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  1. While the ITV team were dribbling on about Harry Kane's position in the all-time England goalscorers list, Own Goals quietly overtook Wayne Rooney to now sit at the top of that list with 54.
  2. He wants first team football so he's going to head to Juve and try to get in their team ahead of Ronaldo or Dybala? I wouldn't worry about this - it's The Sun. The whole thing seems to be spun from him not signing a new contract the second it was put in front of him.
  3. Thanks! Don't tell anyone, but it's basically drybrushing. How you do it is you get a decent basecoat, the darkest it really works with is doombull brown, which I used here. Lighter colours work better, I can't get it to work with darker colours yet. Then you give it a drybrush with a much lighter tone (not white or anything, but maybe Tau Light Ochre. I honestly can't remember which colours I used here.) This needs to be a very light, but sort of very persistent drybrush. So you really have hardly any paint on the brush at all, but you go at it, over the whole area, and from a variety of angles - this is key. You might start to see the beginning of the effect. Do another drybrush with an even lighter tone, even lighter strokes, starting to create the gradient, so mainly hitting the parts you would normally highlight such as the raised ridges in the cloak. Next you give it a wash. I always use a paint called Smokey Ink from the Vallejo Game Colour range. It's a magic paint. I think you might be able get the effect without the smokey ink but it seems to be much better with it. Basically, this paint has a slightly gritty texture. Not as much as something like Typhus Corrosion, it's much more subtle. Drybrushing over this is the main thing that creates that cracked leather effect. I think the paint is catching the edges of the grittiness, but this might be nonsense. Try to make sure this wash doesn't pool and stain the mini, as this method makes it very difficult to sort that out if it happens. Once the wash is dry, go back to drybrushing with a highlight colour, but choose a different colour. It can be something similar, but varying it is key to creating the interest. drybrush on another brightest highlight, again choosing a slightly different colour to the last brightest highlight. Wash again in a different tone. Then finally drybrush back up in a couple of stages, with yet more varied tones. Than you should be done, although you can keep going back and forth between washing and drybrushing, it seems the more you do the better it looks. There's really no skill involved. One tip though - do this bit first and paint around it, or paint in sub-assemblies. You're going to hit everything around it as you can't do a targeted, dainty drybrush.
  4. I painted a Dark Angels Chaplain. Dakkadakka forum voting thread here - https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/782249.page Go and vote for Modock's amazing centaur thing. And vote for me too, if you like.
  5. Whatever else is going on in the league, who would have predicted that Leicester and Chelsea would be ahead of Man City after twelve games?
  6. Listening on the radio, they were getting an update about Djokovic and there was a huge cheer. Rashford has just missed an absolute sitter hasn't he? Commentator actually said he had scored before incredulously correcting himself.
  7. That's probably for the best.
  8. Is the match on TV anywhere?
  9. Shawcross and Taylor were that sort of player. Overly forceful and reckless in the challenge, accidents waiting to happen. There have always been a lot of players around who risk or risked causing serious injury to an opponent every time they stepped on the pitch. You can tell which ones they are because they're always hugely popular with their team's supporters. Lets face it, Keane, Gerrard, Terry - we've all had a few of them at out clubs. Is Son one of those sort of players? Of course not. It was a horrible freak accident, as @Steely said. If you're going to vilify Son, as a few in this thread have done (not particularly yourself @The Fox - I completely agree with your argument that all deliberate foul play should be dealt with more harshly) then you might as well blame John Arne Riise for hitting the free-kick that caused Alan Smith's horrific injury.
  10. Funny how it's exclusively Arsenal fans who are convinced of Son's villainy.
  11. This is a touch harsh. His game isn't about winning loads of tackles or headers, it's about positioning, reading the game, making the correct decisions. His problem is that he's switched from left-sided CB to right-sided with the arrival of Maguire, and he's really struggled to adapt. Today was always going to be a problem. We are incapable of breaking down teams that don't come at us, so the games against Liverpool, Norwich, and Chelsea were tailor-made for us to paper over the cracks. Three teams who will attack us and play into our hands. Unfortunately, counter-attacking is all we have, so as soon as we play someone who sits deep, the same problems, which haven't gone away, are apparent again. We have no creativity to unlock those defences, and not enough intensity to wear them down. Pogba would help with the first part of that, of course, but teams know he's our only creative player so they just shut him down. We need a better number ten than the three options (Pereria, Mata, Lingard) we have at the moment, and closer, smarter interpassing around the box. It can be done with the players we have if they showed more ambition and invention in attack, but we're set up to run from deep and don't seem to have a plan when there's no space behind a defence. The other thing you can do in those situations is have a big man up front and hit crosses, as we did with Fellaini, but that's hardly going to work with what we have at the moment, apart from if we push Maguire up there late in games. We might have to start doing that.
  12. When is Shaw expected to be fit again? Young has been a good player for us, despite the mixed opinions of him, but I don't think he has much left to give. His defending involves using all his dirty tricks to make up for physical shortcomings, and going forward he seems to have lost his crossing ability. He hits those floaty inswinging crosses that Fellaini liked to attack, but we have nobody to attack them anymore. The way Williams played in his last couple of games, is he worth a go there?
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