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  1. feltmonkey


    I think you're getting confused between seasons and episodes. Theres only one season, which contains six episodes. The Humble Monthly thing contains the complete first season - all six episodes. I'm not sure whether you get the bonus episodes in the Humble one.
  2. feltmonkey

    The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    How much content is there on his patreon? Sergio Calvo actually commented on my instagram post of my Armies on Parade board, which pretty much made my day. Own up, who clicked the hashtags or scroll arrows on the picture expecting something to happen?
  3. feltmonkey

    The Man Utd Thread

    I missed the goal because I got dragged out into the garden by my son, in order to look for toadstools. BRB going to look for toadstools again to try to get us a winner.
  4. feltmonkey

    IKEA lighting setup help!!

    Are you talking about for painting? I use two adjustable desk lamps from hobbycraft. As a general thing, the main thing is for it to be white light rather than anything with a yellow or orange tint. Daylight bulbs/lamps are great but expensive. Mine have loads of white leds. Sorry this isn't more helpful.
  5. feltmonkey

    The Man Utd Thread

    Judging by recent line ups it'll be Mata as a winger and Rashford as a third center back.
  6. feltmonkey

    Football Thread 2018/19

    I don't think it's correct to say that Ireland had similar level players to Wales the other night. Ireland may have had more Premiership players, but they're terrible Premiership players. There are a lot of cloggers in that team with no ability on the ball. When Jeff Hendrick is your best technical player and great creative hope you're in trouble. Wales have a decent crop of exciting upcoming young players, skillful footballers rather than guys who know how to foul a lot and get away with it. Wales as a team also just have a better approach to the game - braver, more attacking, more geared towards passing the ball rather than hoofing it forward. I'm sorry, Ireland fans, and I don't want to kick you when you're down, but I know which team I'd rather watch.
  7. feltmonkey

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    Thanks, guys! You should definitely do it, @Nicky! @The Bag - embarrassingly, I'm having trouble linking to the facebook page, but if you search for Warhammer Cardiff it comes up, and they have photos of all the boards on there.
  8. feltmonkey

    Football Thread 2018/19

    That's ridiculous. What are they thinking?
  9. feltmonkey

    Football Thread 2018/19

    To be fair though, if the ref had given the penalty for the trip on Sterling at the start of the second half, Spain don't get anywhere near coming back.
  10. feltmonkey

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Great win. We rode our luck no end in the second half, but that first half was stunning. To beat a team as good as Spain away with such a young side, it would have to be something like this game. It's a gambler's win. Hit them hard early in, surprise them, and get far enough in front that nerves and an inability to manage the game won't hurt us in the end.
  11. feltmonkey

    Football Thread 2018/19

    England are self-destructing at the moment.
  12. feltmonkey

    Football Thread 2018/19

    So fucking lucky Pickford!
  13. feltmonkey

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Ramos deliberately lead with the elbow there. How does he get away with it so often?
  14. feltmonkey

    Football Thread 2018/19

  15. feltmonkey

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Should be 4-0, that was a penalty. This is mad. Completely brilliant stuff.

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