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  1. Xevious


    I can't see that - where are you seeing it?
  2. After DVD Burner Blue Screen of the Dead Total Warza Horizon
  3. Antstream to be rebranded as "Sega Classics plus some other games on other formats", and have all Sega-published MS, MD, Saturn and DC games available. With downloads, not streaming.
  4. Why is Spiderman the flagship title for PSNow? Paying £9 a month to play a game that you could buy outright in Tesco a few weeks ago for £13?
  5. Why haven't you got Piczle Colors?
  6. Xevious

    Nintendo Switch

    Would Currys Digital not send you the replacement first, so you can transfer everything across including the AC save, and then you can send the faulty machine back afterwards? Amazon did this when my original switch developed a fault with the SD card slot.
  7. The thing is, this game was really built around the online side. You get challenges throughout the laps based on other people's performance. On time trials it shows you a nearby time and ghost. The club part of the name was a huge part - even if the size of the clubs was a bit too small, it meant you could team up together to compete. Once the online part is turned off, it's going to be a much lesser game. And that puts me off buying anything similar in the future.
  8. Xevious

    Nintendo Switch

    Drill Land wasn't on the Dreamcast, it was on the Gamecube. This may be my most anticipated title. I played loads on the GC, but was always put off by having to use the Freeloader to play it.
  9. Is it single player only?
  10. And then you started on the second puzzle?
  11. I just don't really get much fun out of moving a little reticule over a picture of a man and pressing a trigger button, I suppose. I just don't really get much fun out of turning a picture of a car left and right and making it go forwards, I suppose. I just don't really get much fun out of tapping in boxes making them black or white, I suppose. I just don't really get much fun out of moving shapes around a well, I suppose. Expressing a game in such base terms is not that constructive!
  12. Steal the groundskeeper's boots and float them both on the lake. Lock him out of the garden then turn the tap on, and see him get increasingly irate. Untie the boy's shoelaces then chase him around until he falls over in a puddle. Get as much stuff as you can from the stall into the TV shop, so the owner has to take it out bit by bit. Set up an elaborate system of walkie talkies so the boy runs around in circles trying to get away. See if you can get any of the quoits onto the board. Pick up a bottle and run around making muffled honks. Pull everything out of the ground in the model village. Drop stuff down the well. Get the coolbox into the lake. Make neighbours have an argument about the noise of the comically large bell set up between them. Make the old man fall over by stealing his stool again and again. Generally, do fun stuff.
  13. They do. It's worth owning both. And did someone mention exclusives? https://www.gematsu.com/exclusives/switch
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