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  1. tobert

    Beat Saber

    Who maps custom songs? Is it auto generated?
  2. Has anyone played any good workshop games? It's live on console (look under the game browser) and there seem to be a few popular game modes.
  3. Showing anything being played online, imagine showing your 10 year self (I am 40 for reference) a game of FIFA where not only is the game stunning (and in 3D!) but that every player on the field is controlled by and individual person all talking and working together. Just people sharing the same virtual space blew my mind when I first experienced it in Moto GP on Xbox live back in the day. It might also take a bit of explaining that l, despite chatting all evening, I have never met any of those people in person or indeed even know their real names...
  4. Should doing only the gold ! Quests keep me in line or do you need to do all the world quests as well? I have done all the ! Quests and done a few cult assasinations (4 I think) but am still below the recommended level. Beginning to wonder if I am missing some ! Quests. Do they automatically appear?
  5. So do I turn level scaling off or not? It's sounds like it will make the grind even harder. I have been picking up contracts, I may need to have a closer look to see if I have been ticking any off in the background without realising. I don't really want to have to do all the padding, in a game as big as this it seems crazy I can't just mainline the story. I also need to dodge more rather then trying to the the Greek Terminator.
  6. This game feels so close to great for me but the difficulty is currently a big barrier to my enjoyment. It feels like the levelling and amount of damage an enemy can receive and give is too extreme to the point it tips it into frustration. Even on easy, I am finding that anyone a level or more above is a major fight where I often die, either by facing a Merc who take forever to whittle down or getting overwhelmed by a pack. The actual combat is fun but playing carefully only for someone to knock half your health off after setting you on fire isn't. That means I have to try and keep to playing things at my level, however that is proving tricky; i have done all of the ! side quests I have found so am left with things like "kill 10 leaders" which just feels like padding. I am currently level 13 and the next quest is going to Athens which is level 15 so have been putting it off. For a game with as much content as this it's frustrating progress is so heavily gated. Any tips for making it easier/levelling quicker in line with the story? I am wondering if I missing side quests of something.
  7. You know what I am going to miss when the series finishes? All this, all the posts in this thread, in the the time between episodes where everyone is theorising on what happens next (props to steely for his fantastic write up). Anything is possible so you get the plausible, implausible and hilarious and then there is the pay off when then next episode arrives, everyone discusses (I didn't spot the crypt thing) and the theories spark up again. I remember it being similar with the Breaking bad thread back in the day and, for me, really is big part of the experience of enjoying a big show like GoT
  8. Might be worth mentioning that the stream on the sky app on PS4 generally seems to be better than now TV (app says up the 1080p whereas Now TV is 720). So, if you have any friends/relatives who have sky, it might be a good time to butter them up for their credentials
  9. When i I first read this I thought you were referring to playing the game
  10. Thanks for the recommendation, 4 episodes in and it's ace. Episode 4 is the best bit of farmer sci-fi I have ever seen!
  11. man I am so crap at this, I would suggest I get less than 300 damage in most games and my best is around 800...
  12. I am enjoying this but am so bad, I probably average less that 300 per match and am happy to get a single kill. It really rewards accurate aiming and aggressive play, neither of which are my style
  13. I have a hinch one of the biggest factors in fortnites success is the fact epic make unreal engine so probably have some of the best tools in the business. I would imagine this is crucial in them being able to turn content around so quickly and keep the game interesting
  14. Left of the D-pad allows you to inspect you weapon, does this serve any practical purpose? You would imagine it might be better used to emote.
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