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  1. Holy shit I won the competition shit! Just checked and I have an extra 999 points on my account.
  2. David Heath

    Nintendo Switch

    wen u get distracted by the side quests
  3. David Heath

    Yoshi's Crafted World - demo out now

    Picked this up last weekend. The man in GAME looked delighted when I revealed it was for me and not a gift as he had first suspected, because throughout the entire transaction he looked like he was holding in some kind of top secret information regarding Russian collusion, and couldn't wait to spill it, and so upon learning this information he immediately lost his entire shit and started talking about how great the game was, asking whether I'd played the demo (no), and asking if I wanted a furry little Yoshi egg to put the game in (yes). I slipped both into my drawstring holdall and skipped back down Oxford Street to the tube (but not before picking up a latte from Pret in excitement). Got home and realised I couldn't play it because I had to go and watch Dulwich FC play Billericay (went 0-2 down but came back and scored a 90+4 minute equaliser to finish 2-2) and after the drama of all that I decided I was too excited to be able to do it justice so I got drunk instead. So I waited until Sunday morning, AND WHAT A FUCKING TREAT IT WAS! It's probably in my top five Switch games. I'd rate it higher than Donkey Kong at this point. The entire thing is glorious. The presentation, the collectibles, the replay value, the extra missions, and all the little graphical touches. It's like a form of therapy designed for children. I love placidly making my way through new levels exploring as much as I can just as much as I love replaying old levels, brutally annihilating the environment in an attempt to find everything. It's just so relaxing and joyous. It's like the videogame equivalent of sitting cross legged in a field on a summer's day listening to Brian Eno and Wu-Tang and occasionally suckling the sweet nectar from a surreptitiously pocketed hip flask. And to top it all off, NEG hates it, further solidifying the game's status as fantastic.
  4. FUCKING HELL FINALLY A sudden wave of calm washes over me. And after 300 games of no wins at all, I win my first two games in a single evening, literally about four games apart.
  5. David Heath

    Nintendo Switch

    Almost certain I saw @utopastac on the Victoria line this morning playing Switch, although I had no idea what game it was (looked kinda dark and medieval). Anyway, if it wasn't you then you have a doppelgänger running about North London. At the moment I am: working out what the hell is supposed to be happening in Undertale, getting drunk and rolling the fuck out of shit in Katamari, losing to everyone in the world at Tetris 99, cleaning up the final few boss rushes in Hollow Knight, finishing the time attack challenges in Captain Toad, and playing through New Super Mario in Luigi mode. Awesome.
  6. David Heath


    Thanks! Luke Howard's album is beautiful and a much different vibe than FLOEX and Tom Hodge. And Ólafur Arnalds's new album is fantastic and sort of a mix between the two. I feel like you'd like those.
  7. David Heath

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    OK, so I've hit 103%. I have no idea where to go now to reach 112%. I've heard and read so much about secrets that are not signposted at all, and there's stuff I'm doing which I'm sure isn't even contributing to the completion percentage. But I still need five charms, so I guess I should work out what I need to do to get those. Work out. I mean, I have no idea how to work that out, but whatever. It's the same criticism everyone else has talked about a hundred times, and it was what I suspected when I first got the game. I hope the sequel does a better job of telling the player what and where tasks are, and also has a better map system. It's such a beautiful and compelling experience. I just want a way to make sure I can see all of it. That doesn't mean removing the challenge, either. My favourite map systems are ones which colour code rooms and areas, so you can see when there are still items remaining, or things to do. Axiom Verge did a great job of balancing this. I don't want to be told what I have to do, but I'd quite like to know if I should be exploring an area because I haven't fulfilled everything it offers.
  8. David Heath

    New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe (2019)

