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  1. anyone else played sword and socery - just played if for the first time and its excellent (and intense) arean gladorial style wave battles (like a more serious version of gorn) edit** just added the star wars mod and ive turned into the lightsbaer jedi serial killer wee vid below
  2. Found that a bit meh and frustrating as there is the seed of a far better story in there
  3. yeah its fun enough esp in that bundle deal
  4. From the list in that vid The game in looking forward to the most from (apart the main big hitters like half life, lone echo etc..) is population one. Without saying to much, I was involved in the beta testing on it last year and it was a hell of fun game - they then got more funding to work on the quest version as well so have been quiet for a few months. But from the couple of months I was taking part in there weekly beta games it was great vr battle royale with Fortnite style building (though the game doesnt reply to heavily on that which is a good thing)
  5. Aircar is also on the oculus store and it’s a great blade runner spinner sim - plus free!! warthunder is also quite good In vr if your looking a more arcadey flight battle sim. the blade runner game by the way while short is also worth a blast also free on oculus (not sure if it’s on steam)
  6. So he saw fast and the furious 9????
  7. Yep an hour - know other peeps who were contacted within an hour or so as well (either signing up for the first time or existing android beta's adding IOS to there accounts)
  8. update to my above post - brought my controller into work to try via mobile connection and works perfectly very minuscule (if any) input lag - so must have just been getting a bad signal last night when I tried at home. soooo looks like I'm playing Halo Reach re-mastered at lunch .... on my phone .... the future is here!!!!!
  9. Registered for iOS and less than an hour later got for an email saying I was in. Playing halo via WiFi no issue or input lag at all. But playing with WiFi turned of and using mobile data (on EE)and it was very bad lag and stuttering which made halo unplayable
  10. finally got round to getting Pavlov. Been playing onwards a lot but wanted something a bit more counter strike and less military sim. Loving it esp when I found the TTT mode Trouble in Terrorist Town) basically you start the map as either innocent or a terrorist and the then have to kill the otherside..... except if your an innocent you don't know the terrorists are (the terrorist can see each other) best way to describe it is werewolves within but with guns. Its mental esp if your an innocent you don't know who to trust, or if your a terrorist trying with your terrorists while not being caught (which normally then turns into a blood bath shoot out that Tarintino would be proud off) - I'm not really seling how fun, or paranoia inducing the game mode is so here is wee vid that demonstrates the mode
  11. Pretty decent humble bundle vr deal At the min https://www.humblebundle.com/games/vr-bundle
  12. Forgot to add children of the corn to my list creeped the hell out of me what I was younger
  13. watched it this afternoon with my kids - and its bad - it actually starts of not to bad but gets steadily worse as the movie goes on - major set pieces have no life to them are are either very badly edited or have bits left on the cutting floor (in fact the a lot of the movie feels like a lot was cut as the narative jumps all over the show). RDJ is phoning it in on this one, and the annimal voices felt like they were dubbed over the existing sound tract rather than inserted into it ie like a comentary track style audio - which i found off putting. The CGI wasnt to bad but the jokes fell flat (and yes they do rely on a lot of fart jokes). to give context my kids normally will sit through and watch anything (hell they even watched and enjoyed the emoji movie) with this one they were restless and wanting to leave
  14. Gremloids!! A parody of star wars featuring a young lord bucket head before he moved into uk politics King Kong lives - sucker for any king king movie (grew up on the bridges version which is still my fav) Battle beyond the stars - Star Wars meets the magnificent seven - plus a great sound track and boob looking main ship
  15. it also works on EA games - was able to fire up Apex last night on my Tablet using It (same process you need to logon to you existing EA account )
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