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  1. I'd buy that book with the art prints and stuff separately, but that price and the statue aren't really for me. Also I already have all three games, and all the DLC.
  2. Got a full on Snake earlier, I was running around the final zone trying to find him until he just stood up out of a bush behind me
  3. Broker

    Your shameful gaming secrets

    From context, I'm assuming the first game was actually very cheap and he bought the second, more expensive game with the majority of the money his dad gave him.
  4. Broker

    Your shameful gaming secrets

    I borrowed a friends copy of Fifa 98, traded it in to get something I wanted but couldn't afford, then told him I'd lost it.
  5. I did that too, thinking maybe that's why people might want the statue. Again, I feel like there's got to be pretty much nobody out there being all "I loved the work these guys did on Syphon Filter literally 20 years ago, and since I've really loved their low budget handheld spinoffs of big Sony games. I'd better slap down £200 for a statue from a game that their own publisher hasn't thought they're capable of making since the PS1 era."
  6. I get special editions in franchises and sequels. I love Dark Souls, maybe I want the statue of a guy from the second game. But when its a totally new franchise I think its bizarre. "Hey guys, wanna pay £200 for a statue of G. Nerrick, the protagonist from a game you've never played who you can't reasonably have any investment in."
  7. Don't get used to it, they've stopped bothering to do events at all on the PC version.
  8. Broker

    Have you ever completely mastered a game?

    Tetris! I played DX until I scored over a million in marathon.
  9. Broker

    Have you ever completely mastered a game?

    Lots of stuff I think, I usually just play one thing for ages until I feel like I'm done with it. Mario World I've got 97 exits on probably 20 times. I know that game inside out. Spent months beating all the dev times on CTR to unlock... something. Did MGS2 on all difficulties including European Extreme and collected all dog tags. I know the maps on GTA3 and Vice City perfectly and can still navigate to anywhere on them without needing waypoints. I've done every quest in Skyrim and created 7 or 8 high level characters who are functional invincible. I've completed Dark Souls about 30 times, platinumed it 3 times and can tell you the location of every item in the game. Did Bloodborne on NG+6 with no summons. I know the whole map for this one as well, have a character over level 300 with 50+ in all stats. I've learned all three of the maps and most of the guns in PUBG over the last year. Maybe more? I'm pretty obsessive.
  10. There's unlikely to ever be a tool that just allows the mass market to become game developers, in the sane way that there isn't one that teaches you piano or Spanish so easily that you don't have to try. Making a game, even a short one, is a massive undertaking which you can only really simplify so far without making everything look the same. People do amazing things with Mario Maker and LBP but they're still within the constraints and it basically being a 2D platformed that looks like that game. You might manage to make something totally unique and different, bit it will take an unbelievable amount of time and effort, probably more than picking up a basic game engine and starting with the templates and tools they offer you. In that area, RPG Maker is a hugely diverse tool that will allow you to create your own JRPG. There's art included or you can add your own. Its still basically trapped in one genre but its a pretty diverse one and you don't need to code. Game Maker will let you make pretty much any basic 2D game without coding. There's very limited resources online but ultimately you'll need to source or create your own graphics and music. Unreal Engine or Unity will let you create complex 3D games and include templates and assets. It's totally feasible to get games that look and feel like modern games running without any code. In all of these examples, you're basically limited to the things people gave already thought to do with them. Coding allows you to create totally new things from scratch, whereas to innovate in your game without coding you'll need to take old concepts and rearrange them in a unique way, or add an unusual aesthetic twist to differentiate your work.
  11. Broker

    Do you cheat on games?

    Most cheats are irrelevant now, as they've been incorporated into the game in more intelligent ways. Finishing an old game by using the level select to pick up where you left off is just shit, manual saving. Most super hard games now have infinite lives, so you're not choosing between hammering in a code and replaying a large section you already did for no real reason. Instead of a code to unlock all weapons you just give EA £20. Even guides are becoming obsolete. I'm much more likely to just bail on a game that's obtuse and confusing than go looking for some text online to explain it to me. I suppose Twitch and YouTube have replaced this though, so its not gone as a concept, just modernised.
  12. I really did, I can't believe how much time I spent playing something that made me so grumpy so much of the time. I think its incredibly close to being a game I would love, but some of the things that miss for me do so spectacularly and are real issues. Really though, it was creeping things. I love the lore, but fundamentally its a terribly written story for a multiplayer game. In a single player game having legendary artifacts makes sense, but in a game like this there being thousands of copies of Thorn everywhere kind of destroys what is special about that legendary item. In the story they're weirdly desperate to have you be a singular hero but everyone does the same things and everyone has everything attributed to them, so its like nobody did it. The most obvious example is when a cutscene tells you you're discovering a dangerous place for the first time, then you spawn in and there's six other guardians dancing around. The game design is constantly undermining or flat out ruining bits of the story. These little issues created an undercurrent of bitterness in my experiences with the game, which persisted and became more or less prominent depending on how exciting the rest of the game was. I'm still absolutely amazed that they've got this weird structure where you can do stuff alone or as a three then suddenly at the end of the game you need six people. I don't understand why there was never more focus on letting people earn stuff if they enjoyed PvP. Why make a game you can play solo or multiplayer alone or as a duo or three, but not let you progress through the whole game like that? How are there no endgame activities for individuals or threes? Why is there no easier six man stuff to prepare you? If I sit and thing about Destiny I start with the shooting, traversal, design and feel and its all so fucking good. But the actual experience of playing feels like a multiplayer mode grafted onto the lore and story of a single player game. And the quality of life playing Destiny is terrible. Its an incredible game that kills your love for it with a thousand cuts.
  13. Remember when Eververse meant we were going to get free content updates? Then D2 launches and it's just another fucking revenue stream.
  14. Yeah that makes sense. Even after being totally sick of the first one, I gave D2 a lot of time. Whereas I've never gone back and bought No Man's Sky again even though I hear they improved it loads. I already paid for that game and wished I hadn't, I'm not giving them more money because they apparently fixed it. This makes a lot of sense. I'd love to know where the mistakes Bungie have made fall on a scale from incompetent to evil. Did they strip all the improvements out of D2 so they could sell us them again or are they genuinely so stupid that after spending years fixing a game they basically re-released the original broken version? Were they really planning a ten year journey with our guardians? Or was that effectively impossible due to changes made to the story of the first game late in development but they just kept saying it anyway?
  15. Would a 3 on the end change that though? I can't see myself ever wanting to invest time in a Destiny game again, mainly because after 600 hours across 2 games I actually ended up feeling really negative towards the franchise, which is really rare for me. Usually I either dislike things early or love them, it's incredibly rare for me to get invested in a game to that degree but not remember it very fondly. Although a lot of that problem is me always thinking the game was nearly great but it never quite reaching it's potential, with every new thing promising to achieve that quality but it never quite managing it, so maybe a numbered sequel would have that effect.

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