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  1. I ranked Basterds and Django bottom of my list for the simple reason that they both end up outstaying their welcome. Django especially rumbles on for a good 20 odd minutes after the destruction of Candyland that do nothing for it. Despite that i still love them. Django was made for me by the double act of DiCaprio and Jackson's utterly fascinating but still despicable Stephen. It's up there with Jules and Ordell as his finest performance. Imaging he played Mace Windu like Stephen. "This fucking little pipsqueak hea! He ain't no fucking Jedi Mr Yoda! You can get my black ass he won't be fuckin' trained! No sir!" Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown justify their length by being utterly engrossing throughout.
  2. Could they have come up with a more boring title? What happened to Shitterhand?
  3. Jackie Brown Pulp Fiction Reservoir Dogs Kill Bill Vol 2 Kill Bill Vol 1 Death Proof Django Unchained Inglorious Basterds I need to see OUATIH again before I can place it. It will probably end up nearer the top than the bottom.
  4. I rewatched True Romance a few weeks ago. Probably been 20 years since I last saw it. I enjoyed it well enough but that bloody music that seems to play endlessly throughout it did my tits in!
  5. Millennials. They have the history of the world at their fingertips but don't look further back than their last dump.
  6. I'm still mulling this one over but my night was made before I even sat down to watch it. The missus made a Pitt stop before we went in. As I was standing in the foyer waiting there were three elderly ladies sitting on one of the couches. They were gathering their things to go into the theatre. I'm talking proper blue rinse brigade. One was bent over at a right angle. As they headed in I was thinking to myself " Please go into screen 8! " as that was where this was playing. After a tense couple of seconds where I thought they were going to walk past they turned and went in. They were sitting at the end of our row. It made my night. Yes, I'm easily pleased. Also during the interview at the start I was thinking "Jesus, as he gets older DiCaprio is turning into Kurt Russel!" Not knowing that he was in the film I was later reminded... There's only one Kurt Fucking Russell.
  7. The first episode is out there... and it's very good.
  8. I'm staring into/just off camera. Will that do for Season Four?
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