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  1. The opening scene of Stir Crazy springs to mind. Zombie Flesh Eaters and The New York Ripper too.
  2. The missus just saw this on Facebook https://disney.co.uk/shows/star-wars-return-of-the-jedi-in-concert-tickets Booked two tickets for Glasgow. Jedi features some of the finest music in the series so this should be a treat!
  3. The same as Season 4 and 5. I was shocked when I checked IMDB to realise that Season 5 started in November 2017!
  4. Why can't they just call it Ghostbusters 3? Or even better The REAL Ghostbusters?
  5. What the guy QT hired because he thought he was so good as Manson in Mindhunter?
  6. Now that's a fucking Star Wars poster! The lead Star Destroyer looks like it's about to open it's mouth and eat the X-Wing!
  7. I've just booked myself in for the triple bill at Glasgow Science Centre IMAX on the 18th Dec at 6pm. I'm so excited I could crush a grape!
  8. Lucas was referring to the film being released before he was happy with it. Not the title. I probably didn't explain that clearly enough.
  9. That would be Don Simpson then. I've heard rumours that it was the only VHS tape Michael Bay ever owned.
  10. There's a story about Lucas during the original release of Star Wars in 1977. Apparently as they were driving past a cinema with queues round the block to see the film rather than being happy Lucas told his companion something like "Seeing that film title above the theater depresses me". He was never happy with it. Hence the endless fuckery in the decades since.
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