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  1. Oh sweet! Do I just add you as a Switch friend and then that's sorted? I sent the request.
  2. That’s the one! Although I also have Yellow Hibiscus on all second tier landscaping, and to be honest, I need fucking LOADS. Having an organisational form of OCD is keeping me occupied. Thanks for the offer though, it’s appreciated. Do we do visiting nights on here sometimes? I’d like to see some of your islands and bring you all gongs. I’ve no real clue how the deeper mechanics of this work and I’m still confused about most things as it’s my first AC but I am having a great time and it’s absolutely mind blowing how I can spend 8 hours terraforming a fucking diving ramp. I love it. I really need to find a way to get Scoot and O’Hare to fuck off, though.
  3. I haven’t done much visiting islands before. Does anyone have Leif in their village and wouldn’t mind me coming over to get some plants? I am gardening and I didn’t get enough of the red shrub things when she was last at mine. I am useless at good items but I have a cool gong I can gift.
  4. That is wrong and also disingenuous. Carl is the least attention seeking person you could choose to make an example of in this genre. In fact, especially when the entirety of the content that you’re referring to directly addresses exactly the issues of anxiety, expectation, and attention that you’re so keen to point out, it’s almost a perfect thumbnail, in that it highlights the exact idealism YouTube promotes that happens to be in direct contrast to almost all regular content creators’ preferences and personal experiences, yet they’re forced into in order to be successful. But like, lol, well done, you hate a stupid thumbnail. Nice one. When the people in charge of the covers are cunts; maybe use your universe sized brain to ignore the fucking covers.
  5. Just as a counterpoint to some of this, here is a (highlights) stream from CarlSagan42; microbiologist, speedrunner, and one of the most talented Mario players there is. He's a personal favourite as he does a lot of troll levels and one screen puzzles and I love his methodology and approach to problem solving. He often talks about science, and space, and biology, and more, but this stream in particular is excellent. For over an hour during this Mario Maker session he discusses in a lot of depth issues surrounding mental health and anxiety, including his own experiences, and he answers questions from his audience. I get it; everyone hates the dumb thumbnail clichés, blame YouTube for that.
  6. I don't suppose anyone has a good turnip price this morning? I bought 700,00 worth at 110 but all week I've not been offered anything more than about 80. For some reason this happens every week.
  7. I am liking this but I'm still not sure what the fuck I'm doing most of the time and I only just worked out how to make saplings grow. The biggest question I have is why is everyone on Reddit talking about turnip prices being 500 bells? The most I've ever seen is 140 or something. How do you get those racoon babies to make higher offers? Do you need a certain amount of cash in the bank before you get the big dollars? Also some people are somehow millionaires. How does that happen? I've spent about $450,000 alone moving the shop around. Are millionaire islands destitute of all infrastructure and consist of a single floor lamp and a bed? Also, I swear to God if Scoot doesn't leave soon I'm gonna get mad, I've spent all week hitting him with a net and this morning he gives me some overalls.
  8. I've started mentally preparing for a second playthrough of this (right after I've finished my nail-a-six-pack-and-destroy-everything Undertale second playthrough) but I'm wondering whether to use a 100% guide and fully explore and find everything I missed the first time. I reckon there's billions of shit I missed, even outside of the stuff I know I missed, despite it feeling like a fairly solid first run. Should I do this? I'm definitely going for a character class I wouldn't normally choose, but yeah, thoughts? Also, what do I do after this? I have a Switch and I am hungry for more but I can't see a DS2 remaster on a god damn schedule anywhere.
  9. APM playing through Dark Souls like my parents sitting through an Adam Curtis documentary when I visit them at Christmas.
  10. I’m not too bothered I missed that DLC @Calashnikov. I mean, it was only down to clues fed through here that I managed to get to the secret world in Anor Londo, and I was playing entirely blind. I am 100% going for another play through, with perhaps a difference in approach. With that in mind, some questions. - How much did I miss? Are there like 10 bosses and areas I never even saw? - What happened to my ending? Was that good? - Is it generally considered pointless doing a NG+ play through? I didn’t like it in Zelda either because mobs just ate too much time rather than being more of a challenge, as it were. I feel like I’d benefit more from a standard game with a new class.
  11. Just a quick one to note that I did indeed beat the Bed of Chaos after several more attempts. In hindsight it was super basic, but it's so far removed from every other boss battle in terms of strategy that it took me ages to figure out. After crawling back to Firelink Shrine I did a brief spot of levelling up, then I went underground, and after studying every single item in my inventory and rereading all the god damn descriptions again I finally figured out how to attack the ghosts. Amazing that I could have done this right at the beginning of the game and I just assumed again and again that I wasn't supposed to be here yet until I'd almost beaten the entire thing. And that's where I left it. Although I hate it when status effects are time based, I am looking forward to exploring this area and inevitably finding an item that would have been of massive benefit to me for the entire fucking playthrough.
  12. The Bed of Chaos is a total twat. I don't want hints at all on this because I want to murder him in cold blood on my own terms. But fucking hell. I was quite enjoying Lost Izalith, to be honest. I killed loads of those stupid fire breathing golem things in one shot, picked up some treasures, fell into a horrible pit and got killed about eight times retrieving souls, went back and got the treasure from the pit, then unlocked the shortcut by punishing another one of those one legged lightening pricks into submission. I also killed the sun man and felt horrible for him I don't like murdering my previous travel companions, it's sad. But then I got to Bed of Dicks and now I hate everything. I know what it is; I underestimated it and got overconfident and then I thought I could do it even though I was tired and irritable and I didn't feel good about my attempts. I feel like a reset that put me back in my place is a good thing. So I've managed to fuck up both sides of him and unleash his full bellenderous potential but I can't figure out how to deal damage without taking instant deaths. As I said, I wasn't in the best place to try last night or thinking too clearly but fuck I HATE HIM. I'm very much looking forward to beating this prick.
  13. Are you RedEye?
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