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  1. reviews starting to come out - this one is non spolier -roll on next friday!!! https://www.denofgeek.com/uk/tv/the-dark-crystal/67138/dark-crystal-age-of-resistance-review-pitch-perfect-fantasy
  2. played westworld last night and im enjoying it - its a spiritual successor to Alien Isolation. It supposed to be about 4-6 hours long (depending how much exploring you do - in the first sections there are lots of thing to look at/read etc... that you don't need to for the story to progress, add more to the world as you do.
  3. westworld has been announced that its getting a vr game - and its released … Today! from reading the following review im looking forward to give it a try: https://uploadvr.com/westworld-awakening-review-a-haunting-vr-experience/
  4. yeah Euro Truck 2 is actually pretty decent in VR
  5. and this one scene alone cements how badass Mick "crocodile" dundee is
  6. @Monkeyboy unfort no vr headsets work with xbox one
  7. yeah had already done that step as i saw it mentioned before (set mine to 4) - did a complete reinstall and its running ok again - well as ok as it was still get stuttering esp in ship in lower atmosphere etc
  8. thanks Flub for the above. followed the guide but unfortunately in my case it seemed to make the game worse for me
  9. just watched season 2 series finale and its good and has some big set up for season 3 (hopefully it gets renewed)
  10. Played some more on my creative game (waiting for vr performance stable before starting a new proper game) on the experimental branch 2.05 has improved vr slightly still get occasional performance drop and stuttering but still a slight improvement - noticed a new experimental patch has just been pushed so will try it in the morning ) but my gods this is amazing bottom of a huge sea exploring in my sub when out of nowhere I was attacked by what I could only describe as a cross between a huge great white with an orcas head - came out of the dark and smacked straight into me scared the hell out of me lol
  11. played this last night on my Rift CV1 - first the bad - last night it ran like a dog - bad stuttering and performance (esp in flight when taking off etc...) - also when I went into the anomality instead of landing it flew me right into the back wall and then my ship just spun round and round in the hanger bay with me unable to land or leave. (one of the few times I have felt nauseous in vr) Ok the good - this game looked stunning in VR- getting a real sense of size of the planets and there layouts was just amazing. the scale is something you really don't appreciate in the normal 2d version. (first time I dived down into a huge under groung cave system in the sea on the planet I was on was just like wow) I like the touch controls, flight took me a while to get used to - as mentioned above it more wrist control that flights stick control.
  12. Steam patch is live
  13. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-08-13-octanes-taken-over-a-town-in-the-leaked-apex-legends-event-trailer
  14. does anyone know when the No Mans Sky vr update goes live tomorrow?
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