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  1. Its fantastic this is free update given the game has been out for two years and they have no way to earn money off of exisiting owners
  2. tobert

    Overwatch - Hamster Ball

    Played a couple of games using the find a group feature and both were pretty good. No one was on the mic but at least having 2x damage, 2x healer and 2x tank game the team some balance.
  3. tobert

    Overwatch - Hamster Ball

    Looks mental, his main form of attack appears to be turning into a wrecking ball and swinging about the place.
  4. tobert

    Overwatch - Hamster Ball

    New patch up with LFG, endorsements, reworked lunar colony and Symetra is now up
  5. tobert

    Dreams - Media Molecule

    Good run though of creating something in Dreams
  6. tobert

    God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    Does anyone find this game strains their hands? constantly hammering R1 for light attack seems to have given me mild RSI
  7. tobert

    Overwatch - Hamster Ball

    Retribution launches today, looks like a decent PvE mode from this preivew
  8. tobert

    Overwatch - Hamster Ball

    Had the worst set of placing games for the latest competitive season; I had 8 loses, 1 win and 1 draw. So many games where defeat was snatched from the jaws of victory where I was getting at least 3 medals, most gold, so was doing my bit. I am now lumbered with a rating of 1693 which is by far my lowest ever (i normally hover around 19 something) . The games I have been playing it have not been great with teams constantly trickling into the meat grinder and I am concerned I am basically now stuck in ELO hell
  9. tobert

    Splinter Cell 2018

    Spies Vs Mercs on chaos theory was one of my all time favourite multiplayer experiences. So well balanced it felt like you learnt something new every game. I struggled to think if any games which have done a symmetrical muliplayer anywhere nearly as good.
  10. tobert

    HDR - what's it all about?

    Given how little HDR content there is out there I am not sure I am ready to see just how bad SDR is yet... I remember watching HD for the first time and think it looked alright, bit clearer, then I went back to SD and it looked a total fucking mess.
  11. tobert


    Sorry for the noob question but is there a way to see what level of rarity weapon an opponent is packing? It would be good to know if I have a chance before engaging
  12. tobert

    Overwatch - Hamster Ball

    I have had a few good games recently. My thought is that the game is fairly old now so maybe those playing almost know what they are doing.
  13. tobert

    Overwatch - Hamster Ball

    I have been dipping in and out of the league as well and have been enjoying it. Some interesting upsets as Souel Dynasty (the pre league favourites) have bombed out again London spitfire and now LA Valient. Stage was set for the spitfires to take top spot but they lost to Houston outlaws where were one of the chasing pack. The playoff structures seems like a big over complication but it's keeping us guessing as to who will grab the final 3 spots
  14. @SpagMasterSwift I stopped playing NMS a while back and am holding of going in again until the next content drop. How ever in be meantime I am very much enjoying it vicariously through your various updates and photos. Keep up the good work!

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