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  1. I’m a big fan of XV, but I’m also excited to see other things in the series, and Forspoken looks to be following on from XV so we should hopefully all get what we want.
  2. The XV team moved straight on to Forspoken, which I think you can see from the trailers. So wherever XVI staff are coming from it’s not going to be the XV team.
  3. It was from the random one I got from my daily treasure pack. I’ve bought a few here and there but I’ve definitely not opened 500 yet so the luck was on my side. Playing with friends though I’ve definitely got better RNG luck than a lot of people. I’ve also not got a main, I play Loba most but she’s not got one and isn’t a great pick at higher levels. I think I’ll probably get Bang’s knife or Bloodhound’s axe, though the choice is paralysing me at the moment
  4. From what I’ve read it’s still very common for Japanese developers to spend their entire career at one studio. Matsuno seems to be a bit of an outlier in that he moved about and frequently disagreed with his bosses, but the norm is still staying put and working your way up, and SE have never had rough enough patches to cause mass layoffs. Unlike say, Naughty Dog, where the average employee lasts three years and there’s functionally nobody from the Crash Bandicoot team still working there, it’s extremely likely that there’s still members of these teams present and that the older ones will have chosen and trained the younger people, so I think at a large Japanese developer who have never had major financial troubles (aside from the Enix merger, but I don’t think that resulted in layoffs) this graphic is more interesting than it would be at somewhere like Rockstar.
  5. The Escapist really is a haven for genuine wankers. The whole tone of that article is so irritating. My kids don't really play games with me much anymore, and seem to generally think that if I like something it means that thing is shite, which I think is natural. When they were younger I was kind of in charge of what they played, and I guess they did play a lot of games I like because they were always around. But as they've gotten older they've developed their own tastes which I think is probably pretty normal. My youngest doesn't really like games much, though I guess my view of that is probably weird because I like them so much. He plays stuff socially, Fortnite or Roblox or Minecraft, whatever is popular with his friends, and occasionally plays things with me and my partner, where we usually default to whatever she likes because she's a bit picky. My older one likes playing competitive games and beating people, but we're way past the stage where I can offer any sort of challenge to him. I figure it's always like that with stuff your parents like though? I remember working at the comic shop with someone who thought comics were stupid. He laughed at us for enjoying them, so eventually I asked him why he worked there. He said his Dad was friends with the manager, and eventually I found out that one of the friendly old dudes who I used to talk to about Spider-Man was his Dad. Dude had a picture of him and his Dad meeting Stan Lee that he thought was super embarassing.
  6. Both the last two felt like they just stopped. The episode that ended with ego and quill did a much better job of telling a story but leaving the implications of the ending open. Both these just felt like they ran out of time and had to stop. What’s annoying though is that moment to moment I was enjoying them both, probably because they have stuff a bit more time so the pacing felt better. But the abrupt, unsatisfying endings were both really rubbish and ruined my enjoyment of the episodes. I really like seeing the interplay between weird character combinations like hope and Peter and pepper and young shuri. Plus the opportunity to show us versions of characters from earlier than their canon introductions in the MCU. And the sound is excellent, the use of the music from black Panther in the latest one was brilliant. Shame about the overall plotting but tonnes of good scenes. I also feel like the last few were much better at exploring the consequences of the change, rather than just telling the same story with minor differences. If they could nail down the pacing it could be really special.
  7. I often wondered about the time thing. I think there’s two possibilities: One possibility is the clock resets once a year and they’re all basically living the same calendar year again and again. The deal Cypher is offered and the Animatrix short Program suggest that the machines can put people back into the matrix and alter their memories. I’d guess that the 99.9% of the humans who accept the matrix could probably deal with this but the few who are already prone to questioning their reality might be more likely to feel that way around new year in this scenario. So people’s lives progress but they don’t notice it’s always 1998. The other potential scenario is that time keeps passing but the world doesn’t progress meaningfully in technology or politics. The world is endlessly trapped in a 90’s world even though the clock is ticking up and there’s no meaningful progress. Assuming that the machines can change memories this would also account for the resetting of the matrix, as they could change the memories to wipe over the inconsistencies.
