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  1. Call of the Sea and Dragon Quest XI Definitive Edition are coming in the next few days I think.
  2. Has anyone played Fable Anniversary on the BC recently? I'm playing it on my S and it runs a bit jerky. I've heard it's always been compromised it terms of smoothness and frame rate, but I'm wondering if there's a difference between the S and X. I've heard that the S bases its BC on the One S, and the X bases its on the One X. I'm wondering if it just runs like arse on both consoles or whether it's another string in the X's bow and making me wanting to upgrade.
  3. Not sure why there's a smoke for Horizon 5 to be set in Japan - I've only played FH4 admittedly but you'd have to play really loose with authenticity to have wide open spaces and a free "drive anywhere" experience. 70% of the country is dense forest or inhospitably steep terrain and the remaining 30% are quite narrow, packed urban spaces. It would basically be the opposite of FH4's map. I can understand the desire to race around a Tokyo-esque neon cityscape, but wouldn't that be a bit of an antithesis to Horizon's approach? I've only played 4 though, so maybe the othe
  4. I can't join the clan (as I'm in one on the PS4 and I don't think it lets you join another on Xbox) but if you're short on numbers, I'd be up for doing some raids. There's a time difference (GMT+9) but I tend to get around this by playing on a weekend afternoon UK time. My Live name is the same as my username here.
  5. I still haven't played Episode 2, despite buying the Orange Box back in 2007 or whatever. I take it it's got a next-gen performance boost? Saying that, as I last played the game on a 360, even a last-gen performance boost would be welcome. Might give it a download tonight as I got it digitally too, trading in my disc. Past me must have known the all-digital future was coming. I wonder if I tried to warn myself of anything else too. Those terrible haircuts must have served some higher cosmic purpose surely...
  6. Wuh, Dragon Quest XI is coming to Gamepass? And it's the Definitive Edition so it's got feature parity with what was the superior Switch version. Urgh.
  7. At the time I quite liked Blacklist's fairly open levels with numerous approaches, whereas the previous games had a little to much "linear corridor stealth". How often do old 360 games get added to Gamepass? I've only been keeping an eye on it for the past few weeks, but so far it seems to only be current-ish titles. I do actually own both SC games on disc, but with a Series S they won't cut it. I fancy picking them up, but am reluctant to spend money at the moment given I've just splashed out £120 on three years of Gamepass and there's plenty on their. I'm hoping to a
  8. Regarding the long post waxing lyrical about SSX 3, a game that came out 15 years, and two generations ago - isn't that the great thing about these new consoles? I've always said that gaming was too quick to leave its past behind, in a desperate rush for new stuff. That slates were effective wiped clean each generation and games slapped with a "retro" label. Let's face it, bar the first 3D generation with the N64, PlayStation and blocky, blurry graphics borne out of early technology, some games don't feel that old. For me, a lot of GameCube stuff is still really playa
  9. Spent the evening playing the original Halo on the MCC. What's the general opinion on the visuals, do people prefer the Anniversary or original visuals? I probably prefer the latter, especially outdoors. The revamped ones just seem way too bright at times, losing some of the atmosphere. Plus they add more modern details and textures, that tends too take away from the originals cold,, sleek alien aesthetics. Up to the Silent Cartographer anyway. It's still absolutely fantastic, for a game that is approaching its 20th birthday I was actually planning to play Halo 4, as I only did the first
  10. Ah I did look the, but I can't have gotten enough sleep last night as my eyes glazed right over the option. Unfortunately it seems I don't own as much digitally as I thought. I guess these were the years 2005-2013, when I only really got Live Arcade games, with "full" games all on disc and all this was just fields. I only got the S too so my discs are going to go to waste. Don't be too sad though, as they have been about 6000 miles away from me for the past 6 years.
  11. Someone mentioned where to find all your old 360 downloads rather than just searching for them individually - any idea where they are? It's been 7 years since I was in front of my Xbox so I can't even remember what I owned digitally.
  12. Also without bring a barrel-full of questions to this topic, I presume that Bethesda's back catalogue aren't all on Gamepass yet, but will in the future? Some are up, like Fallout 76, Doom Eternal and Dishonoured 2, but can't find the original Dishonoured, Skyrim, Doom 2016 etc. Also Gears Ultimate Edition doesn't seem to be on there? And I always thought Jet force Gemini was included in the Rare Replay too... It's been such a confusing day.
  13. I've never heard of those two, but if they are on Gamepass, nothing's off the table in terms of trying something out. I get what you mean about Forza Horizon. I played the opening last night and the "racer dude sick fast cars bro" vibe is a turn off. Reminds me a bit of Burnout 3's shift from silent, gleeful chaos into a DJ-infused "edgy" punk fest which made me just wish I was driving safely and responsible and obeying the rules of the road to stick it to such people. Completely unnecessary.
  14. So as a lapsed Xbox 360 owner coming back, I fancy returning to some franchises that kept me occupied in the late 2000s - namely, Halo and Gears. I played Halo 1-3, ODST and Reach and also the couple of levels of 4. I played Gears 1-3. So what's the best place to start? Logic dictates Halo 4 and Gears 4, but I've heard that the fifth installments are generally a lot better (Gears especially). And Gears 5 comes with fancy next-gen upgradey bangs and whistles.
  15. Yeah I'll likely get external storage at some point. Just having splashed out on the console, Destiny 2 DLC for the PS4 and 3 years of Gamepass, I'm just going to hold fire on any other purchases right now. Doesn't stuff run a bit slower on external drives too? Haven't looked in to it but have caught glimpses of people mentioning this. Even with five bulky games on my system, that's still enough. I can probably delete Destiny 2 for the time being as well as downloads are really rapid and there's no next gen patch until early December. Loading is a lot quicker, but it d
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