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  1. Assetoland is also an excellent source for new cars. X4fab for amazing CSP updates, rain FX and better physics for £1 a month. https://www.patreon.com/x4fab/posts
  2. I recently bought Assetto Corsa for £3 on Steam. The mods, tracks and cars available are endless. You can race the original Batmobile on the Evo Triangle for example. Install Content Manager, Sol, Custom Shaders Patch and it transforms the game. It rivals some of latest sims. A couple of my recent pics below.
  3. Just spotted this is back in stock at John Lewis.
  4. Tesco have dispatched my order!
  5. No love for this weeks episode? I thought it was hysterical.
  6. There's an alternate ending on the Boxset. Fingers crossed for his new identity.
  7. I've never dabbled with a long exposures like this before. No filter and the camera precariously balanced on a rock. Ibiza Sunset by Chris. W, on Flickr
  8. Christmas Market Manchester by Chris. W, on Flickr
  9. One from the beach at a Haven site in Wales. Pwllheli Beach by Chris. W, on Flickr
  10. It was huge and here's the size comparison. Birthday Cake D7000 Size Comparison by Chris. W, on Flickr
  11. It's my birthday today and my cake is pretty amazing. Birthday Cake D7000 by Chris. W, on Flickr
  12. Our baby's first bath. Anya-Rose by Chris. W, on Flickr
  13. Sadly no, we arrived quite late in the day and only found time to visit the mansion and gardens. We still have tickets for the farm and will be going back very soon. There's a classic car show on the 18/19th by the way. I used my Sigma 8-16mm. 8mm is a lot of fun to play with.
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