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  1. Yeah pistol whip is out :-) I’ve a feeling the next proper rift is about two years away esp Apple are getting into the vr headset in 2021
  2. Doctor who edge of time is now out - as a huge dr who it was an instant buy and from the hour I’ve played so far (game is supposed to be arround 5/6 hours) it’s been great just like Vader immortal it puts you into your own story but a lot more interactive than Vader and so far pretty scary in bits (jumped a times so far) in other news pistol whip is also bloody great fun best saber meets super hot aka John wick simulator
  3. One thing I liked and this isn’t a spoiler as we know this is set after the original trill was how dirty and grimey looking the remaking stormtroopers we’re looking no more prestige looking white armour just a ragged bunch of troopers still hanging on
  4. nordvpn worked for me (was using it to access the Netherlands) but heard it should be working on US as well now - check reddit there are a couple of forums on disneyplus vpn access
  5. ah right misread Darwock - yeah 4k of the first ep is up and out there - thought we were talking about the movies lol
  6. are they new as of today? there have been some upscaled ones floating about for a while as some fan created 4k remasters
  7. I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw them soon out there on the high seas
  8. not sure - haven't tried streaming them myself yet - but peeps seem to say they are new masters so possibly proper 4k scans - would make sense as rumour is that 4k blu rays are coming early next year https://www.theverge.com/2019/11/12/20960910/star-wars-trilogy-4k-disney-plus-available
  9. by the was as I mentioned in the main Disney plus thread - all the star wars movies are streaming in 4k
  10. yes it def does - a few nods to the original tril and prequel stuff - but mostly background stuff that doesn't take you out of whats happening in the story - it will be the end of the ep that will be the main talking point (the last few mins where not provided to reviewers when they saw it)
  11. just watched the first episode (now live on Disney plus) and it was brilliant, surprisingly a lot more grittier than i was expecting more in tone with rogue one style and visual. The other thing is that they have spent a lot of money on this, production wise it didn't look like a TV show, but rather a proper movie. one spoiler for after you watch
  12. From those who have access in states via the premium sign up the Star Wars movies can all be streamed in 4K
  13. nordvpn is currently working for the Netherlands disneyplus fine with this is you want to subscribe and watch from tomorrow legallyish (there is a free week sub that you can cancel ) Going to switch over to a usa vpn tomorrow and see if i can use my current logon details. Working on pc and my android tv box
  14. gave this a go as well and gave up half way through the series, nothing really seemed to be happening and it really is only the War of the worlds in name rather than story. as johnc has said above no tripods, just killer robot dogs things. the initial attack I thought was a good premises though. Its a real pitty we get two war of the worlds in the space of a month and both are dud's (the bbc version fell apart for me after a rather decent first episode)
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