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  1. Bloodborne

    From what we’ve heard, since Miyazaki was made company director he’s been uninterested in doing traditional sequels. It is completely possible that Shadows Die Twice is a sequel to this though. As far as I remember, the deal with Sony involved multiple exclusive PS4 games, and you’d assume that a sequel to this would be the obvious next game from that deal.
  2. How did you get hold of it? Does it run on any older iPhones or just the 8 and X ones?
  3. Ah shit, in that case maybe waiting would have been better. You’re still visible though, they could just happen to glance your way and see you at any moment!
  4. It depends, was the winner in that building? I can’t easily see where the circle was, but the last few absolutely destroy your health, you’ve got very, very little time outside. If the guy was in the house, he might have heard third place moving and tried to engage, but it’s also possible you could’ve let that person slip by and then ended up being killed by them and feeling exactly like you do now. You did a really good job to get to that stage and were unlucky that they were in a better position than you.
  5. Bloodborne

    To be honest it scares the shit out of me so I try to back off, the tracking on some of his moves is insane. Does getting behind him keep you relatively safe?
  6. Dark Souls Remastered

    Just the PS4 remaster, not the worthless piece of shit game it’s based on. That was David Cage’s sexist shithole, Quantic Dream.
  7. Bloodborne

    Had a great fight against Ludwig earlier on my skill build, the Blade of Mercy is really short but it's so much fun. The first half is pretty much perfect (could be faster), the second half is a sweaty mess because it still scares the shit out of me, but the whole thing is under three minutes which I'm pretty happy with
  8. Good stats today, I've only had one win recently though, and about 20 second places
  9. Destiny 2

    Part of their strategy seems to be creating new content for their starving fanbase then pointlessly gating it off behind time limited events.
  10. Disable 'Featured Content' on your PS4!

    Looking at responses on Twitter it seems like it’s off by default for European users but on by default in America?
  11. Thor: Ragnarok

    This was fucking excellent, but the best bit was:
  12. OH YEAH, best so far, shot a whole fucking squad:
  13. Destiny 2

  14. Bloodborne

    Oh man, r/huntersbell is awesome, it's just people who need help with Bloodborne! Did Laurence for a guy:

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