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  1. Can you buy a pitch outside the transfer window?
  2. I just saw that and came here to post something straining to be balanced, you don't like to see great players injured, the Premier League will be worse off for those few weeks without him, that sort of thing. Your reaction is better though.
  3. Technically he wasn't. Stop stating your factually wrong opinion as fact. The law (in the section on 2020-2021 changes and clarifications) states "A player in an offside position receiving the ball from an opponent who deliberately plays the ball, is not considered to have gained an advantage." So it was correct to award the goal. You can't go against the laws of the game to disallow a goal just because it feels wrong. The problem for me is that the law is an ass. It's ridiculous. How can Rodri be considered to have not gained an advantage? The original law befor
  4. I'm starting to like Pogba again.
  5. Another come from behind win. Bit of a squeaky bum festival at the end though. Jesus.
  6. It reminds me of Gary Pallister. Didn't we used to call him "The Ornament" because he went up for every corner and never scored? His presence in the opposition box was purely decorative.
  7. Maguire has such a knack of doing that - winning the header from corners and not scoring. That was a really good chance. He should work on that. With his size and ability to read the flight of a ball he should score a lot more goals. He should be a genuine danger from set pieces.
  8. Bruno is starting to make things happen.
  9. We don't actually have a backup right back, do we? The closest is Brandon Williams.
  10. Wan-Bissaka is all over the place so far.
  11. There was something similar a couple of years ago in a match between Spurs and Liverpool, where the ball was played through towards an offside Kane but it was passed straight to Lovren instead. Lovren went to play it forward, but because he's Lovren he somehow managed to propel it backwards straight to Kane who scored. The goal was given, and it all hinged on Lovren making a deliberate effort to play the ball. Mings deliberately controlled it so Rodri became onside. It is kind of crazy when you look at it - Mings wasn't in control of the ball, and it hadn't even hit the ground before Rodri
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