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  1. Broker


    I did the exact same thing early last year. Obviously heard great things about it for years and decided to give it a go, assuming as it started in fucking 1994 or whatever that it was over. The new chapters haven't been bad in terms of waiting, worse that repeated breaks in One Piece but nowhere near the misery of reading Battle Angel. Maybe I've just been doing that for a lot longer though.
  2. Broker

    Destiny 2

    I've had one, for the Jade Rabbit. I'm not averse to trying out the gun but it needs me to get 250 crucible kills and after struggling to about 50 I'm not having much fun with it and also performing far worse generally in crucible than I normally do. Can't help but feel I'd be enjoying the item a lot more if I could've stuck it into Crimson, even if I would just be using the same weapon.
  3. Broker

    Destiny 2

    The exotic masterworks suck. Hoping for a random chance that I’ll get a catalyst (which seem really rare), and then it’s not even for a gun I use. Why not make it a consumable you can apply to any weapon?
  4. Broker

    Destiny 2

    So it’s a test server? Why do they have to give everything some fucking stupid name instead of calling it what it is? Do they honestly think we’re stupid enough to think it’s their brand new idea because they call it something else?
  5. Broker


    Someone got the wrong message from the Teen Titans trailer.
  6. Broker

    Destiny 2

    Is the only way for me to get up to 370 to try out escalation protocol to grind milestones for the next month?! Seems like a weird thing to do to the one new activity in the expansion?
  7. Yeah I’ve pretty much turned Erangel off, I’d just rather not bother.
  8. Broker

    Destiny 2

    Does escalation protocol scale up from 370 after the first wave? Also so what are all the things that drop on mars for? I’ve got a Rasputin weapon thing, and a glowing cube memory thing, and 3/4 resonant somethings?
  9. Once you get used to it it's actually way less luck based than Erangel. There's almost always elevation in the ground that you can use for cover, meaning that if you play smart and keep and eye on the bumps and ridges in the ground you can pretty much always get cover if you know where you were shot from. It rewards careful play and a mindfulness of your surroundings as well as use of the terrain way more than Erangel, which often forces you into open ground with no cover whatsoever and where way too many firefights devolve into running for the nearest tree. It's a fucking brilliant map, and so is Sanhok. I really wish they'd rework the Erangel to have more options for cover, or maybe just more forests to fit with the feel the map already has.
  10. Feeling pretty sexy about my ranking:
  11. Oh man, five solo wins so far this season:
  12. Broker


    Thanks for letting me know, my son will be so sad when I tell him
  13. Yeah the BKS was ridiculous in the network test, though I’ve also fought them about a hundred times so know them pretty well. If you’re looking to take them out quickly with equipment that’s easy to get at that stage a +3 claymore with gold pine resin is very effective.

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