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  1. Broker


    It will be broken into two parts again like the last season. But the manga has also moved at a really blistering pace recently.
  2. The comic he wa referring to is a story where Wolverine wakes up one morning and he's working for Shield and Magneto is king of the world. I don't really see how this could possibly be based on it at all, it's literally nothing like it.
  3. I’m not sure how much stuff there’s going to be outside of the sitcom, but there’s nine episodes, we’ve had fifties and sixties sitcoms, and from the trailers I’ve seen at least two more eras of sitcom, neither of which look like the 90’s. I’m guessing the two others are the seventies and eighties, and I don’t think they’ll pass up the opportunity to do a friends style episode. So I’m guessing at least half the series is going to be like the first two episodes. I’m guessing there will be slightly more of the outside world mystery each episode, so it’s possible that the balance will b
  4. Maybe just give up on it? Falcon and the winter soldier is out soon, it will probably be more normal Marvel stuff. If it’s not working for you why waste the time? I’m guessing because she moved to America and this is her idea of what living in a perfect America is like.
  5. Rumour is that although the casting will be the same he won’t be playing the exact same character from the Netflix show. It will be the same guy playing a new version of the character.
  6. I’ve come to a point with Nintendo where I just accept them for what they are. They make amazing games and they own a lot of older ones that are very important to me, but they also have absolutely no respect for their customers purchases. Since I’ve decided to stop giving them money for the same old games I find them less annoying, though I don’t know if I’ll ever want to invest as much in their hardware and digital games as I used to because I know they’ll just try to rip me off and make me pay for stuff again later. But I do keep buying their stuff so it’s pointless complaining too much beca
  7. Just set up the free trial and claimed about 20 games. Are all stadia games 4k? If I bought the premier edition with a few months free can I stack them onto the account I've just set up?
  8. So it seems like this is by far the cheapest way to play 4K games on my new TV. I see that the preier bundle comes with a controller, chromecast ultra and a few months of the pro sub scription, but a few other questions: Is there a good resource for searching online to see what games are available and how much they cost on Stadia? The google website is a bit of a mess. Are the free games all there like gamepass or are they ones you needed to be subscribed and add to your account like PSPlus?
  9. Sitcoms in general often aren’t very funny. Successful ones are just as much about creating a warm, reassuring environment that people want to be immersed in as they are about being funny. I thought it blended really well with the creepy undertones.
  10. I loved this. I was going to wait until it was all out but had an hour free this morning so I decided to give it a go. I didn’t like Endgame much and have felt pretty burned out and bored of the MCU, but this is just what I was hoping for, something noticeably different. I really like the focus on the two leads. They’ve both always been under-utilised in the main MCU stuff, and I’m happy to see them get more exploration and focus because they’re both so much more interesting than another punching dude. The production is incredible, getting the visual quality and style spot
  11. I absolutely hate week by week releases, they feel like a relic of a world that doesn’t exist anymore. I don’t want the pace I’m watching something at to be decided by arbitrary release dates, I want to watch things at my pace. I’m much less likely to bother to keep watching things if there’s a week wait between episodes, it means I’m more likely to just not bother coming back, whereas when I can choose the pace I’ll stick with things to see how they go. I’m still planning to watch Mandalorian series 2 at some point but I was waiting for it all to be finished as I thought a lot of individual e
  12. Is Todd the professor now?!
  13. Well it only took nine years: Guess I’ll do Dawnguard and Dragonborn next.
  14. I’m getting more and more excited about this. VII was obviously excellent, but it did sometimes feel slightly restricted by the hardware. The idea of that type of game with better graphics, more reactive enemies, better lighting etc is really exciting. The remakes of 2 and especially 3 were also fantastic games.
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