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  1. Hanzo the Razor

    Fortitude – New Sky Atlantic show

    is it just me or did Mad Dan's hat get bigger and wilder looking as the season went on? It was like some kind of mad Rod Stewart wig by the last episode.
  2. Hanzo the Razor

    The Thing

    Unfortunately the LE must be out of print. Zavvi have sent me the standard SE disc. Oh well...
  3. https://youtu.be/f19hF7-nT8g
  4. Hanzo the Razor

    The Thing

    It doesn't matter who a film is directed by. It's either good or it isn't.
  5. Hanzo the Razor

    Creed 2

    Well? What's the verdict???
  6. Hanzo the Razor

    The Thing

    I still have Sorcerer sitting unwrapped too. I'll get me coat...
  7. Hanzo the Razor

    The Thing

    I went for To Live and Die In L.A.
  8. Hanzo the Razor

    The Thing

    This is in Zavvi's two for £25 offer. Although I'm struggling to find something to go with it. Mulholland Drive is the front runner atm. I've never seen it. Although I don't think I've seen To Live and Die In L.A either. Decisions, decisions...
  9. Hanzo the Razor

    State of Decay 2

    Bump! The missus and I have been playing this every night for the last week or so. It's janky but quite addictive once you get into it. There was another big patch a week or two ago which seems to have ironed out a few of the issues.
  10. He was good in Deadwood too.
  11. Hanzo the Razor

    Star Wars Battlefront 2

    Why doesn't Obi-Wan have his Episode II mullet?
  12. Hanzo the Razor

    Limmy's Show

    Here... D'Ye waant this mushroom?
  13. Hanzo the Razor

    John Carpenter

    I didn't get to see Escape From New York on the big screen. I did see Escape From L.A though...
  14. Hanzo the Razor

    4K Blu Ray - anyone collecting?

    Does it make the film not shit?
  15. Hanzo the Razor

    Aquaman - 14th Dec

    What a load of old codswollop.

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