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  1. It definitely already deploys to mobile, not sure about those features.
  2. I very much enjoyed house of m, but I'm a sucker for an xmen centric story.
  3. I feel like most of the MCU stuff is based on more recent comics, I can't see them going for an eighties villain that they haven't used for thirty years.
  4. It's especially weird when Casino Royals and GoldenEye are consistently peoples favourites from the last few years, and they've got the least franchise baggage. I guess there's all those crazy people who liked Skyfall though. Finally, a seismic shift in Bond's thinking that reflects the modern world. People who pay for them don't want that though, someone cheered in the showing of Skyfall I was in because he showed Judi Dench an old looking car from some old shit film. People seem absolutely desperate to see the generic checklist on bond things on screen. I think a big part of the difficulty is that it's been around forever, and the producers think it has some special magic formula that keeps it popular. The issue is that the Bond films are just painfully generic action films from their respective eras, and the only think that makes up the formula is the violent misogyny.
  5. God damn, I rewatched the first two Guardians movies and they're so good. I wasn't as into 2 at the cinema bit watched back to back with the first it felt just as good.
  6. What?! With a new Deadshot? Will it tie to their other movies? What about Margot Robbie?!? What?!
  7. Broker

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019)

    Yes, many characters who are important enough to skip one film died. But Hawkeye already skipped the last film so he can't be dead.
  8. Some lucky bastard on my friends list is playing already!
  9. Broker

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019)

    I guess 25% less lucky than average? Though as he's a protagonist he's safe, so maybe his portion of the danger deflected off his plot armour and got one of the kids.
  10. In fairness, the value on offer when giving them money at the moment is pretty poor. You pay £8 for ten loot boxes which gets you 30 out of a million possible things, with no way to choose what character you get stuff for, and no way to get rid of stuff you don't want to have. Character specific loot boxes would make it a lot better. Then there's a £4 pack with a loot box and a shit skin, and a £25 pack with a few shit skins. All the skins look the same. The shop has individual character or weapon skins for about £16. You can either hopelessly gamble or spend tonnes of money on weird stuff that might not even be for your character.
  11. So there's no challenges? Just XP that ticks up to unlock stuff?
  12. Dark Souls is literally filled with mechanics designed to mitigate the difficulty, all of which are more intelligent than a lazy, binary menu choice. My girlfriend couldn't use the right stick to look around when she started playing Bloodborne, and she finished it without summoning help. You literally just need to try, and if you don't want to that's fine. But ruining the design of the game with old fashioned difficulty options would not improve it.
  13. Broker

    Designing a cover for a self published book

    Do you have any specific ideas? I'd happily knock something up in Photoshop, am happy to do graphic design and work with photos you provide or whatever.

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