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  1. And you want to learn programming?
  2. nakamura

    Console start up sounds

    PS1 startup sounds incredible on a booming hifi.
  3. When is the next RLLMUK tournament?
  4. I've played 5 matches post patch and dominated all. Won 3 and lost two because of my own errors. Either I've been lucky or the patch does feel good. I'm annoyed because of me and not the game. It's refreshing.
  5. nakamura

    Digitiser:The Show - Starts next sunday!

    Dara is a big deal though, and most of his shows are full of his mates which is why the comedy and piss taking always works so well.
  6. 101 goals in 192 for Osako! Not bad for 450 coins.
  7. I've collected cards for 12/18 J1 teams now! Cost about the same as a standard Iniesta. So at worst I'll be getting Iniesta at a decent price. Hoping for You Kobayashi. His tots last year was immense.
  8. nakamura

    Doctor Who

    My wife, who's a minority found it very relevant to society today. First thing she said when it finished. To me, that suggests it did a lot of good.
  9. Two examples of joke tackles. Both times I conceded from it. I lost 6-5!
  10. nakamura

    Doctor Who

    Actually the doctor and pals had the most important element, watching your family suffer and being powerless to do anything about it. Fantastic episode. It very much feels like the writers are taking on themselves to educate people about the world and important historical events. It feels extremely poignant at a time when people are being divided throughout the world. It's not perhaps the classic Who we'd like, but it's certainly excellent viewing when on form like this. The two best episodes this series have been this and Rosa.
  11. Player selection is outright broken. I was trying to select a player literally tugging the shirt of an attacker on Saturday and I couldn't. Also the 50/50 is shite. It's literally 70/30 to the attack. And I'm glad it's not just me because with chemistry boost, my defenders have 82+ tackling so they aren't exactly bad.
  12. nakamura

    Digitiser:The Show - Starts next sunday!

    SNES Vs MD for the opening bit? Fuck off.

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