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  1. The North is like a third of the country, and used to be independently ruled, and is a frozen shithole nobody else wants. They want to leave and nobody cares if they stay. Surely theres never ever been any point of the Watch on the show? Nobody believed in the white walkers anymore so they were just guarding the wall because that’s what they do. They never functionally helped against the walkers. People have gone, but nobody made it far enough to see anything and came back, though there’s a hint that one of the ships that sailed that way was later seen in the Far East.
  2. Broker

    What’s the worst film you have ever seen?

    The joke where he took getting inside the animals literally didn’t work for me, but him delivering the same joke the second time, then her reaction, then him with the strings tied to his fingers and Rip Torn screaming about it were so amazing.
  3. They probably shouldn’t let you do it then. I can’t imagine it will matter much, EA aren’t going to bankroll it forever, and I imagine time will prove their plan of steadfastly refusing to adapt anything in their BR game to the way other BR games work isn’t the smartest, regardless of how much people who have no interest in paying for anything in it are enjoying playing it for free. Hopefully EA don’t drag Respawn out to the trench.
  4. Broker

    What’s the worst film you have ever seen?

    Ok, so I haven’t ever seen Freddie Got Fingered, and it’s on prime so I watched it this morning. There were a few bits that were incredibly funny, some bits that were genuinely horrible, and a lot of stuff that was just confusing. Having watched that RLM video afterwards (which was incredibly funny), I kind of want to watch it again? It definitely wasn’t boring.
  5. It’s weird because I’ve definitely played games where progression doesn’t matter, but I was also definitely one of the people who was hoping the battle pass would give them something to do. I think it’s how endlessly futile online shooters feel, with the whole game being a constant effort to do things before you die. Obviously that’s different in a BR game than it would be in COD, because you can make choices that give you some time to breathe, but the punishment for failing is much more severe because you effectively only have one life. But I find in BR games I feel that the sense of futility is much higher, because often I play quietly, try to be tactical, but still did having wasted 20 minutes, and it doesn’t feel like I really did anything. The battle pass, or challenges, or unlocks, or something gives me a structure and goals that are separated from the main game so I still feel like I’ve accomplished something. I see that not everybody needs this, and as I said I definitely used to sometimes enjoy online games with endless fighting and nothing else. But I also used to enjoy a lot fewer online games, frequently bouncing off games and only clicking with one or two. Modern shooters I’m much more likely to stick with for longer, because there’s unlock or levelling structures encouraging me to. I do wonder if it’s part of why these games are infinitely more popular now. Everyone I’ve spoken to who has played it loves the way Apex feels, but there’s a big split between people who love the simple, clean lack of a mess of levelling and unlock shit, and people who feel it’s directionless. I imagine a lot of the first group would probably pay full price for the game, but the game is free and both groups seem to agree that the skins are shit and they wouldn’t pay for them, which means either the game adds some structure, adds something people who don’t need that will pay for, or it dies. There’s also the issue that Fortnite has clearly set unrealistic expectations about how much content these games can have, but that’s still the expectation. It’s unfair on Epic’s employees and their competitors, but the reality is that it’s unfair on Rockstar’s staff the way they treat them, which sets unrealistic expectations in other open world games. That’s just the way the industry is, and I don’t know if Apex is going to be able to make changes that increase revenue enough, quickly enough to save it. I can’t imagine Shroud getting bored of it has helped either.
  6. T3, Salvation and Geenesees are now an "alternate timeline", with this movie functioning as a direct sequel to the first two movies.
  7. I've been working with Unreal Engine for the last year or so, and it's incredible how quickly you can get stuff up and running compared to Unity. However, if what you want to do isn't an FPS, 2D or 3D platformer, driving game, or some sort of open world game that probably blends first or third person shooting with driving, it's extremely difficult. I was looking at building a JRPG type game (something Ps1 looking), and there's pretty much no tutorials or guides for those systems in UE4 anywhere, or much available to buy from the marketplace (where you can buy what are basically complete templates for shooting games). I know Square Enix use UE4, buy I can only assume they're hard coding from scratch to get all those systems in and favour the engine for the way it handles terrain or world streaming.
  8. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-05-23-superdata-apex-legends-digital-revenue-down-74-percent-in-two-months
  9. It’s not about 60fps, it’s about the fact that most of the major franchises haven’t meaningfully advanced their gameplay since the PS2 era. It’s astounding how many things we do in games are just mechanics from GTA3. Hidden packages have basically become Ubisoft’s entire design philosophy. In GTA3, it was hugely meaningful and impressive to have an open world city with systems that abstracted the feeling of being a criminal. You can commit crimes and the police will arrive. But because it’s a PS2 game there’s only 2 crimes you can commit, kill people or steal a car (they added point your gun at people to make them drop money in Vice City). All the other crimes you commit are basically driving fast or slow to somewhere else. It’s an extremely diverse system for the hardware, with emergent situations being possible mid way through missions and races. In GTA5, there are functionally still only those three crimes you can commit. The missions are still driving somewhere slow or fast or shooting someone. There’s barely any buildings you can enter. Very few of its systems meaningfully interact with each other, with the majority of interesting activities being divided off into instanced areas that can’t interact with the rest of the game. Every area that they’ve improved is related to graphics, quantity or the fucking cutscenes, but the gameplay is stagnant. As a brief example, what is the point of the golf game in GTA5? Its shit to play, and a waste of time for the developers and the player. Why not just add a golf club and balls? Then you could try to play golf if you wanted to, but you could also hit golf balls off a bridge trying to smash car windscreens or hit them into people’s faces. You could also have your golf games interrupted by emergent events, instead of them being segregated into their own mode. I get that in Tiger Woods nobody wants a police car to suddenly swerve into the course, but in GTA I do. That’s the only fucking reason I’d be playing golf in GTA instead of playing a proper golf game. Why can’t police give me tickets? Why can’t I be more annoying than evil if I want to? How have they just added a button to talk to people in Red Dead and people are acting like it’s a feature? It’s just the same shit again and they’re always expecting me to pay them another £60 for it. But I’ve been giving them money for that exact game for twenty years and I’m bored of it. It’s not the tech holding them back, it’s the size and cost of games that mean they can’t meaningfully take any risks so we just get the same things over and over again.
  10. Conversely, I don’t think there’s anything realistic about it feeling incredibly difficult to move. In real life, our body is an extension of our mind, something we can move effortlessly. It’s not realistic for me to be shuffling back and forward trying to get into the correct position to pick up a hat off the floor. And that’s before you even factor in the fact that all the buttons do different things in different situations, most of which you’re never actually told about. It’s a mess where simple actions like walking around and picking things up are awkward and difficult, which is about as far from realistic as you can get. Miyamoto had a system in the 64DD version of Zelda where if you cut down a sign it would stay destroyed until someone came to fix it, so I don’t think there’s anything technical preventing that kind of thing. The issue for me at the moment is that I can’t enjoy a new console unless I invest in a new TV or a headset. And my experiences with 4K and VR so far have been massively underwhelming, especially 4K. HDR is quite nice, but not nice enough to spend hundreds of pounds on a new tv, most of which I’m paying for a 4K screen where I can barely see the difference anyway. All the VR I’ve played is kinda cool, but the games are super limited a lot of the time. And crucially, they’re both things that I can’t functionally be shown the advantages of on technology that I already own.
  11. Broker

