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  1. I'm also curious, how empty does your life have to be for you to waste it writing pseudo intellectual analysis of why other people don't like seeing naked women on TV as much as you do? Does it need to be a particularly slow month? Or are you always available to act like this much of a twat?
  2. I’m not being militant, I just didn’t enjoy it because I’m not a creepy perv. You knock yourself out.
  3. Not full nudity, but there's a scene with her in the bath and one where her and the other three witches strip down to their underwear in the first two episodes. Outside of the fact that Sabrina looks super young, they're awkward, unnatural feeling sequences which feel like someone wrote them with one had in their pants.
  4. This is fucking terrible. The first few episodes had enough in them that I figured I’d keep trying, even though most of the cast are utter shit. But the third one with her stupid trial was probably the most boring hour of TV I can ever remember seeing. It’s just Nickelodeon teen trash with random violence and nudity added to try to make it look like something for adults. I don’t understand who it’s aimed at or what it’s trying to achieve.
  5. Broker

    The Game Development Thread

    Bit of fog and lighting:
  6. Terrible, terrible dialogue + below average CG * weird eyes = garbage
  7. Broker

    The Game Development Thread

    More landscape work:
  8. Broker

    Dark Souls Remastered

    Both BB and DS3 definitely have patrolling enemies, though they rarely look like they’re doing anything.
  9. I’ve ready the whole thing now, really enjoyed it overall and looking forward to subsequent issues. Toolbox was generally excellent, though I’m now on my third attempt at the curves article and haven’t managed to get all the way through (I think that’s pitched at a slightly odd level, where it says it’s going to be an understandable intro but is a bit dense). I would love a bit more nineties retro, I feel like all the old games mentioned are ancient stuff I’ve never played, but again, demanding specific things doesn’t seem very reasonable of me Loved the opinion and column bits, and wasn’t particularly thrown by the opening thing. Maybe lose the reviews though? That’s straying into the territory that got all the other games magazines killed: shit that the internet does better. I’m not against writing about a current game, but my issue with reviews is that they force you to write about it even if you’ve got nothing interesting to say about it.
  10. Love that they managed to discuss Imagine without mentioning tangles.
  11. Got my copy of issue 1 today, it’s lovely I went for the subscription offer so I’m in for the next 6 months as well.
  12. Dave Perry is bringing the 90's back! And he's still a cunt! https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-11-07-dave-perrys-youtuber-debut-shows-some-things-are-best-left-in-the-nineties
  13. Broker

    Rllmuk's Official Sales Figures

    If it was about advertising spend, every EA game would sell as well as Red Dead.
  14. Broker

    Dark Souls Remastered

    You can’t repair it, but you can use Titanite chunks to upgrade it, which will repair with each upgrade. So upgrade it once, use it until it breaks again and repeat if you want to. Not much point in the last upgrade though as Slabs are rare and it will break eventually.
  15. Broker


    I think the really interesting thing is that they refer to the story the doll is from as “the unfinished tale”, which doesn’t really make sense as a name for Bloodborne unless it’s a little hint. They also held off announcing DS3 as they were promoting Bloodborne, leading to a fast announcement to release. It’s feasible that they’re holding off announcing BB2 until Sekiro is out.

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