  8. Neos body was taken by the machines and it’s totally possible that Trinity’s was. He did go to the source, but from the point where he decides to go through the door back into the matrix in reloaded he’s left the path of the one. It’s not clear what exactly returning to the source means but it might be completely different if the physical body goes to the source in the real world than if the one chooses to return to the source from the architects room.
  9. So there’s been some kind of leak from the GeForce Database. A lot of these games aren’t announced yet, or they’re console games that haven’t come to PC yet (a number of the PlayStation games fall into this category). Sony Microsoft Square Enix Capcom Take Two EA Bandai Curve Digital Devolver Crytek D3 Sega Atlus WB Valve Paradox
  10. There won’t always be a neo anymore, the choice he made in reloaded meant the prime program wasn’t returned to the source, so no more ones will be created in the matrix. He’s a confirmed cast member. Assuming TMO is still canon the Morpheus from the first three movies is dead.
  11. The green is a feature of the previous iteration of the matrix that is removed when it’s rebooted at the end of the third movie. The version that Sati helps create is more colourful, you see it at the end of Revolutions. 3 or 9, depending on your definition. Theres two beta versions, the perfect matrix which Smith mentions in the first movie which was widely rejected for being either too good to be true or because the machines didn’t have the language to describe the perfect world. After that there’s the nightmare matrix where the Merovingian was the architect, which included vampires and werewolves. After that they developed the version with the one as the solution for people who rejected the simulation. Technically that’s the final version, but it’s reloaded 5 times before the first movie. The trilogy takes place in version 6 of this iteration and it’s reloaded a final time at the end of the trilogy into the seventh iteration of the third overall version of the matrix. Though I guess you could argue that the change of removing the prime program that creates the one might be major enough to count as a full new version. So maybe the version at the end of the trilogy is version 4.0.
  12. Though I don’t think it’s confirmed one prevailing theory is that the previous iterations of the one and others from the resistance are recycled as programs in the matrix. We know there were five versions of the one before neo, but we don’t know who they were or what they look like. Seraph is a common candidate that people think might have been a version of the one from a previous cycle.
  13. I never really saw the problem with this, the brain plug things copy the human minds into the matrix, when Smith infects Bane he does the same thing but backwards, copying his mind into the brain of the real human. Bane isn’t really in Enter the Matrix, he’s just at the meeting of the captains. People who played that game have no more context for Bane than anyone else. The machines take his dead body, and the programs say that they’ll see him again. In TMO there’s references to him still being alive out there somewhere.
  14. I generally just pick not a white dude (so not looking like me). I’ll always pick a female character if I can, so in a lot of games I end up being a black woman, but sometimes I’m a black or Hispanic guy. Occasionally I’ll just go for whatever the default is. I quite like the dressing up though. I definitely used to default to white dude, though not looking like me usually. I spent hours making a Dark Souls 2 character who looked like David Mitchell and played that game as Mark from Peep Show, which I found endlessly amusing.
  15. I didn’t find the fourth one as great as everyone else seems to have. The voices are SO BAD in all of them.
  16. Surely it was most likely to allow easier distribution of levels they or their users developed through the internet when transfer speeds and attachment sizes were smaller?
  17. It’s on FX in America at the moment. 1984 is after apocalypse and I imagine will be on Netflix soon, but if you’re watching in the UK I’m guessing illicit methods are the only way to watch it right now.
  18. After a few really poor seasons (I think Apocalypse is the worst overall, and 1984 was shit), this feels like it’s back on top form. The first three episodes have been excellent, and I’m really excited for next week. Obviously there’s still time for it to all go to shit, but so far it’s been brilliant.
  19. If the spoilers floating around are to be believed, that trailer doesn’t have half the crazy shit that’s going to be in this movie.
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