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  1. I was thinking the same when I played It- I remember the hype when it originally came out on pc - the graphics at the time were next level mind blowing (I rember playing the leaked dev version before it came out which put my hype right through the roof) and now I’m playing on my quest but more importantly I’m actually there in the midst of hell breaking loose :-)
  2. Happy days now enjoy the sheer terror of doom 3
  3. New update version has been released if you want to try that on side quest
  4. I like to imagine that in dark places it’s really toast playing dr Sanchez (under the stage name of Todd rivers)
  5. Toast is coming back in a new spin of series to be filmed later this year! Toast of america - which will have toast attempt to make it in the USA - show has been picked up by the bbc
  6. And it’s def doom 3 original not the bfg version your using?
  7. Yeah that’s it’s running native on the quest you still need to own the original doom 3 pc version.(not bfg version) as one once you install the mod you copy the pk4 files from the steam game into the base folder in the doom3 mod on the quest (run the game once without to create the folders) and your good to go (you can get doom 3 for £2 from cd keys at the min)
  8. doom 3 now out and its glorious - quick vid i made
  9. Heads up dr beefs doom3 goes live tomorrow - can’t wait to play it
  10. Dr beefs doom 3 quest version should be out in the next week or two (you need to buy the original not the BFg version on steam). Looks great
  11. i kinda wish it was that way at least you could give some of the outlandish moments a pass under the well they are taking the piss - but the movie tries really hard to be a hard feminist movie (the majority of men characters in the movie are over the top sleezy dity bags) and also trying hard to make Chloe the new Ellen Ripley (she isnt) while pushing the not very subtle Men = Bad women = Good and strong
  12. Shadow In the Cloud 0/5 This is probably one of the worst movies i have ever seen. Remeber the speech that Mr Fluterman gives Billy in gremlins about his time WW2 and how gremlins would get onto the planes.....well that is the plot of this movie. Going into some MAJOR spoliers next as there is no other way to be abale to express how bad this movie is.
  13. This was just a waste of an episode almost like a right lets clean up the mess we have created. It doesn't help that they have wiped the time line so much that they cant themselves remember what they have got rid of or kept as new lore. The biggest problem is we have a weak written dr (i think jodie is a great actress wasted in a really poorly written role), a such convoluted history now and a show that wants to focus more on the daily emotional issues of the companions that the awe and amzingness of traveling in time and space! Ive been a huge Dr Who fan
  14. you left off half alyx there - hands down the best VR game out
  15. yeah i like it will give you a real work out in your arms - its also cross buy so you can play either on quest or on pc
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