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  1. I got two boxes. I reckon the minis themselves might be the problem. I don't know if it's the kind of plastic they use, or possibly the release agent, but I've previously had problems with paint not sticking to the minis properly. You have to wash them with a bit of soap and a toothbrush, and rinse them thoroughly.
  2. I'm not feeling any comedown, particularly. We've played well in all three games, the differing results have been down to a bit of luck and some variable finishing. I didn't think we'd be challenging for the title, and I think we'll do well to get top four. Man City will be top, then you'll have Spurs and Liverpool about 30 points behind them. It's a battle between us, Arsenal, and Chelsea for who copes best with a very transitional season to tuck in behind Liverpool for fourth. It could go any of three ways. Leicester, Everton, and Wolves might be challenging for that Champions League spot as well. The important thing for us is to find an identity again, improve our young players, get a team spirit back, and hopefully be in position for when Guardiola leaves City, Liverpool implode, and Spurs cheapskate themselves back into perennial 4th/5th merchants.
  3. We could go all out and play Gomez instead of Lingard, actually.
  4. That's frustrating, but we kind of need a bit of luck. We've had two missed penalties, and two terrible refs in a row. Looking on the positive side, it's another good goal by our young forward line, and we really deserved to win. Palace had two attacks. They've absolutely fluked the win. We do have problems. Lingard isn't a top class number 10. Pogba is playing a bit deep. Perhaps Pogba plays further forward and Fred or Matic come into central midfield. We're clearly short in the areas we were all saying we were short in, and the fact that we didn't sign Bruno Fernandes is just baffling. Still, it's a funny season. Feels like results are genuinely less important than performances.
  5. Ravel Morrison is on the bench for Sheffield United today.
  6. Denly gets off the mark with a four when he was trying to leave the ball.
  7. We probably needed a better opening partnership than 15.
  8. It's going to need someone to do something like that. Come on lads, winning from here would be one for the ages, and it's not as impossible as it seems. Someone could write themselves into Ashes history. Of course we'll probably be bowled out for under 50.
  9. You guys were recommending Sky Force earlier. Which version, Anniversary or Reloaded?
  10. You have to give Stokes some credit. He played a stupid shot to get out, but he put in a real shift with the ball. He should have ended up with five wickets instead of the two he got. Root's drop off him was a shocker. Bairstow's was a lot harder of course, but you have to give the bowler credit for finding the edge of the bat. There was another one that went through the slip cordon for four. Paine reviewing an LBW shout because he knew he'd knicked it, but failing to realise that Denly had caught it anyway was quite funny. And yes, I said I was out, but I couldn't help it and came back to watch more of the miserable spectacle. Like all England fans, especially ones who grew up in the 90s, I'm a glutton for punishment.
  11. I'm not sure a scorched Earth policy is quite justified yet. Root and Stokes are still good players, despite Root's terrible form. He needs to bat at four, and probably shouldn't be captain. Burns has made runs in the series, albeit often in a pretty streaky fashion. I still think Bairstow is a decent player, so I'm in two minds over him. Several of them seem to be suffering a bit of a hangover from the World Cup. At the moment though, Roy, Denly and sadly Buttler are passangers in this team at the moment.
  12. I've turned it off. Might tune in again in a few months. Where are England touring this winter?
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