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  1. My son has mentioned a gaming keyboard and mouse for Xmas to use with his PS4 any recommendations preferably usb? He is 10 so I am sure lots of lights will be essential!
  2. Picked up Xbox One version at lunchtime box says X enhanced but earlier comments say no? Not a big issue if its as good as Flatout Utlimate
  3. The GameCollection have post my pre order including free Tshirt hopefully it will be here tomorrow!. As I liked Alan Wake and Quantum Break went for it but I can also see it being cheap very quickly.
  4. £3.99! a bargain and I already had VIP, Porsche packs from previous sales. I wanted to try the Nascar pack but its always been expensive. I still play Forza 5 and 6 fairly regularly even though I have 7 same for Horizon 1, 2, 3 and 4.
  5. Thanks better hope my original XB keeps working for Rallisport 1 & 2, Amped 2 etc
  6. arrived yesterday thanks game collection! and have been working my way through sedan levels. Definitely feels close to burnout 3 and not missed music too much. Not many playing at the moment as I am getting well up the leaderboards. Playing on Xbox one X
  7. Sad news I still have subscriptions for Edge, Games TM, Retro Gamer and have preferred Games TM over Edge for a long time. I have been thinking about cancelling one but don't need to now....
  8. A couple of hours in and really good so far. One X 1080p screen in performance mode looks and plays great.
  9. Day 1 purchase and hope there is a UK Anna!
  10. That explains why the Clydebank branch had been cleared out and closed when I passed yesterday. Have used them a few times and the staff were always really good. When they first opened they were great lots of stock, good prices, retro etc but in the last couple of years game space dropped to half the shop. Only leaves GAME and CEX now....
  11. That's a great idea! Got my PAL Dreamcast, games, VGA adapter, keyboard, mouse etc down from the loft last week but not sure how its going to look on a 27" LCD monitor using VGA
  12. At the time I had 2 consoles, CD unit with memory cart, Jaglink, pro controller, +30 carts and about 15 CD games. Imported lots of cheap games from Videogame Liquidators when Atari went under. Sold it several years ago for a fair amount but I don't think there are many games I would want to play again. 2 consoles, jaglink and 2 copies of Doom was great!
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