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  1. Also love it in a tough fight when you use a damaged weapon for a critical hit!
  2. I've tried so hard to like it. At times it's absolutely brilliant but at others it's a mess. It just feels like it lacks anything snappy. Each animation seems so slow. PES also needs more variable ball speed control.
  3. Yet 2021 feels sloppy and turgid to play in comparison. It very much does not feel like an evolution of PS2 Pes.
  4. It's a shame really. I've been playing through the PS2 games again, doing a master league with each. Up to W.E 6 FE and the games are just so good to play. Sure there is some nostalgia but they just play well when you relearn them!
  5. I bought 2022 last week for £3.70 and it could not hold my attention at all. Konami need a massive rethink and tbh I think this might sink the series. Currently feel a bit homeless when it comes to football games.
  6. Mad to think I spent 17 years working in this industry. Such a big part of my life.
  7. 10/10 for Samus Returns on Nintendo Life made me chortle.
  8. In terms of graphic design and presentation, MGS2 hasn't aged at all. It still looks phenomenal.
  9. Emlyn Hughes International Soccer on C64 had an amazing demo which I played for hours until I could get the game. The Wipeout demo on Demo 1 that I played in Toys R Us about a week before the console came out sold me a PS1. I begged for one before Xmas and was lucky enough to get one.
  10. Yes. It's actually a better game in the slower cars. The faster ones gifh the frame rate issues, which aren't bad but not amazing. Also, like you said, the rubber banding is quite aggressive. It's a solid game, and the PS2 version was the best but it's definitely a bit overrated. 7/10 for the era.
  11. A Link to the Past was considered easy back in the day! Do you have a manual or anything? Explain the items etc.
  12. I like this game but it does a lot wrong. The laps often feel sooooo long and the overall track design isn't great. But it handles well and does look okay, not as polishes as other games but lots going on. Good choice of arcade and SIM style handling but the game seems to uncomfortably straddle both types of game.
  13. I've played the Wii version for probably 100 hours. Never once thought it needed a camera.
  14. Nice to see people enjoying it. I adore It alongside BotW. Thinking to get a Switch now.
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