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  1. If the cloud streaming works well (I've tried Stadia and Shadow and to my surprise, both are very good), I'm not sure I really need a Series X. At the moment my Xbox is only used for exclusives, so let's say I don't upgrade, I can just stream everything. Some stuff won't be as good as playing locally but there will be a lot that will. And Halo Infinite for example will (maybe) run better on a stream than on my vanilla Xbox One (which seems to struggle with most new stuff these days). Have they announced that Cloud will be on yet? PC and Android are obvious, but will it support Mac and iOS? I'd assume so.
  2. I thought this too. I wonder what will happen with GamePass as MS are clearly pumping money to Devs to put it on there for free, whilst they charge for other platforms. I can't quite work out the quality vs quantity scale though, although to be fair a lot of the bigger stuff on there I played on release so haven't touched on GamePass (GTA etc). It's certainly compelling though where a lot of the smaller stuff which I think 'Oh that looks interesting' today, I can play for free on Xbox but have to pay to play on PS5. The flipside for me is that I play a few mins of a lot of titles as they're 'free' and never come back.
  3. I’m not sure Bungie have ever really been great at getting across their stories. Destiny is a convoluted mess as well. The overall Halo 1-Reach narrative is pretty simple I think but there’s lots of detail there which is casually hard to grasp. However, the Halo 3 diorama and making-of trailers are amazing.
  4. I think if you want to be shooting elites in the face you may be a bit disappointed with this one. Just please let there be no forerunner bullshit. The guns were crap. The baddies were crap. Also no boost thrusters, hover jumps. Can take out sprint while you’re at it and ADS.
  5. MattKB

    Desperados 3

    I usually use Doc’s sniper as part of Showdown mode but that’s it so far (just finished Chapter One)
  6. MattKB

    Desperados 3

    Agreed. It’s most excellent.
  7. I still dip in now and then. I think it’s really decent.
  8. There’s a lot of versions of FarCry. I like the art on this version, channeling the Pollos Hermanos I think.
  9. MattKB

    F1 2020

    Making new racing games has got to be really hard. I suppose it’s the same with annual sports games generally. Aside from a few new tracks and spicing up graphics and handling , not sure what you add to make it really stand out from the previous ones unless there are fundamental issues.
  10. MattKB

    F1 2020

    One annoying bug actually on PS4, it frequently says ‘connecting to online services’. It’s constantly on when in photo mode, meaning all photos have to get cropped manually to remove it.
  11. MattKB

    F1 2020

    On PS4 there are a number of handling tweaks and performance improvements that really make this handle better and feel smoother than 2019 - and it was a good handling and smooth game to begin with. The UI in career mode is a bit of a seizure but it’s as complete an F1 package as you could want.
  12. MattKB

    F1 2020

    Surprised (but also not surprised) to see this has its own version of a battle pass.
  13. I imaging they’re wondering how to make more money off this outside of dlc. FarCry Pass?
  14. New levels have you working in the capital, aka Ubisoft HQ *gulp*
  15. MattKB

    F1 2019

    I used Race Dash (iOS) which seems the best one of those I tried. SimHub is a PC one which seems good, and Android has Sim Dashboard. Pretty easy to do, they suggest setting the game to 30hz and port is I think, 20777. Don’t make the mistake that I did and enable UDP for multiple devices - very bad latency. Race Dash has a good guide to set it up, fairly simple. There has been an update today for the F1 2020 stuff which adds live timings in multiplayer (not sure if it does by default as I haven’t unlocked 2019, just used the limited free ones).
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