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  1. MattKB

    Xbox Game Pass

    Frostpunk is super hard. I’ve tried three times but it always goes tits up after a few hours of playtime. It’s good and immersive though.
  2. Let me know what you think. It is hard, for sure, but I am enjoying it a lot.
  3. I picked up Police Stories the other day and it’s brilliant. Top-down tactical shooter, room clearing, arresting suspects. Brilliant, but hard.
  4. Thanks. Think I’ll need to plan this as I’m gonna end up with global credit all over the place. With the various keys, some are listen as vpn global key. Do they tell you what area to set the vpn to to redeem the code?
  5. Does anybody know if that change region to buy other games trick still work?
  6. I dunno maybe a bit. I’m not sure it’s a deal breaker for me, if I was that fussed I’d just be keeping my old console.
  7. Someone posted those graphs a while away that showed revenue from stores. Sony are making a killing so probably won’t drop prices while it’s flying. But I winder if it’s because I’d the high install base, that captive audience is helpful. It all resets next gen though so with Games Pass and cheaper games for now, I think there could be a pretty big shift (although I think Sony will have to compete with game pass better, or at least the offer may weaken with not as available a series x catalogue)
  8. That works thanks, but you need to opt out of every game you’ve played. I’d prefer an opt in ideally.
  9. Is there a way to stop ‘following’ any game you play? With playing more and more games on Game Pass, it’s polluting my Activity Feed (which I’m starting to quite enjoy) and whilst there are filters, the game one is limited to games you follow. Which is annoying on auto-follow.
  10. The stormtroopers are surprisingly hardy and a good shot. Not as easy as I was expecting to despatch them.
  11. I was tempted to do that Xbox Access thing but a few things stopped me when I looked into it a bit more. Firstly, they don't guarantee getting Series X on launch, but you will be able to upgrade "at some point". Also I don't trust that GAME won't go bust. Knowing my luck, they probably would. The finance deal is through a third party but with GAME handling the handover, it just feels messy. Debating the best place to preorder this once they go live. Amazon is my obvious choice but every console launch I remember people having issues. GAME I guess.
  12. MattKB

    Xbox Game Pass

    The remote install is a weird one for me. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Lately I’ve started getting random notifications for games I installed weeks ago to tell me it’s started installing. Well duh.
  13. I am loving Reach, Even though the game types are the TU versions, I’m not sure they’re the latest ones as there’s a lot of armour lock still. I really miss the classic Halo (basically pre-4). I hope Infinite is more Reach than 4 and 5 (although 5 was better than 4).
  14. MattKB

    Xbox Game Pass

    Anyone know if the Spotify premium converts to anything if you have a family account ?
  15. MattKB

    Nintendo Switch

    You need to stick with it. I didn’t really like it at first but am now very much enjoying it
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