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  1. The reality is that Sony think of Spider-Man as their character. They don’t outright own the character, but they own enough of it to have bargaining power. Marvel are constantly having to go to Sony and negotiate terms to get access to one of their most popular characters in their movies, which are their main revenue source right now. That’s a huge amount of power for Sony to have, and it means they can get their claws into the bits of Spider-Man they don’t technically own. They’re clearly pushing to make Spider-Man games an exclusively Sony thing, and I’m assuming they’re doing that by leveraging their movie rights against the game rights. I’m guessing that a Marvel and Disney probably care a lot less about the game rights than they do the movie ones, and Sony probably care more about the game rights considering the importance of the PlayStation brand to them. Whilst it’s tempting to say that he’s not a Sony character and point to older games, it’s completely possible that he’s basically becoming a Sony character as far as the games are concerned, and that’s why he’s being used as an exclusive for the first time.
  2. I think Ben nails it in the Easy Allies impressions: Destiny works because it has the absolute best shooting of any console game. The key is that the game is a joy to play, so it can get away with asking you to repeat missions or them not being very interesting in terms of objectives. The combat in this looks very bland, and most impressions seem to confirm that, plus the idea that the characters all feel the same. If the combat isn’t incredible why would you want to do it hundreds of times to increase your numbers? Plus I love Destiny and I’m sick of it now.
  3. It’s fascinating how consumer loyalty works. It seems to me, and I might be wrong here, that the Xbox platform actually has a lot more vocal fans than the PlayStation does. You’re much more likely to encounter someone online who actually likes Microsoft and genuinely wants to advocate for their Xbox and tell you why they like it. By most metrics, Microsoft’s marketing is working much better than Sony’s with regards to creating consumer advocates. And games are traditionally quite a fertile ground for these wars. But Sony don’t have many passionate advocates. Those of us who are regularly accused of loving Sony are much more likely to be people who don’t like Microsoft. It’s not that people don’t defend PlayStation stuff when it’s criticised, but that Sony seem way less likely to have garnered actual loyalty from people who buy their products. You don’t see a lot of PlayStation avatars around. This creates a bizarre dissonance, where the Xbox advocates are a larger, more vocal group than the Sony ones. And of course they are, they have more to say, more to offer. If you like what they’re doing, it must be baffling to see such a large amount of indifference to it. And we’re all primed for passionate arguments, but there’s nobody in Sony’s side. I think that’s what makes Xbox people seem so zealous, they’re the only ones left who still believe. Sony fanboys are thin on the ground, replaced by Last of Us fanboys who have no specific reason to argue with Xbox fans. We all obviously have biases based on our personal experiences with companies and their products. But there’s a strange dynamic now where the most popular console is most popular because it’s the least weird, which is totally uninspiring and creates very little passion or loyalty. I think maybe those of us left arguing are really struggling with the fact that the opinions and purchases of people like us aren’t very relevant to the overall success or failure of these things anymore. We want to shout the loudest and say that our favourite or least favourite thing is bad or good and then see that narrative carry through to the media and decide who wins. But it seems like the time when that was important might be ending.
