith) then I’ll be very happy. Can’t wait for this one. Sadly no UK date yet. https://www.filmstories.co.uk/news/in-the-earth-details-of-ben-wheatleys-pandemic-horror-film/
  13. I really wouldn't let the difficulty put you off. I'm an average at best gamer, but have played and finished most souls games. They're pretty slow paced games that rely more on you figuring out how to approach things rather than quick twitch reactions. Plus you can grind and summon to get help.
  14. Only just got round to finishing the second one, and thought it was fantastic. For the last couple of hundred pages or so I just couldn’t put it down. Hope we don’t have to wait to long for volume three.
  15. I really think you’ve just miss read this film. It’s clearly empathetic, and indeed pro refugee. The writer/director is an up and coming young black filmmaker who took a lot of inspiration for the film from conversations he’d heard growing up in African and Caribbean communities. I felt it was pretty clear where his sympathy’s lay.
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