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  1. To be fair, I’m not sure if it’s just pandering, Filoni did spend a lot of time crafting these characters and it is natural I guess to carry on those stories. This show does feel like it is tasked with stitching things from the movies together and laying a lot of groundwork for other shows to come. I am hoping that Mando does take off his helmet at some point and we can get a bit more from him.
  2. I wonder if this means we’ll see the Red Viper again, but with a helmet this time.
  3. Edit: Youtube video aken down already. Klopp had a go at the broadcasters yesterday in his interview for picking about with the fixtures. Sky didn't broadcast it obviously, but it was shown abroad.
  4. I know you guys hate the show, but I have to say USS Nog was a very nice touch.
  5. I haven’t seen West Wing for years, it hasn’t been on streaming and my nice DVD box set is buried somewhere in the house. It seems like it is coming to All4 tomorrow (October 21st) and I’m tempted to go through as much of it as I can before the election happens. https://www.radiotimes.com/news/on-demand/2020-10-19/the-west-wing-one-tree-hill-all-4/
  6. That is kind of great in a way. Not premier access like Mulan either. This is a pretty aggressive move to get subscribers. Hopefully it gets a run in theatres after things get more normal and I would pay to watch it again if it’s normal Pixar quality.
  7. To be honest, I was always a bit shocked when I used to walk past these stores. I enjoyed the episode, but it doesn’t feel like anything is going to get wrapped up this season.
  8. The show isn’t that close to the comics is it?
  9. This does feel like the Zelda’s anniversary creeping into Mario’s time. I guess there might be something similar next year with remasters and remakes, culminating in BOTW2 as the big holiday title.
  10. She is American, although she is quite well connected in China through family. When it comes to life action remakes, I thought Jungle Book was better than the original in some ways.
  11. Yes. The speed in which it's happen in HK has been disheartening. And with regards to the movie, I think hearing her and the movie talk about themes like 'loyalty' like they do in the trailer would get my blood to boil, reminding me of HK police changing their slogan from "We serve with pride and care" to "Serving Hong Kong with honour, duty and loyalty."
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