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  1. It's still not good game design. They could have easily told a story and kept the game moving.
  2. nakamura

    Paying to Play 'Early'

    It's no different to half the tat shoved into £100 plus collectors editions.
  3. If you want to stay in the zone, surely the developers should just not put all that shit in there?
  4. Doesn't it only work if you actually pre ordered the game?
  5. Yeah the entire character is just shite. Cannot stand the universe of it all.
  6. I quite enjoyed my session again this afternoon. So I'm on board to get it.
  7. That's why the original DMC is still better than Bayo. Simpler but still rewards massive skill.
  8. Given I used a team with fairly low rated players, it was way OP. My silver attackers would score with it everytime.
  9. It's true. How they didn't patch it out I don't know.
  10. The shooting feels so nerfed. I appreciate it probably needed looking at and low driven was way OP in terms of accuracy but it feels too far. I like the idea of it but online it will introduce issues.
  11. I'm struggling with it tbh, maybe because I'm unwell. Are there any major skill chances I need to look into? I know about timed finishing but what about fort touch?
  12. nakamura

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

  13. nakamura

    Nintendo Switch

    I used to love Pro Wrestling as a kid!
  14. nakamura

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Alien Trilogy is still absolutely superb. Graphics hold up really well and because it doesn't have looking up and down, works just find with digital controls.

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