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  1. I read a thread that suggested that if you make a second WoW account on your Battlenet profile and buy the BfA upgrade for it, the lvl 110 boost would be applied to the Battlenet account rather than the specific WoW one. It's a thought. I'd quite fancy trying out a Rogue or a Priest to see how they play now. I've previously played both up to about level 20, but not since Cataclysm (the Priest I last played in vanilla wow.) You can pretty much level a character up to 110 in a week or two (obviously there are people who can do it much faster than that) but £16 to instantly get to that level without having to spend hours and hours in content I've done so many times in sort of appealing. I could boost one of the two classes, then leave the 120 boost you get with the next expansion for the other one. They're the only two classes I haven't played up to about lvl 50 or so. Basically, since I've returned to WoW I've settled into life as an altoholic. I still don't have a level 120, but I do have five or six lvl 100+ and another few 80+ and I switch from one to the other, rarely playing the same character on two logins in a row. I used my lvl 110 boost to start a Paladin and boost it up as I'd never played one before, and going through BfA on that has been a lot of fun. Classes these days seem to be locked in to a very specific playstyle at about level 50 and you spend the rest of your time pressing the same buttons over and over, so playing a new class in a new expansion was really refreshing. I dunno, if it didn't work I'd be annoyed. Even if I did I'd castigate myself for spending money on such pointless frivolities. I'll let you know what happens when I inevitably do buy it.
  2. I've got a lvl 90 Druid on Draenor as it happens. Nothing on any of the servers you mentioned though.
  3. Bum. I can't be bothered to level a rogue up, and the boost in the store is way too expensive. Anyway, I'm in BfA now. What server are you guys all on? Some servers are linked up or something now aren't they? I'm on Alonsus, and I seem to be the only active member of my guild. Would I be able to join up with rllmuk guys? Just so you know, I'm not a hardcore raider so any contribution would be an incessant stream of nonsense in guild chat.
  4. There's a sale on in the shop now, so BfA is £15.99 at the moment, which annoys me because I bought it for £30 a couple of weeks ago. However, I was wondering whether, if I bought another one, would I get another lvl 110 boost that I could use on my existing account? Does anyone know?
  5. What a fucking brilliant goal that was.
  6. Great half. Guys, we don't need Sancho, because Greenwood is going to be better than him.
  7. Their right midfielder looks about 12. He's good though, probably their best player.
  8. Shaw was onside, apparently, but the ball definitely went out of play. A bit tough on Brighton, but I'll take it.
  9. Is this getting VARed? Shaw looked offside.
  10. He's so good at that. It didn't really look like a chance, but he gets his shot away and scores. I can't really think of many players who score that sort of goal.
  11. Haha I thought it was just me having that problem. I didn't want to say anything because I thought I'd be accused of bitterness. I'm not bitter, just easily confused!
  12. We don't want this to go to penalties with Tim Krul in their goal.
  13. I agree that Norwich have been by far the better side, but I kind of think they've been rubbish. On reflection yeah, they definitely deserved it. I take it back. I don't think you can argue with that red card. He was clean through 18 yards out and was cynically taken out.
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