  4. I think what bothers people is the endless obsession with painting Microsoft as some virtuous and kind entity that is being pro consumer rather than acknowledging what they actually are, which is a company who aren’t doing very well in their marketplace. Xbox one controllers work with Series X because that makes it cheaper to buy series X, which it needs to be if they want people to buy one. Gamepass makes all their games free because that makes their offerings cheaper. They’re supporting cross play because they want their servers to be less obviously empty. We know Microsoft would be just as bad about these things if they were in a dominant position because when they designed a console from what they thought was a dominant position they were. These moves are about as pro consumer as the fact you could buy a Dreamcast so cheap the month before they stopped selling them. There’s a very real facet of this that can be good for consumers. And Microsoft are absolutely unique, as they can cut into their Xbox profits deeply as it’s not their primary revenue source. Having a company competing in an open marketplace who don’t need to profit allows them to push their competitors to lower prices, which is a great tactic for improving prices across the board. The danger is that everything is devalued, which is a real danger with Gamepass. Or that you’re trapped on outdated technology like a CPU that was designed when Limp Bizkit were still popular. These things could shake out well or badly for us as consumers, but whatever happens won’t be because either giant corporation were our friends. PS4 marketing had some friends, because they weren’t sure they would win. Rubber faced Cerny and that guy he handed a game to we’re a lot more visible last time. Because pretending to be your mate is another marketing strategy, and smiling Phil does that for Microsoft now. Their PR has been incredible for the last few years, and they’ve successfully convinced a large number of people that they’re some sort of Robin Hood figure, boldly saving the games industry, and numerous people seem to have fallen for that completely and now parrot the pro consumer line constantly, as though it’s anything other than a marketing slogan that they’re particularly fond of from a company who aren’t doing very well. I thought that having to pay money for online services was fucking bullshit when Microsoft invented that. It wasn’t standard practice. I wasn’t used to paying for it. It seemed cynical to me. But I was told quite frequently by the Microsoft faithful that it was a necessary price to pay for progress. Nobody took it seriously, but I genuinely think that ensuring that every lone individual playing on your console has a microphone that they don’t need a headset for is more important to them that letting the three local multiplayer games that come out a year have access to easier second controllers. Is that forward thinking or anti consumer? I’m not zealously invested in either advertising campaign so I’m not sure. But there’s a lot of certainty about the long term value of a lot of unproven things from people who like Microsoft, which I think can be irritating if you don’t think those things sound valuable, and a lot of scepticism of the long term value of what Sony are doing, which can be irritating if you think it might have value.
  5. I’m in total agreement that haptics and fancy triggers will probably be shit, but I think it’s possible that the boring third feature might be the one they think is important to guarantee all users having access to.
  6. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_New_Avengers_(comics)
  7. Broker


    I’ll check out Oyasumi Punpun but I think I’ve read all the rest of those Jagaaaaan seems alright from the first hundred chapters.
  8. You two are proper cunts.
  9. That’s a really rude thing to say when this thread is so full of endless fanboy drivel and jokes about it. I don’t know if I’m supposed to memorise the jobs of every person on here but I don’t appreciate being singled out and accused of playing some role by you. I don’t know what your problem is or why you feel the need to be so aggressive about a joke that’s been made a hundred times in this thread.
  10. I feel like it used to be more self aware. Blathers, Sahara and especially Resetti we’re always very slow to talk to but it was part of their personality. Now everyone drones on forever. I also hate Flick and CJ’s designs. They’re so much more detailed than the other NPCs and I don’t understand why they weren’t designed to fit or otherwise why the others weren’t improved when they added those two. It looks stupid. Finally on my list of Animal Crossing grievances after 500 hours played is that they’ve fucking ruined gold tools. They should last forever and stop all this bollocks of having to constantly replace your tools. I’ve got everything payed off, tonnes of all items, I’ve fully landscaped my town and about 3/4 done with my island. I have giant projects where I need to move hundreds of trees and flowers. I currently have one gold tool, and getting the others is fucking ridiculous. Even if I get them they still fucking break, so I need tonnes of gold that never drops from anything. It’s shit.
  11. They’re better for white dude games, whereas Sony produce more Asian dude games.
  12. Is it your uncle at Microsoft who says that Halo actually has the best graphics ever and loads of cool stuff that wasn’t in the trailer because the Sony fanboy tears would have been too much?
  13. Neither at launch, there’s no games for either that look interesting to me that aren’t CGI renders that have nothing to do with an actual game. I’ve voted PS5, because although their showcase was worse they will probably eventually get an exclusive From Software game or Kojima project that might interest me enough to buy one. The Microsoft exclusives seem further away and more generic, made by developers I’m less invested in. They both look shite as something to buy this year.
  14. Aren’t you worried that the games you’re playing to remind you how good Halo is are the Bungie ones though? Is anyone firing up 4 & 5? Because the series definitely lost a lot of momentum when Bungie left, and it doesn’t seem like 343 have ever delivered a Halo game that was widely beloved.
  15. The zoom format is definitely making it worse, I’d not watched the last few with Kyle before his goodbye one because of that.
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