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  1. lol England go through top of the group unbeaten with like nine clean sheets in a row and some people on here talking about their win ratio on pro evo
  2. Thanks for letting us know!
  3. I’m from Brighton I don’t need to invent head shaking disasters.
  4. I don’t tend to read football threads much on here. Are they usually full of such comical level doom-mongering and pre emptive sadness?
  5. “No, I’ve not seen him fight Chuck Norris in Enter The Dragon I’ve seen him fight Chuck Norris in Way Of The Dragon. Why did you say you’d seen him fight Chuck Norris in Enter The Dragon, he fights Bob Wall in both, but Norris is only in Way Of The Dragon.”
  6. The only rapper with the balls to reference Snuffleupagus on record.
  7. I have a question: I'm going for 100% but the level I last completed (Cultist Base) shows me as having missed an encounter. I didn't, but for whatever reason that encounter has trouble registering as complete sometimes (I checked the internet after I spent about an hour wandering around the area to see if I could trigger something). What is the best way of going back to complete this encounter so that it registers on my current playthrough and allows me to achieve 100%?
  8. OH BOI IT'S MAGICAL Obviously playing through on Nightmare, the only viable setting, and thus generating more sotto voce infractions than Sylvester Stallone emerging from a 36 year cryostasis (I watched Demolition Man last night).
  9. Is there a Switch physical release or is this digital only? The Amazon page says it's coming soon even though it's supposed to be out now.
  10. Might do a run where every time you use the Estus Flask you have to take a shot.
  11. If anyone has finished their Sunday crossword and is looking for something taxing to keep themselves occupied, Bear24's Super World is made up of short, single solution one screen puzzles, and it's brilliant! I'm still working my way through World 5. Some of the puzzles are simple, some of them are a bit more complicated, but there's nothing there you can't eventually figure out by trying things and eliminating all the possibilities. Maker ID: 0J4-5VJ-0PF I've also decided to put together some good Endless runs. I stopped when I got to 1000 levels with 99 lives on Norma
  12. I haven't been able to play for two weeks because I've been too exhausted and I am terrified to log back in.
  13. That video made me find this video. Wow.
  14. Why does Yoshi require a fruit to open? Why does one fruit in particular not allow you to carry it? Why does Yoshi disappear if you sit on it too long? Why can you not use FLUDD when sitting on Yoshi? Why when you get off Yoshi does the FLUDD nozzle always revert to hover even if you went out of your way to collect a different one first? Why does Yoshi disappear in water? Why is it impossible for Yoshi to change direction during a hover jump? The answer to all of those questions is because no one cared enough about the game to test it enough to realise
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