    Let's talk about Loot Boxes

    The free loot boxes drop off almost completely relatively early and then you’re left with nothing to unlock unless you spend money.
  12. Broker

    Declining Sales. WTF Is Going On?

    I’m also at a stage where I’m burned out on a lot of the big franchises that come back every few years. I can’t see myself buying the next Fallout game at launch, after 4 was a pretty disappointing sequel. I can’t imagine being desperately waiting for the next Rockstar game after GTAV wore thin and I hated RDR2. I’m probably still day one on Final Fantasy and Elder Scrolls games, but the list is dwindling and these are franchises I’ve been buying day one at full price for about twenty years. I’m much more likely to get excited about something new than the latest big franchise sequel, because the giant costs of those games have caused them to completely stagnate. GTA has barely added any changes to how the game plays since the PS2 version, and I’m just bored of it now. Often these sequels actually seem scaled back in comparison to the systems in older versions, and it means that I’m seeing those games more and more as boring retreads that aren’t worth £60. Except FromSoft sequels, there’s still fun to be wrung out of that for me. I replaced the PS4 hard drive with a 1TB one but I also delete a lot. I’ve got 150ish games in my PS4 library, so I’m way past being able to functionally download and install all of them.
  13. Broker

    Declining Sales. WTF Is Going On?

    I know that I’ve switched to digital, which has directly resulted in me buying less full price games on release. When I was in a constant turnover of new games, I always knew I had at least the value of a new release in the form of games I’d bought over the last few months. I’d regularly trade entirely against the price of a day 1 release, and generally put at least some trade value or credit towards new purchases. Now if I want to buy a game day 1, generally I need to be extremely sure about it. I get that £60 digital is more than £50 for the disc, but I realistically never payed full price for discs, so the increase feels massive. And it only took one game I was sure I would love, paid £60 for a digital version of to have on day 1, and then ended up hating to make me way more cautious about the idea of doing that at all. Even if I bought physical copies, the only place near where I live to trade against new releases now is Game, where the trade prices are so insultingly low that there’s literally no point in trying to trade anything, with a stack of four full priced releases from the last six months that used to guarantee me a new game now being worth half the price of one if I’m lucky. So I just buy less games, and when I can’t afford new ones I just play one of the million digital games I have on one of the platforms I own.
  14. Lying. Reddit suggests solid spoilers have been out there for about six weeks at most, and only really confirmed in the last few weeks. Without clicking through the spoilers I can’t be sure, but it looks like they’re still not 100% sure on the ending.

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