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  1. Giving the kids a resistance ring is the most obvious callback to make in a sequel to TLJ. If only there was a point in this where Rey met a kid and had an interaction with them based around a piece of jewellery. It could hint at a wider spread of the ideas seeded by Rose and Finn in the last movie. Rose could even have some plot where she went to gather those new allies if she was allowed to be in this movie. Combine that with Finn maybe sending a message out to storm troopers (building on his origins in TFA) and encouraging them to turn on the first order. If only there was a part where Finn and some ex troopers had to try to get into some sort of broadcast tower. There’s plenty of things in TLJ leading to ideas about who could rebuild the resistance. Following on from any of them would be better than Lando just showing up with a million ships for no reason.
  2. I’m confused by all the people saying that TLJ left problems for the creation of this movie? TLJ has a pretty clear setup for its sequel, they just threw it away and decided to start from nothing. Like if instead of Return of the King they’d gone “all the incels hated the last one, we need to write something from scratch that appeases Reddit” that’s not a problem with The Two Towers, it’s a problem with the idiots making that film.
  3. That’s what came to mind for me. It’s horrible. That was repetitive, unfunny garbage for idiots when it was released.
  4. Both are on every day as I use the PC for work and the PS4 is the family Netflix/YouTube machine on the main TV. Using it constantly it’s never the huge problem it is when you leave it a month, but I’m still more likely to find it downloading something massive very slowly than I am the PC. Even tiny updates on console seem to take hours, I need to leave the machine on overnight to download most mainstream games, where the PC does it in an hour. The Xbox is even slower, MCC took about three days. This basically. None of the reasons people are putting forward really exist anymore. The idea that a game might be unusable on release because hardware has not been something I’ve experienced, especially just using Steam and Epic.
  5. I dunno, as a time and money poor parent the initial expense and effort of setting up my PC has been more than worth it. I can buy more games because they’re so cheap and I’ve not had any technical difficulties with any games I’ve bought so far, though I’m not buying triple A games at launch much at the moment. The big thing is the time it takes to get into a game. On console, I’m waiting for the slow PS4 (or the glacial Xbone) to load it’s crap OS, download and install small files over several hours, wait for updates and load for what must add up to hours. On my PC, the OS boots in seconds, software opens in seconds, I rarely see loading screens and updates are always done before I notice them and they never stop me playing. In a single player game I’m saving tonnes of time, but even in multiplayer I’m loading into lobbies way faster. I don’t need to keep subscriptions updated to try out online stuff. I’ve got a million easy options for voice and text chat if the game’s support is shit, and everyone generally has better sound hardware that they’re more likely to have turned on. That’s without even mentioning that only using my mid range GPU and a five year old processor bundle, and never tweaking any settings beyond using the GeForce optimiser everything looks infinitely better than console versions. If I’m playing shooters or strategy games I have the option of keyboard and mouse, but controller support is perfect for anything that works better that way. I still use my console for playing things my girlfriend enjoys so we can easily sit together to play. And obviously there’s plenty of exclusives. But outside of initial prices and setup (which can be offset by game pricing and paying someone else to build it), I really don’t think any of the old criticisms about consoles being easier apply anymore. I used to favour consoles for many of the listed reasons, but since I got my new PC (which was for work and begrudgingly playing exclusive PC games with a rubbish spreadsheet controller and a million driver issues), it’s been incredible how easy it all is. I’d feel confident saying that if you bought a pre-built PC from Scan or somewhere that already had Windows on it, the experience of using it to play games would be faster, more convenient and easier than using a shitty console OS to do the same things, because Windows 10 does everything they do but faster and better.
  6. Hold on, I know this is a few months back but what are the criteria for this? As an example none of their games people seem to be recognised games journalists or people who have worked at studios. So how are they recognisable?
  7. More people for the bizarre pile of people who haven’t used a PC for 20 years but think they’ll work exactly the same. I assume they’re all holding off buying mobile telephones because they’re just so damn big. And forget about the difficulties of driver updates, I’m not buying a PC because waiting for time on the terminal to feed my punch cards in sounds really boring. Better walk to work now, I would’ve bought a car but that crank on the front you use to start the engine seems like a bit of a faff.
