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  1. Bazjam

    Alita: Battle Angel

    I’ve bought and read the first two digitally, but I’m very tempted to hold off reading the rest until I get my bonus next month and treat myself to the box set of the deluxe volumes from Amazon for £100.
  2. Bazjam

    Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy

    Loved TLJ and think giving him creative control over a whole trilogy is exactly what the Star Wars universe needs. Really look forward to seeing where he takes things.
  3. Bazjam

    Alita: Battle Angel

    I hope so too. Think it opens in the US today so we'll have to see how it does. It always pisses me off that these films get labelled flops before they come out due to advance tracking. Surely a self fulfilling prophecy as that becomes the press attention for the film.
  4. Bazjam

    Alita: Battle Angel

    Loved it. Went in expecting the worst after all the reviews but I thought they did a great job bringing the manga to life. I read the first two volumes of the excellent manga last week, so maybe that helped me buy into the story more. Can’t wait to read the rest now. also, I had absolutely no problem with how it ended. After reading some reviews I was expecting it to stop halfway through a fight or something, but I felt I rapped up what is the first part of a continuing story perfectly fine.
  5. Bazjam

    A movie watchers blog

    Watched Memories Of Murder last night. You wern't wrong, absolutely fantastic film. Will do The Man From Nowhere next.
  6. I think people give this a harder time when it comes to changes because there was such a good story there in the first place that it didn’t need changes. They’ve no doubt made a very enjoyable film, but it could have been a great one. But that was never going to happen with May and Taylor in control. No biopic stands a chance when some of the subjects are present and calling the shots.
  7. Bazjam

    A movie watchers blog

    I really need to see Memories Of A Murder and Mother. Two films that I’ve been meaning to get round to for a long time.
  8. It's terrible in almost every department, but special mention for the script which is truly awful. It's two saving graces are the music which is always going to shine, and Malek's performance which although I don't think is Oscar worthy, is still very good.
  9. It's an awful film (though one that I admit is somewhat entertaining due to the power of it's subject). I don't like that they messed with the history of it all, but could live with that if they made a good film. But it's not, it's shite.
  10. Bazjam

    First film seen at the cinema

    We didn't even know release dates back then. I vividly remember me and my mates being beyond excited when we realised to our surprise that Return Of The Jedi had opened at our local Odeon. We all rushed to our parents, begged for money, hopped on a bus, and were watching it that very afternoon. Still to this day my favourite cinema going memory.
  11. Bazjam

    First film seen at the cinema

    Bizarrely, the first film I remember seeing at a cinema was Alien in 1979 when I would have been aged 6. We lived in Taiwan at the time and the only way to watch western films was at a cinema on the nearby American military base. The screenings were mainly for the adults but no one seemed to give a shit about us children being there as well. Different times I guess.
  12. Bazjam

    Alita: Battle Angel

    I’m going to give this a go as I love some of the visuals in the trailer. Also, I’ve just started reading the manga today and it’s excellent.
  13. Yes, but it was also the first film to use 3D in such a big way. I suspect a lot of the viewings (and repeat ones) were people taking there friends to see the new and improved tech that everyone’s talking about. I hate 3D now, but remember being blown away by it when I went to see Beowulf (which came out before Avatar), and went to see it again a couple of days later dragging five of my mates with me to experience the 3D.
  14. Bazjam


    Bale’s great in it. But the film would have been much better without all the Big Short style flourishes. They worked much better in that film. Did enjoy it though.

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