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  1. Today I learned you can actually shorten Little Mac's 'lunge' punch.. Cue me winning the next 20 matches in a row. @bradigor I noticed that once you go past about 70k GSP, it goes up in much larger chunks. I don't know if this is true all the way up.
  2. I'm new to the Smash games, I've been waiting for a competitive game to come out to replace my CS:GO addiction. Love CS, but the game is broken due to cheaters. Fully loving Smash Ultimate.. I am terrible but I understand the concept, I can't wait to be good enough to actually give people a run for their money online. I've played a few online games with a fellow rllmuker who absolutely destroys me, but it's still great fun. I've won a couple of online matches but I think the opponents were probably laughing so hard at me that they fell off the side of the platform. Favourite character is probably Ness, although I've been playing with Kirby a fair bit today... I feel like I'll end up with a jumpy sword character being my main in the end though, I like the speed and the air combos. If anyone fancies helping me learn quicker by absolutely spanking me, here's my friend code: SW-3732-9505-3219
  3. The co-op is basically another person running around with you but they can't interact with the game world at all, no double battles, nothing. It's good if you want your 3 year old son to feel like he's playing alongside you.
  4. I'm not sure I'll ever bother properly hunting shinies down.. I'll want all of them and it will take me 10 hours to find one. One shit pokemon that I'll never use.
  5. This game brings back memories, and is incredibly addictive. I only ever played Pokemon Red&Blue - once new Pokemon 'species' started coming out in later iterations, it killed the charm for me. I feel so dirty after playing a little over 8 hours today/tonight. Safe to say the charm is back for a while. I managed to find the legendary Pokemon Arcanine completely unintentionally today - I enjoy this.
  6. Elusive target number 3: Another easy target but failed because I glitched in the door way. Yay! No do-overs! Wooooo
  7. Excellent video there, Vemsie. I've played Marrakesh a handful of times now and failed. I'm still only aware of one way to eliminate one of the targets so far. I followed an opportunity but I had the wrong bits of kit in my bag to finish the job. I reloaded the auto save a few times to try and pick him off but it wasn't happening.
  8. Already regret not paying for the full game in one go.. Just had my best run through on Paris for the 5* rating, fibre wired both of those slags without being noticed once. Also unlocked the sniper rifle for some extra funs!
  9. Picked up the intro pack (PS4) for £9.99 on cdkeys. I've been enjoying taking my time on the training missions and now I'm on to Paris. I had watched some gameplay and was aware of one of the ways I could intercept the fashion show, so I wasn't going for that. Cue me walking around for half an hour, exploring.. subduing someone for an outfit now and then, accidentally throwing someone over a bannister forgetting he's not really dead.. Finally realising I have no plan, I jump up on stage to gun down 3 people, including 2 non targets. I'm still terrible at Hitman, and it's so good. How do you guys play to get the most immersion/enjoyment? All hints and help off? Edit: I've managed to complete Silent Assassin challenge on Sapienza. I'm guessing I have to complete something without changing outfit.. Gonna be interesting/really hard
  10. Completely rinsed part of my younger years on an MMORPG called Tibia. I don't regret it.
  11. Is it worth buying a box of MM2015 for selling on in the future? As singles or a sealed box? What do people think?
  12. From what I see, you're pretty solid.. It'll just be a case of variance. Play it out - it's easier if you just laugh at how absurd it is. Naturally people playing for less money online are more shit than the medium-high stakes players. Although I'm talking tournaments.. the same rings true for cash though. Micro-stakes is the pits. You will get no respect, you have no 'real' table image, your bet sizing means fuck all, you can't bluff when someone has hit ANYTHING, and even when they haven't hit it on the turn, they'll stack off with a draw. Do these: Play it out at micro and see it for what it is and use it as a learning curve, understand the fish, learn to change gears whilst playing. When playing fish you should not play fancy.. because you don't need to make fancy moves to take a noob's money. That's the joy of them being BAD. (changing gears = changing aggression level depending on opponent tendencies) Play more tournaments - if you hit one then bye bye micro-stakes!
  13. After thinking about it for a while, I made a purchase last night. Got a few booster packs from different blocks, plus the "2015 deck builder's kit". Picked up 2 booster packs today for the 1st time. 1x fate reforged and 1x dragons of tarkir (couldn't resist whilst I was in town). I pulled a mythic rare out the first pack! (Monastery Mentor). Seems like I hit the nuts with my first 2 boosters. I got a load of really good blue cards and some decent black ones. Even a black/blue dragon. YES!
  14. I picked up a load of war hammer 40k last year on eBay. All on spindles, about £15 for 2 dreadnaughts, and I'm sure I got a big army box for cheap too. Stuck a couple of bits together, not painted any yet though. Massive army just waiting to be built. I love it.
  15. I think if I do play anywhere, it'll be Modern format. I'll have more of a selection of cards to choose from and what not. I can also purchase older booster packs and fat packs or whatever - it will all be deck relevant. I will try to introduce a friend or two to the game by getting them to try Magic 2015 (the one on ipad and steam). I've been enjoying that. I reckon by the time I've made a 'real' deck, I'll have enough cards to make someone else up a nice deck too (not to keep - just to play and get them HOOKED) I've been playing on my gf's iPad, so I'm going to assume when I start playing now on my Steam ID on the PC, it will be totally fresh. When I've practiced a bit, I'll put my name here so I can join the multiplayer antics. Edit: to answer your questions more specifically - I don't have a set budget in mind to buld a deck. I wasn't planning on buying singles (if I did in future it would probably be for the collection). I might decide I don't want a black/blue deck and I'll be able to maybe build a red deck for example, if I've been buying booster packs and an intro deck or starter pack or something.. Haven't decided yet. I'm looking forward to the collecting side. Want a couple of booster packs of Mm2015 as I'm going the modern route anyway. Should be easy enough to get a game on with someone who's new as well, with the rules next to me. Maybe I'll aim to make 2 decks which are a solid match up. I reckon I'll head to one of the FNMs and watch a game at some point.
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