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  1. Wizcat

    Battlefield V

    Check your TV settings. On my LG OLED it uses HDR mode which had 'Smooth Motion' on by default, which created some defects like this.
  2. Wizcat

    Play Expo - Blackpool 27 Oct

    @nakamura exactly! There's a pretty great social side to these events if you're prepared to interact with people (which by the way I know not everyone is willing to do!) First event I went to was in Blackpool 2007. Ended up playing pinball against two other complete strangers but had some great games. After the event finished we all went to the pub for a meal, and I met the guys that actually put the event together. Now I'm on the organising committee of that team and together we put events on up and down the country and raise thousands for charity every year. Between events we have many social gatherings with people that I now call friends, but who I wouldn't have known if I hadn't turned around to those guys and said 'do you want a multiplayer game?' Long story short - Come and say hello next time you're at an event like this. Everyone is super friendly, and you never know what it might lead to.
  3. Wizcat

    Play Expo - Blackpool 27 Oct

    I know the story, but it's nothing to do with retro gaming peaking Manchester Central is technically smaller than Event City, but we never used the entire footprint of Event City anyway. And running events at EC whilst something was going on in the rest of the venue was an absolute nightmare for vendors and exhibitors. That's one of the reasons it's time for a change and I personally can't wait (though there will undoubtedly be a new set of challenges, not least of which is parking)
  4. Wizcat

    Play Expo - Blackpool 27 Oct

    School holidays is exactly the reason numbers were down. I think the venue is fantastic though, has tons of atmosphere that the big empty warehouse that is Event City could never hope to replicate. Anyone go wandering off to one of the talks and stumble into that little cinema? It's just a great big building with loads of secrets like that, and I love it. The actual Norbreck hotel is a bit of a dump, though you get what you pay for. I stayed 'next door' at the Brioni for £55 a night (double room)
  5. Wizcat

    New Intellivision waste of time.

    It has games too?
  6. Wizcat

    Derren Brown is slightly rubbish

    Agreed, and spoilers on Sacrifice... Pretty boring now. Much preferred it when he was an unknown and shouting at bookies made them payout despite your horse losing
  7. Wizcat

    Pinball Games - Pinball FX, Pinball Arcade, etc

    No one really takes the top rollover skill shot on MM anyway. Hold down left flipper when launching for the proper skill shot. Ball goes round the left orbit, then make any ramp/orbit and it lights the castle for a 1M countdown.
  8. Wizcat

    Pinball Games - Pinball FX, Pinball Arcade, etc

    Haha. There are exactly three WNBJM tables in the UK, one of which belongs to my mate. Was not a big seller.
  9. Wizcat

    Pinball Games - Pinball FX, Pinball Arcade, etc

    Wikipedia list looks accurate: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Pinball_Arcade (Greyed out rows are tables that are no longer available, unless you bought before the cut-off period)
  10. Wizcat

    Pinball Games - Pinball FX, Pinball Arcade, etc

    Pinball FX has the Bally/Williams licence now, so very likely more will be coming there. Pinball Arcade still has licencing with Stern (/Sega/Data East), Gottlieb and a few other smaller (ex) manufacturers
  11. Wizcat

    Pinball Games - Pinball FX, Pinball Arcade, etc

    Shameless plug, apologies, but... @Naieve (and anyone else that visits the UK shows to play some real pinball) - I'd strongly recommend following Northern Lights Pinball on Facebook for news on when the shows occur, and discount ticket prices : https://www.facebook.com/NLPinball Blackpool is the next Play Expo show, and you can find discounted tickets via that link above. We're a non-profit, and ticket sales via our site help our charity fundraising.
  12. Wizcat

    Play Expo alternatives

    PM sent. Offer is open to anyone though - send a PM this way if you're a pinball fan and interested in helping our charity donation by purchasing discount tickets to Play Expo Or you could follow our Facebook page which frequently has good info on pinball events around the UK: https://www.facebook.com/NLPinball/
  13. Wizcat

    Play Expo alternatives

    If you're coming to the play expo shows for the pinball machines, then drop me a pm. I usually have a limited number of discount tickets, which we sell to help raise funds for charity. Same as the tickets you'll get from the official source (that allow early access to the show) but with the bonus karma that you're donating to charity (and saving a few quid) As mentioned above, some shuffling around of venues this year.. The big Manchester show is cancelled and we're doing a show in Blackpool instead. Next year we'll be returning to Manchester, but moving to the gmex (or whatever is called now) and rescheduled to the May Bank Holiday weekend. I'll be wearing a Northern Lights Pinball Crew top if you want to say hi
  14. A new event for any fellow pinball fans taking place over the bank holiday weekend in August - Sat 25th & Sun 26th at Daventry (near Northampton) Should be close to, if not over, 100 pinball machines, all on freeplay. All the 80s and 90s classics, and a few of the very new games since pinball's recent resurgence - including a couple of exclusive appearances such as 'Kill Bill' and 'Thunderbirds' The venue is at a posh hotel too, so the other half can spend all day in the pool or spa whilst serious gaming occurs (There is a really good discounted room rate available). All the details: www.ukpinfest.com
  15. Wizcat

    NERG 2018: 14th & 15th July

    80's was the highpoint of the video arcade though surely? By the 90s (certainly mid 90s) it was pretty much dying down. What kind of games are you thinking of specifically? James 'RGP' who runs the video arcade is very open to suggestions on what he brings to the shows so I'm sure would love to hear what people want to see next year. I was mainly lurking around the pinballs though, and barely had time to play anything in fairness. Was there for setup Friday, but had to leave early Sunday. NERG is a superb event that is well worth travelling for. Play games all day, and explore the pubs of Newcastle at night. Ideal spot for a rllmuk meet.

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