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  1. Sorry to dare question the perfection of the game. I’ll remember for future reference that you respond angrily to that, then make sure I never criticise anything you like again.
  2. Elden Ring is literally exactly my thing, I was already annoyed by the lack of build variety and weapons in Bloodborne. I want a million options.
  3. Aside from the dialogue, I didn’t make any specific criticisms, unless you count describing it as ordinary. I’m glad that people enjoy it, and it’s not really relevant if it’s for me because it’s my girlfriend playing it. It’s just interesting to see how bloated some of it’s systems are, when the game seems to be designed to refine them. It was a problem with their previous games, but one that got lost in the muddle of other systems. I think I’m just not fond of it being the first one of their games where you actually have to git gud.
  4. Again though, their design goals in removing weapon variety, stats, armour etc would suggest that variety isn’t what they’re aiming for. The prosthetics remind me of upgrades in Arkham and Rockstar games, they’re there to rock a box because games have that stuff, but because they’re optional they offer very minor upgrades that might not be worth bothering with.
  5. Sure, but it’s not hard to have an item like the calamity ring, which allows harder play through for those people without forcing everyone else who buys the game into wasting their time, a decision that would be consistent with their extra tutorials and generic story delivery in this game, which are both things squarely targeted at attracting a wider variety of people. Even having a single prompt at the boss location saying “absorb power?” which you could go back to would be better designed than the icons and menu items they’ve created which literally just offer you that option. In many ways it just feels like a much more “normal” game than the Souls series and Bloodborne. Those games are full of clever twists on recognised mechanics and design decisions, where this generally goes for more ordinary design choices, assumedly to try to drive wider appeal, hence the tutorial stuff, the constant terrible dialogue, the other story stuff like the memories, the relatively simple (if convoluted) currency system etc. I’d prefer if it was a bit more esoteric.
  6. Nintendo once again trying their hardest to destroy the goodwill of their fans: https://www.polygon.com/2019/7/16/20696382/super-mario-maker-2-grandpoobear-level-deleted-kaizo-nintendo
  7. I mean, it's not like games don;t launch with shit systems that don't really matter. Someone already said that a lot of the unlockable moves are useless, and the game is full of stupid shit that's a waste of time, for instance when the horse boss died we got a "memory" which I had to go into a menu to "confront" which increased one of the stats. Literally no point in that entire sequence of events, prompts, logos, texts and stuff, you could just get the upgrade from beating the boss.
  8. Huh, maybe I wasn’t timing the deflects well enough, I got the larger deflect effect so I figured that was enough.
  9. I just need to stop thinking that because I like their other games I’ll enjoy this. It’s literally all the things I hate about their other games and none of the stuff I like.
  10. So deflecting the bulls uppercut type attack does very little to his posture, is the firecracker effect that minimal? I just had a couple of goes at it and it genuinely seems like the most boring, shitty boss I’ve ever fought in a FromSoftware game. Maybe not as bad as that big blob from the start of demon’s, but that boring.
  11. Broker


    OK, so I've seen some NGE before, but rewatching it I definitely haven't seen it all before. I've watched the ADV version with the DC episodes and EOE. I preferred the ending of the series, though obviously after watching EOE I have a better understanding of the events leading to the original ending. The EOE ending is horrible though, and I preferred the optimism of the original one. I might check out the Netflix version at some point, and it seems Death and Rebirth is pointless after what I've already watched. How are the Rebuild movies?
  12. This is what makes me think they might be worth ignoring, she's absolutely smashing ordinary enemies without requiring any real assistance. She's generally happy navigating entire areas with the grapple, taking out enemies in groups of two or three at a time. It's only when she get's to the enemies with two red dots or the bosses that she starts trying them out, and the net effect of all of them seems to be fuck all. She's extremely good at the combat, last night in the Hirata estate she found a place to jump up and at the top there was a little hut with some prosthetic that lets you dodge with feathers or some shit, and a crazy ass one armed purple dude who chopped her down in two hits. I figured we'd lucked out grabbing the item and would leave him until later, or should try out the prosthetics or whatever, but she just went back about ten times, and defeated him with her sword, dodges, jumps and reflects, eventually nailing him completely with an endless, barely interrupted flurry of blows that only saw her getting hit once and still having a resurrect and all her gourds left when he died. It was awesome.
  13. Shop guys you say. I feel like there was a shop right after the horse guy? Are the prosthetic tools worth bothering with? The vast majority of them seem to do nothing on almost all enemies, with only the flame vent on the ogre having a noticeable effect, and even then on the time she beat it she’d forgotten to use any fire. Can we just ignore them?
  14. Where’s the firecracker? I feel like we saw it but it cost money and my girlfriend was concerned that “those things you can put on the charge attack button are crap”.
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