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  1. Definite Bleach vibes. It feels like he thought he’d have more chapters to wrap things up but then they told him he only had five.
  2. I think the problem is that I also don’t fully understand Zemo’s motivations, but I know that I’m not supposed to yet and/or they’re just badly written. As I’ve watched Civil War recently, I’m fully aware of exactly what his motivations were there and have mostly the same questions as you, but there’s no part of me that is worried that it’s due to me not remembering something from earlier on in the MCU. In Civil War he doesn’t like the avengers because his family died in Sokovia during Age of Ultron. His problem is specifically with the Avengers as a group, and he’s decided to turn t
  3. I think it works pretty well at setting up stuff. If we assume that the viewer is a hypothetical person who has never watched any MCU productions before, there’s quite a lot of setup. Plot threads that I assumed would persist like Sam working for the government, his sister and Bucky’s psychiatrist seem to have only been there to provide exposition on who they are and what their history is. Sam is introduced as a guy with wings who beats up terrorists. Bucky is introduced as a guy who used to be a spy but wasn’t in control of his actions and now feels guilty. Zemo is someone they’ve
  4. Is it? I've watched them all recently but I can't think of anything in it that expects you to have watched Winter Soldier to understand it?
  5. Broker

    Old Age Gamers

    I’m often shocked by how many of my friends (I’m 34) have pretty much given up on games. At school and through our teenage years we were pretty much all into gaming, though I was definitely more into it than others when it came to keeping up with news and announcements and searching out obscure stuff. As we’ve gotten older there’s definitely some people who have taken on the idea that we’re grown up now and too old for it. They’re mostly people who have a huge amount that they fill their time with, full time jobs, houses that need DIY doing, allotments, etc.
  6. So it’s just someone who has already started in movies and we’re limited to those movies? I was hoping it was one actor who would then be in the starring role of every movie ever.
  7. Is it not a bit you’re doing? It can’t be a stealth sandbox if you only have one stealth option. The only choice to make is the order you neck stab them in.
  8. I honestly think Sony’s biggest failure this gen is not finding a character to represent their brand. It is staggering how well the “Microsoft are pro consumer” spin has taken hold, and I think Phil Spencer seeming like a nice dude and him being just like you with his Battletoads shirt is a major part of that. Microsoft have cultivated a really warm, friendly appearance that inspires loyalty and faith. The closest Sony have had were weirdly sweaty Shaun Layden reading off a card and Mark “my hair says unemployed but my eyes say I eat flesh” Cerny. Top tier trolling.
  9. I think what I find interesting about it is that it’s on such a knife edge. Depending on where they’re going with the story, it’s either going to have to tackle the fact that Sam really isn’t that different from Bucky and has also been brainwashed into decades of murder for someone else’s purposes or try to make some sort of ham fisted excuse for the fact that they’re both killers but Sam is a good one. The weird “Bucky killed people who were powerless to stop him like an innocent scientist which is totally different from Sam using his robot suit to slaughter 20 regular soldiers” stuff makes m
  10. More from the “Superman is the worst adoptive father ever” file:
  11. So far it seems like it was just some Team America bullshit. Sam is good soldier who does good murders because the silly foreign people can’t possibly run their own country without special American people helping. Sam speaks their language and they thank him on the street because he is a good American doing good murders. There’s been no further point to it or examination of the blatant hypocrisy of having that scene in this story so far. Carly is bad because she does bad murders to “innocent” white people who were just trying to do their jobs of withholding vital supplies, she’s gone too far a
  12. I’m confused by the negative reaction. To me this feels exactly like the MCU. The villain is interesting, though I’m not sure if that will pay off. The heroes are a bit bland but charming enough. The plot isn’t great but that’s not exactly a major strength of MCU stuff in general.
  13. I think the enemies in Destiny do have some gameplay variety. There’s little ones who swarm you, big ones who charge in, snipers, some with specific weak points you have to target etc. They all look a bit different to clue you in on how to fight them. I guess that’s what makes the difference.
  14. At launch Destiny did a great job of hiding the repetitive nature of its enemies behind a slow progression through planets and the alien races, but it’s all been stripped out now. How many types of enemy do you fight in this? I think the key is probably having more superficial variety.
  15. Also the post was responding to a tweet suggesting Harley might die in this movie, which she absolutely won’t. The Snyder cut only confirms that by the time of the bad future in the epilogue which might just be a dream Bruce is having she’s died, which realistically would likely happen after all the movies in the DCEU.
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