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  1. When i I first read this I thought you were referring to playing the game
  2. tobert

    Love Death and Robots

    Thanks for the recommendation, 4 episodes in and it's ace. Episode 4 is the best bit of farmer sci-fi I have ever seen!
  3. man I am so crap at this, I would suggest I get less than 300 damage in most games and my best is around 800...
  4. I am enjoying this but am so bad, I probably average less that 300 per match and am happy to get a single kill. It really rewards accurate aiming and aggressive play, neither of which are my style
  5. I have a hinch one of the biggest factors in fortnites success is the fact epic make unreal engine so probably have some of the best tools in the business. I would imagine this is crucial in them being able to turn content around so quickly and keep the game interesting
  6. Left of the D-pad allows you to inspect you weapon, does this serve any practical purpose? You would imagine it might be better used to emote.
  7. We were in the blue zone, oddly no one else was!
  8. Playing last night my mate got a fully kitted out Prowler, every attachment legendary, just lying on the floor near our drop. I didn't realise you could get anything better then the basic weapon!
  9. Really liking this but have the classic problem of being crap at BF; I seem to lose almost all 1v1's, even if I have the first shot. Beyond getting better aiming does anyone have any tips on this? Is there anyway of knowing what armour and weapons an enemy is packing before engaging?
  10. tobert


    As in when you start the game, oddly I have played other EA titles on my PlayStation but my psn Id does not appear in my list of EA connected accounts...anthem also not giving me option to sign in anywhere
  11. tobert


    Anyone getting an issue where it says you aren't eligible for the demo?
  12. Played last night and totally agree all most games were 30 second demos at best. Some of the art and music stuff could be interesting. I wonder if the best "game" will be the act actually creating stuff although I don't feel I have the creative urges to really explore that fully.
  13. tobert

    Now TV

    If you sign up with a new account (or just a new email as I did) then you can get 2,4 or 6 months cinema bundles half price. 6 months of sky movies for £30 was too good to resist. Link
  14. Personally I think the big draw of consoles is the experience of an immersive game on your TV on your couch. Normally the TV is your biggest screen and offers the best experience in terms of graphics and immersion and something you can lose yourself in. I think the draw of this is why mobile games didn't completely take over as they offer some thing different. Trying to do something with split screen (Netflix one side game another) diminishes that experience. Also playing console games requires both hands which makes controlling a second piece of media tricky, even something like Netflix. Also there is nothing stopping people from having a second screen on whilst playing games but I rarely do this. Where as I will often browse my phone whilst watching tv
  15. tobert

    PlayStation VR

    Did some more painting today and it is very cool but it also made me feel very queasy. Possibly due to my continued problems with wobbly tracking or maybe just looking at things close up and being able to swing them around you in 3D space

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