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  1. tobert

    Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    Looks like my random appearing will have to wait maybe next week...
  2. tobert

    Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    Do you guys do any races after the cup? I might make a random appearance but it would be from about 10:15pm
  3. tobert

    Overwatch - Busan map live

    Busan map is now live, looks really nice and, from the one game I tried, it played well
  4. tobert

    Battlefield V - November 20th

    For me most of the games have felt too long. Playing a match with a mate for the first time last night and it was 45 minutes defending the first couple of points on narvik. Rather than feeling like a massive battle it kind ended up feeling a bit samey and we lost interest. The rules around the game types seem to have got more complex and games longer with BF which means for me it’s lost it’s connection to the on field action
  5. tobert

    Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    I would love to try some races with you guys but couple of questions 1) I normally get about an hour of gaming between 10-11pm UK time, are you still racing at that time? 2) I don't have lots of cars, what are the essential ones I would need to buy to take part?
  6. tobert

    No Man's Sky

    Or you just jet from your pen to the roof of the abandoned building and then report for the next cluster of eggs...
  7. tobert

    No Man's Sky

    Whispering eggs; everyone knows to build a small 4 wall pen around the egg? The horrors can't get in so you can harvest at your leisure
  8. tobert

    No Man's Sky

    thanks for the answers to my previous question, sorry one more noob question; who do I trigger the base building quest line?
  9. tobert

    No Man's Sky

    Wow I am so far bending some of you. Couple of questions 1) I received a distress beacon for a freighter last night so I sped over and tried shooting the pirates. However I might have shot the freighter and the mission disappeared. Was that my chance at a free freighter gone? 2) I found a monolith but didn’t have the gift to locate a portal. How do I place a beacon so I know where to find it again?
  10. tobert

    Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    nope, thanks now showing correctly
  11. tobert

    Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    its showing at £15.99 for me??
  12. tobert

    No Man's Sky

    So I can go and check out @SpagMasterSwift grand designs house in game if I put the above glyphs into a portal? Perhaps take some snaps of my visit and build a space shed next door? ...now where do I find a portal?
  13. tobert

    No Man's Sky

    I would imagine it only exists locally so you need to be playing with another player to see their base. Would love to be proved wrong though.
  14. tobert

    No Man's Sky

    So am I right in thinking the whole galaxy in this is a single instance shared by everyone? In that you could visit any base ever created and, if people knew where to go, any number of people to contribute to a mega base? If so that is pretty impressive, in fact I am struggling to think of any other console game with a single shared world like that.
  15. tobert

    No Man's Sky - Photo Gallery

    What is going on with the clouds, they are there currently but just look a bit low res

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