    I have *almost" unlocked all the levels in the Star Road shit. I need one single Yoshi coin in the main game, and it's on one of the lava levels in the final world. It's definitely after the checkpoint, but I have no idea where. There's an up arrow drawn in coins at one point, but I don't know what it means, going up at that point doesn't do shit. Can't look at a guide or hints or I'll commit Seppuku so I gotta keep grinding ideas. Great game though. Turning off the second button spin jump has made things about 400 times more fun. Gonna beat the main game, then go for Luigi's mode, then all the challenges.
  9. David Heath

    Super Mario Maker 2 - June 2019

    I meant to numerous times, but I had to commit to a credit card and student loan repayment scheme and never had the spare cash to to do it. It meant I missed an entire generation of games since the Wii, which makes me glad they're remaking a lot of those games, but it was a dark time. Although I ended up replaying a lot of my favourite GameCube and Wii games, which was a lot of fun. I think I might have been one of the first people to upload a deathless Kaizo Mario run on YouTube, like, ten years ago!? I'm going to need to brush up on those shell jumps ...
  10. What is the actual in game benefit of doing T-Spins?
  11. David Heath

    Super Mario Maker 2 - June 2019

    I also watched the Direct via GrandPooBear’s live stream and his reaction mirrored my own. I was gutted because I was an original Mario Kaizo hack player but I never had a Wii-U, so I’ve had to watch years of people playing the most glorious levels and not being involved. I love watching good players play great levels and figure out the most insane details of the mechanics (CarlSagan’s channel is a personal highlight) and entertaining players play shit (Dashie!) but I’ve always been missing from the scene myself, and it’s infuraiting because I’m fucking good at Mario. I feel like I can see light at the end of the tunnel.
  12. David Heath

    Nintendo Direct - 13.02 10PM GMT

    FUCKING LOL I have to get a Eurostar in the morning but I can’t stop playing Tetris, 14/99 is my best so far, I’ve opened another wine fuck, FUCK.
  13. David Heath


    I love the music folder but I realise I never post here anymore. So I thought I'd share the work I'm doing on a small record label called https://www.mercurykx.com/ We have a small but growing roster of artists, all of whom have something unique to offer in the electronica, modern classical, and ambient, spaces, and our release schedule this year is looking very promising. Instead of recommending a whole bunch of tracks or albums or individual artists which would be overwhelming and impractical, I created this 50 minute mix when I was supposed to be doing real work which acts as an introduction to our sound and roster. I know there's a few here who would like this sort of thing, so if it's OK I'd like to use this thread to point out whenever we do something particularly special. Plus, if anyone is London based, there are events and shows throughout the year that I can smuggle you all onto the guestlist of. And if I had to recommend just one release from our catalogue to go away and listen to, it'd be this album from Tom Hodge and FLOEX last year, which is a truly unique and beautiful achievement.
  14. David Heath

    Examples of reviewers/adverts etc caught lying

    I fucking loved Turok 2. It was also the first game I started speed running. Way back in like 1998 or something. I reckon I must have been one of the top speed runners of it at the time. It started because N64 Magazine used to have their gamer club thing, (Club 64?) and one of the challenges was beating Turok 2's first level in under 45 minutes, or something like that. So I started optimising, and optimising the optimisations, again and again and again, and this is way before the Internet had anything like this where you could look up strats or tips. Even worse was I was recording runs on a VHS that I'd hooked up, so each time I failed I'd have to rewind the VHS and restart the entire thing again. Found it lol: https://archive.org/details/N64_Magazine_Issue_036_1999_Future_Publishing_GB_christmas_edition/page/n107 You can also see my name in the Gold club at the time, in the right column at the bottom. I also held the record in the magazine for Wario's Stadium on Mario Kart, because I pulled off the double shortcut on all three laps and managed to finish the entire race in about 37 seconds, which was about two minutes faster than anyone else. Self congratulatory bullshit post over.
  15. David Heath

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    Do I want to read those? I mean, based on the clue I'm kinda thinking of heading over to the exact other side of the map, and I have some ideas about which specific area. But, I dunno, if the clue is total nonsense and illogical then I might read the hints, as long as they're not explicit.

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