  8. What? People are buying online because all the game shops that aren’t utter shite have shut down. I bought most of my games physically, as did many other people I know, until all the places to buy games except CEX and Game shut down. Now both the remaining stores are terrible, and I hate going into them. I’ve heard a lot of other people mention the issues with Game being expensive and the staff being pushy. Nobody wants to shop at CEX because you don’t know if they’ll have the item you want. So there’s nowhere to go buy physical games except Argos or a supermarket, and at that point why bother? It’s no better than going to Amazon. At which point you may as well buy it through the store on the console.
  9. Even if CDPR did that though, and they might be able to afford to as their game has a lot of hype, as long as some companies are doing it and are legally allowed to everyone else will be struggling to compete.
  10. That GeForce experience optimisation thing is great for that though. I don’t want to waste my time testing settings, so I run it on whatever it suggests, then try the optimiser thing and try it again. Usually it looks a bit better and runs a bit smoother and it’s always a million times better than console graphics. So I just play like that. Since I’ve been strict with myself that I won’t fuck with that stuff (or most mods), I’m really enjoying PC gaming.
  11. I can not believe this stupid argument gets dragged out constantly by people who don’t actually use PCs. By PC boots three times as fast as my PS4. It’s OS updates less frequently than the PS4 one and the updates take less time to download and install. Drivers install automatically, I haven’t downloaded a driver in the five years I’ve had this PC. Game patches download automatically through Steam or Epic or whatever, and they’re faster to download and install than PS4 ones. You do need to own a £5 USB keyboard though, if you’re looking that desperately for problems. “Right” is subjective. It’s been a while since I bought a PC game on launch day that didn’t work at all, unless it was also fucked on console. In that case the console is just fucked, but PC users willing to navigate the terror of editing a text file might actually be able to play the game they paid for. Otherwise, there’s usually a lot of people trying to squeeze fractional percentages of performance rather than actually playing the game. Which I think is what some people enjoy most. This is not the case. My kid has a gaming PC, but barely any of his friends do. The kids watching people play those games on twitch on their PC are often playing the console versions themselves. When I started playing PC games again, I promised myself I wasn’t going to spend any time doing settings. I’ve just used that optimiser thing for the last few years, I’ve only ever needed to change settings when I chose to (usually turning things down).
  12. My theory is that Horizon 2 is going to be a PS5 launch game with some type of tech included that uses the new hardware heavily. Now that Microsoft have announced they’re not doing exclusives Sony have realised Horizon 2 might look really impressive, not just to console games but also compared to PC games, many of which end up being as constrained by old console hardware as the consoles are. So they’re hoping to get Horizon 2 to be the new Crysis, and this is step one to get PC gamers into the series.
  13. It’s not stupidity, it’s apathy. My son asked my dad to get him a new PC headset for Christmas. I sent him an Amazon link. He inexplicably decided to go to buy it from game, but took his phone and showed the guy the exact model with model number on his phone. Now I don’t know if it was the guy from game selling him whatever they had in stock, or my dad trying to save money, but he returned with the same headset but for the PS4. When I explained to him that it wouldn’t work (having told him not only that we needed a PC one but the specific model) he seemed really angry that it was wrong. It had a big fucking PS4 logo on the front, and I’d had a long conversation with him when we were talking about presents about how my son uses the PC now. He loves his grandson, and he seems to be aware of the difference between a console and PC. But the moment it’s a bit more complex than that he seems incapable of remembering any details. He’s still working, in courts, giving statements and presenting reports, so I’m forced to conclude that he’s not as senile as he occasionally appears. Which means he’s perfectly capable of understanding this stuff, but just doesn’t care enough to try. Lady who bought a PS2 memory card for her GameCube because it was cheaper. When I told her it wouldn’t work she called me a prick. Guy spat in my managers face because we wouldn’t take consoles for trade with no cables or controller. Guy who tried to buy three memory cards because he was buying three games. He thought he needed one for each game. When I asked him how many games he had he said about 20. I assume you don’t have kids? I’m pretty good for paying attention to my kids stuff, I don’t think I’ve ever bought them something wrong after they asked for something specific. Most of the people I know with kids play a lot less games than me, and are a lot less interested in LEGO. Then there’s thing grandparents buy them, or other relatives, or their friends. Those people care less about the kid, and whatever shit they’re buying. But what you’ve really failed to take into account is the frequency with which kids make mistakes about these things. I generally catch those minor mistakes, when they’ve said the wrong console or something, and tell the people buying them gifts. But I don’t know that everyone would.
  14. My girlfriend loves Adam Driver, she thinks he’s incredibly attractive.
  15. Broker

    Google Stadia

    Any word on what they are?
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