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  1. Is there a guide anywhere to how the amiibos work?
  2. I have to say, seeing the MGS2 style reaction to this is making me want to buy it on day one much more. I love this kind of thing, but then I also enjoyed Advent Children and the one with Vincent and the PSP game so would’ve been just as happy with a sequel.
  3. The director didn’t even know he was doing it until the e3 trailer had his name in it. Given he’s just gotten past a years long project that fell apart and a much awaited sequel maybe he’s not up for producing another endless project.
  4. Interviews suggest that they think that the online multiplayer resistance thing is somehow a replacement for the single player, score driven mercs mode they’ve removed.
  5. Checked and there’s no mercenaries confirmed.
  6. Is mercenaries in this? Because that's where the vast majority of my playtime with Resi 3 was, after blasting through the story a few times to unlock everything, I spent weeks chasing high scores in mercs.
  7. 64 really needs major control changes to work with modern sticks. What worked for the 64 stick feels too fiddly in the VC version, and it’s an awkward mess of adjusting your position by fractional amounts every two seconds, which really diminishes the fun and makes the later levels an absolute chore. The VC version was so disappointing I dug the N64 out to check and it’s still fucking perfect on there. I’d be sad to play Sunshine without the analogue buttons. They really need to release joycons with them on so that they can port other GameCube games. On the other hand I’d LOVE to play the galaxy games without the broken motion crap. Every time I play galaxy again I get to the point where tilting the fucking controller to steer the manta ray gets a bit tough and then give up. It’s insane that 3D World isn’t on there already given how much of their strategy has been to just port Wii U games.
  8. Thanks so much guys, that's all really useful feedback. I've got a bunch of other work to do over the next few weeks, but as soon as I'm back on this I'll make sure to implement as many of those ideas as I'm able to
  9. Hey all, I've made a small game for my uni project, but what I really need is feedback from people who aren't my friends, family, lecturers or fellow students. The game is free obviously and there's no survey or anything, just any thoughts or feedback, questions or complaints, bug reports or general feelings about it being terrible/average left here or anywhere else that I'll list would be super useful. Here's a gif to give you and idea of what it's like: The game is available to download from https://patrickekallen.itch.io/ioh Any feedback can be left here, or on Twitter, or on the itchio page if you'd prefer. Thanks
  10. @MarkN and anyone else who might be about, I've put up a playable version for people to test (haven't had the chance to implement your previous feedback due to being locked inside with children), please feel free to let me know what you think of it, any feedback gratefully appreciated. https://patrickekallen.itch.io/ioh
  11. A few people in the thread have said that it’s not really got any major new features, it’s more how cohesive and polished it all is that makes it an amazing experience. Having watched a whole play through it doesn’t look very interesting, but tense VR experiences really don’t translate well to watching on YouTube. Edge give tens for massively innovative, brand new experiences, regardless of their flaws.
  12. https://www.cracked.com/article_27312_theaters-are-worried-about-all-those-super-new-movies-streaming.html
  13. I think there’s also a real possibility that their current market share and level of success mean they’re targeting a wider audience than we realise. I think most people on the street probably still don’t really know anything about either console because nothing eye catching has been shown yet. Whichever one of them shows the first flashy trailer that millions of people share will probably have an early advantage. I’m not sure how important courting obsessives like us is to their strategy.
  14. Broker

    Google Stadia

    I played it on PS4 and the controls were awful, broken shit. Sluggish and unresponsive, impossible to be precise with.
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